Clearing Crystals


Crystals need to be cleared after acquiring to clear the energy of past persons who have come into contact with the crystal. This includes persons who were involved in the harvesting, preparing, transporting, selling, and shipment of the crystal. If a crystal is not cleared it will retain energy from all of these sources. Once you have acquired a crystal, you will want to clear it of these energies to then be able to attune it for the use you desire. If the crystal has been used before you acquire it, the intentions and programming having been set on the crystal may not be in tune with your own desired uses. For all of these reasons, clearing is recommended for most Crystals.

There are many ways in which to clear a crystal or stone. We will discuss the ways in which Kindred Being recommends.


Use the smoke from burning herbs to clear a crystal. Light and then blow out the fire of the desired herb to create smoke.  Pass the stone or crystal through the smoke or fan the smoke onto the crystal for clearing insuring that the crystal has been completely bathed in the smoke. Suggested herbs for this practice are white and black sage. By using smudging for crystal cleansing, you are using the elemental energy of fire for purification.

Crystal energy

There are a few crystals which clear other crystals and stones. Some of these are Carnelian, Citrine, and Clear Quartz. Place these crystals close to the crystal that you wish to clear. Placing them on top or touching the clearing stone is preferred but getting them close enough for the stone's auras to touch will also work. Clear Quartz when cleared and charged it's self, is an ideal crystal to use for this purpose as it also charges your crystal. Place the crystal in contact with the clearing crystal for twenty four to forty eight hours.  

Sun energy

Many crystals may fade with sun exposure such as Amethyst and Celestite so please be sure that your crystal is not adversely affected by  sunlight before using this method. Using the sun to clear a crystal is very beneficial for not only clearing but charging as well. The energy from our life giver, the sun, clears your crystals and then charges them allowing them to be ready for use.  Place your crystal in the sun for a day to a week to clear and charge. 

Moon energy

The moon's energy can be used for both clearing and charging your crystals. The energy of the moon is a more subtle way to clear and charge when compared to the sun. For this reason, using the energy of the full moon is recommended. Once a month, place your crystal collection outside under the full moon. Insure that your crystals are placed in direct moon light and leave them over night. This method can be used for all crystals. It is recommended that the crystals be retrieved before dawn. 


Personal energy

We recommend this option for persons practiced in controlling their own energy. To clear a crystal with your own energy, visually imagine a white light surrounding your crystal and clearing it of all past persons. Use mental or verbal words to aid you in this practice such as "cleanse", "clear", and "renew". You will feel when the crystal has been properly cleared.


Burying crystals returns the crystals to the earth from which they were formed. The healing and transmuting energies of the earth absorbs the previous energies imprinted on to the crystal, clearing it and allowing it to be used anew. Crystals can be buried in earth or sand. If you do not have access to or decide not to bury them in an outdoor space, consider using a planting pot. If you are able to bury them in outdoor space, make sure that you mark the position for convenient retrieval. Stones and crystals should remain buried for three days up to one week. By using burial for crystal clearing you are using the elemental energy of the earth for purification.

Water energy

Many crystals and stones may be cleared under cool clear running water. It is important that you check to insure your crystal is not water soluble before using this option. The temperature of the water is also important. If the running water is too hot or cold, it may damage your crystal. Use fresh rain water, or fresh spring water where available. If these options are not convenient, tap water can be used. There is no accepted time period for which to flow water over your crystal but we suggest several minutes. If you are near fresh running water securing your crystals in a running stream or river for several minutes is ideal. By using running water to clear your crystal, you are using the elemental energy of water for purification.

Kindred Being most often uses moon energy, smudging, crystal, and personal energy for clearing the crystals that we offer to our customers. This is the first step to preparing them for use by fellow Kindred Beings. 

*Kindred Being offers suggestions for energy and chakra work. Our advice is not to be substituted for immediate or regular medical attention.
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