The Alien, Tom Wilson, And The Purpose For Joy

In this Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the Practitioner is Jaime Rodriguez. The Client is anonymous and will be referred to as Client. Some portions were edited for privacy. Only pertinent Practitioner questions and prompts were included for the sake of fluidity. This session may not be representative of typical Kindred Being Quantum Healing Sessions.

At the beginning of every Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the client is induced into a relaxed state of hypnosis. In this state the client is able to access memories of past lives and to connect with high frequency beings. In this session, this relaxed state produced the following results…

The Client’s first impressions

Client: I don’t see anything. I went through but I don’t see anything. I’m asking for help. It’s dark. It’s black with some blue hues. Like misty and cloudy. It’s because I can’t break through my barriers. The clouds are moving forward.

Practitioner: Are you moving through it?

Client: Yeah. It’s stopping. It’s moving back and forth.

Practitioner: Do you have a body?

Client: It’s reflective!

Practitioner: Is your body reflective?

Client: I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m reflective or what I’m in is reflective. Shiny? It’s weird. It’s like metallic. I’m seeing stars. I want my Guide to help me because I’m getting scared.

Practitioner calls in Client’s Spirit Guide, Archangel Gabriel, and Blue Avians to assist.

Client: I see something else really really close. I don’t know. Maybe a planet? Maybe it’s a planet. We’re really close to it now. It’s like a crystal kind of thing? It’s not smooth. If you touch it, it’s smooth. I’ll have to draw it. It’s like we landed on it or ran into it and we came up on this space.

Practitioner: Is there a color to the crystal?

Client: It’s white like the crystals I’m holding (selenite).

Practitioner: Did you have a feeling when you touched the crystal?

Client: I wasn’t scared. I think it’s a ship that I’m in. It’s rounded and it’s like a shuttle or ship or something. You can’t see it because it reflects off anything that’s around it. I’m trying to accept looking in. Right now I’m seeing the controls. It’s like it does have what we would think would be dials and switches. Things that light up that you need hands for. I can look at my neighbor but I can’t look at myself.

Practitioner: What do you see?

Client: Greenish I guess.  Suit doesn’t cover the whole head. Biggish head. Biggish eyes. It’s not something we have seen.

Practitioner: What is your relationship to your neighbor?

Client: We’re friends. There’s three of us on there. We all look the same. I have a hard time looking at the hands. I see four fingers but they’re not really like fingers. Long digits but wider at the end. I have a hard time looking at them. They are a little bit wrinkly where they bend. The skin. We might think they’re ugly but they don’t think they’re ugly. They’re good. They joke around a lot.

Practitioner: Are you a male energy or a female energy?

Client: My friends are a male energy I guess.

Practitioner: How do you communicate with each other?

Client: Communication is some verbal and some hand.

Practitioner: Ask your friend what you are doing in this vessel at this crystal planet.

Client: Landing site. We travel.

Practitioner: Is that what you’re doing out there? Are you exploring?

Client: Yes. It’s showing me another moon. It doesn't have as many craters. It’s more smooth.

Practitioner: Are you still on the shuttle?

Client: I got off but I can’t see what they’re doing. They’re too far away to look.

Practitioner: Being on this moon, do you have any special suit you’re wearing to breath on this moon?

Client: Yeah, we have more suit than on the shuttle. It’s more covered up. They’re showing me a structure or building or something. That’s where we’re going.

Practitioner: How are you moving towards that structure?Are you walking to that structure?

Client: Yeah, I’m walking. There’s more of them. A Lot more of them.

Practitioner: More of you?

Client: Yes. They’re already there on the moon. I guess there’s a lot, I don’t know. The structure looks like something you’d see here.

Practitioner: What is the structure made of?

Client: Shapes. It’s like this and that (shows through hand gestures the shape of an Aztec pyramid). Then it has a doorway in the bottom of it. It touches the ground and it’s like an arch.

Practitioner: Is this moon orbiting around this crystal planet?

Client: It’s showing me a planet that looks like a fetus but it’s not. It’s in orbit of some strange looking planet gassy, box, thing. It’s got shapes coming out of it. Then in the background, you can see, a whole solar system. It goes like this, and then there’s another one that goes like that (intersecting each other at a 90 degree angle). So there’s two and they’re both doing like this, and this (spinning). Maybe that moon thing is around that fetus thing I saw or around another one?

Practitioner: Let’s go back to that moon where you were traveling towards that structure.

Client: It looks like time has passed. There’s wind or something. Maybe a time lapse? It’s getting covered over. Like wind or something cause it starts to get covered. It starts to get covered over but parts of it are still sticking out.

Practitioner: Are you still in front of that structure?

Client: I’m up in the sky. That’s how I saw the time lapse. It’s like a very far away galaxy with very faint, stars, you can’t even see it. They’re showing me, it’s so far away. So far away from us. We don’t know it’s there.

Practitioner: Are you still on that moon?

Client: No. I pulled away from it. It’s dark again

Transition to the next life

Practitioner: Is it the same darkness?

Client: It’s a little bit different. It’s white with dark in the back. Seeing lines. Spinning lines. Focusing on a tapestry. The tapestry has figures on it.

Practitioner: Is the tapestry hanging or laying down?

Client: It’s hanging halfway. Studying it. There are geometric shapes connected together. The tapestry is in earth colors. Doesn’t fit together. The tapestry is on a weathered metal stand.

Practitioner: Is the tapestry being made?

Client: It’s done being made. Native Americans made it I think.

Practitioner: Is this tapestry in a room?

Client: This tapestry is in a room with slate like floors. Smooth and light colored floors.

Practitioner: Let’s look down at your feet and tell me what you see.

Client: dark colored boots. Pants are covering some of the boots.

Practitioner: What kind of pants are you wearing?

Client: Trousers.

Practitioner: Is there anyone in the room with you?

Client: There’s a blond lady. She’s showing around. Giving a tour and pointing.

Practitioner: Imagine that there is a long mirror in front of you. Look into that mirror. Tell me what you see?

Client: Wearing a coat and a hat. Male. Not tall, not short. He has a camera.

Practitioner: What is he doing in this place?

Client: He’s taking pictures of the museum.

Practitioner: As this blonde woman is showing him around, is she calling him by a name? What is his name?

Client: Mr Wilson. First name Tom or Brady. He has little glasses at the end of his nose. Funny bulbous nose with mustache. His name is Tom. It says so on his Camera bag.

Practitioner: Is there anything else significant in this scene?

Client: The tapestry is significant.

Practitioner prompts to move to another relevant scene

Practitioner: Tell me what you see.

Client: Looking around town observing the cars. People watching. The cars have big tires. You can see through the spokes. There are tires on the side of the car or on the back. The horns make an awooga sound.

Practitioner: What year is it?

Client: It’s 1948. He likes to go to black and white movies. All the men are wearing hats and all the women are wearing dresses and skirts.

Practitioner: Is he alone or is there anybody with him?

Client: He’s alone. There’s a fight ruining the movie at the top of the stadium seating. He’s down close to the screen. It’s one of his favorite actresses. She’s brunette with a white dress and a white hat. She’s with a man who’s chubby. He doesn’t deserve her. The two guys fighting have to be thrown out. He doesn’t like disruptions.

Practitioner: What does Tom do for a living?

Client: He’s a newspaper reporter and a photographer.

Practitioner: Let’s go to Tom’s home and see what that looks like.

Client: He has two places. He had a small house. Now he’s at an apartment for single men.

Practitioner prompts to move to a significant time when Tom is older

Client: He went to a rural area with his family. It’s almost a full wrap around porch. He’s sitting outside on a rocking chair. He’s smoking a pipe.

Practitioner: What family is there with Tom?

Client: His mother, nieces, and sister are there. He’s buried there. That’s the way he wanted it.

Practitioner: What town does he live in?

Client: I’m looking at the gravestone. The gravestone doesn’t have the town.

Practitioner: Has Tom left his body?

Client: Yes, I’m looking at his gravestone.

Practitioner: Okay, let’s go to the moment when Tom decides to go to the light. What do you see?


Client: There is a crowd. Light figures.

Practitioner: Does anyone step out of the crowd for Tom?

Client: A female. Two females. It’s his mother and his baby sister.

Practitioner: Can you look into the eyes of Tom’s mother and tell me if you recognize her in your current life?

Client: My grandmother (paternal).

Practitioner: Can you look into the eyes of Tom’s sister and tell me if you recognize her soul in your current life?

Client: My Uncle (paternal).

Life Purpose

Practitioner: In this place as a spirit, you have a knowing. In that knowing, can you tell me what the purpose of Tom’s life was?

Client: Oneness. The purpose was to learn oneness on a greater scale. On a smaller scale, his purpose was to learn to be alone.

Practitioner: Was his purpose fulfilled?

Client: His purpose was fulfilled. You don’t have to have a partner.

Speaking to the Higher Self

Practitioner: Let’s call on the higher self now to answer some of the client’s questions.

Client: There’s a bright pinhole of light. It’s getting brighter and spreading.

Practitioner: Is this light the connection with the higher self?

Client: I hope so.

Practitioner: Expanding and strengthening that connection, we ask why the Client was shown the first life of the Traveler. What did the Client have to learn from that life?

Client’s Higher self: Exploring, happiness, knowing no boundaries, connection to source, knowledge, joy, freedom, acceptance.

Practitioner: Why was the Client shown the life of Tom Wilson? What lessons does the Client have to gain from that life?

Client’s Higher self: He was a simple man. He took joy in simple things like the Client. He enjoyed watching other people. To show the Client that partner or no partner, the Client’s purpose is just to exist.

Practitioner: What exactly is the Client’s purpose in this life?

Client’s Higher self: To be joyful. The Client doesn’t need to dim the light. The client does this to make people comfortable. The Client shines brightly. The Client gets emotional because there is so much light coming through and the Client can’t contain it.

The Client’s higher self explains that the connection is going back and forth. The Client allows the higher self to come through and then regains control. It's a back and forth struggle but the Higher self is able to come through to answer a few questions. 

Practitioner: The Client has some questions here that she would like answered.

Practitioner: Are there any contracts holding the Client’s children back?

Client’s Higher self: There’s no contracts there.

Practitioner: Does the Client need to cut any other contracts with any other soul to ascend?

Client’s Higher self: There’s so many questions! No.

Practitioner: Why are the Client’s Chakras blocked?

Client’s Higher self: The Client cleared them and opened them this morning. The Client cleared away entities. They were there. One of them was like a vampire entity. The Client got it in space. It doesn’t matter. The one on the lung, rib, spleen area is removed. They are from a past life but it’s not important. Doesn’t matter. It all flushes out through the Client’s feet.

Practitioner: How can the Client protect from acquiring these entities again?

Client’s Higher self: By filling the Client’s body with Source everyday. Like you do. Feeling the connection.

Practitioner: Why can’t the Client keep the Chakras open all the time?

Client’s Higher self:  You can open and close them whenever you want. The Client closes them a lot because the Client thinks the Client has to. It was something the Client saw. The Client can keep them open if the Client wants.

Practitioner: the Client had visions today of the Client and the Client’s family on the “New Earth”. Were those premonitions?

Client’s Higher self: The Client wants to have a choice. The Client can choose.

The Client loses the connection with the Higher self and ends the session.