For indigenous cultures, the varied species of birds and feathers hold symbolistic meanings. These feathers are used for adornments and ritualistic ceremonies. These meanings are used to this day for the attributed energies they symbolize. Enjoy the few examples we have listed below.

Bluebird: Happiness and fulfillment 

Crow: Balance, skill, cunning, and a release from past beliefs

Dove: Love, gentleness, and kindness

Eagle: Strength, courage, leadership, and prestige

Falcon: Soul healing, speed, and movement

Hawk: Guardianship, strength, and far sightedness

Hummingbird: Love, beauty, and intelligence

Kingfisher: Luck, patience, speed, and agility

Owl: Wisdom, ability to see things as they are, silent, and swift

Raven: Creation and Knowledge, the bringer of light

Swallow: Peace and love

Turkey: Abundance, pride, and fertility

Woodpecker: Self discovery

Wren: Protection

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