Minerva And The Lessons Of Strength

In this Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the Practitioner is Jaime Rodriguez. The Client is anonymous and will be referred to as Client. Some portions were edited for privacy. Only pertinent Practitioner questions and prompts were included for the sake of fluidity. This session may not be representative of typical Kindred Being Quantum Healing Sessions.

At the beginning of every Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the client is induced into a relaxed state of hypnosis. In this state the client is able to access memories of past lives and to connect with high frequency beings. In this session, this relaxed state produced the following results…


Client: I get the feeling that there might be people here.

Practitioner: You can’t see them but you can feel them?

Client: More like I can’t tell if I’m a person or if I’m looking at people or at myself.

Practitioner: Well let’s find out if there are people in this scene. Let’s connect with them. In this state you can connect and you have a knowing. Can you connect with them now?

Client: I’m physically seeing, I uh get the feeling it’s uh, medieval times kind of. That’s not true, before that like ancient. I don’t know it’s like, um, I couldn’t say where it is, but I feel like the typical clothing is robes, and sashes. For some reason, sheep, so it must be wool clothing. It feels like a hot, not hot like desert hot but a warm place.

Practitioner: Okay, can you make out any individuals?

Client: Yeah, it’s a guy who looks like he’s probably, late thirties, kind of squatting or sitting or kneeling, I’m not sure what because I don’t see his lower body other than his robes. Kind of looking up toward me.

Practitioner: Do you know this man?

Client: That’s what I was saying before, that I couldn’t tell if I was somebody looking at somebody or seeing myself. I don’t feel like that’s me. Not just because it’s male but I don’t feel like it’s me. I also don’t feel a form. I am looking at that individual.

Practitioner: You said that individual was looking up at you.

Client: Yeah and I don’t know if, I don’t think it’s a, I don’t know the first thing that came to mind that it doesn’t feel like is begging. Also, I’m not sure if admiration is the right word. The word astonishment comes to mind but I’m not sure why.

Practitioner: Is it a bow? Is this person bowing?

Client: Like I said, it is hard to tell because of the robes, and when I think of bowing I think of somebody bowing with their face down or bowing to someone who, thinks people should be bowing to them. It’s not how I feel at all.

Practitioner: Let’s get acclimated in your identity in this scene. If you moved, could you move your arms? Do you have arms to move?

Client: Um, I’m not sure. I don’t see form, I’m only seeing this bright golden, it almost feels like it’s filling um, I’m not really coming up with a good description. Like I said, I don’t feel, if anything I feel, sort of (chuckles) like a fairy godmother floating (chuckles). Like that kind of image that we’ve seen in Disney you know. I get a little bit of a female nuance some daintiness to it.

Practitioner: You may be female and dainty?

Client: Yeah but like I said, without solid form of any kind. I feel like if I have form at all, it’s layers of this golden color in these drapey robes, it’s not really tactile.

Practitioner: This light is emanating from you?

Client: Or I came with it. When we first walked into the space from the original scene, you said open the door. I didn’t see the door. I just saw this bright kind of glowing goldish light that seemed like it was between whatever I got a feeling that it’s like a village. Made of stones and old time. I don’t know how old.

Practitioner: You are a spirit form without body?

Client: I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with that term but as I said, I don’t feel physical form or something tangible. Something that can be touched.

Practitioner: Let’s connect with this man that you see kneeling in front of you, and let’s find out why he’s kneeling in front of you. Let’s connect with him or move forward in the scene and find out why he’s kneeling.

Client: The only thing I’m getting is, “You came”.

Practitioner: He’s saying that to you, “You came”?

Client: I don’t know if he’s saying it or if he’s feeling it.

Practitioner: So this man called upon you, and you arrived? When this man called you, what did he call you?

Client: I don’t know I’m not getting anything from it.

Practitioner: Okay well let’s move back in the scene, from the time before the man was kneeling in front of you. Frome the time when he called you. When we go to that point when he calls you, tell me what he says.

Client: hmm umm. Not sure.

Practitioner: Let’s go with your first impression. What is he requesting from you?

Client: I guess guidance or direction or something along that line and that, that’s just what’s coming.

Practitioner: What kind of guidance and direction do you give him?

Client: It’s the cliche thing of why we’re here. Uh, it’s within you and you can do it and you don’t need me.

Practitioner: What is within him? What can he do without your assistance? What is he asking for you to do?

Client: I’m not sure. Find something. I don’t know if it’s his way or… I guess that’s the only thing that comes up.

Practitioner: Let’s move forward in this scene and follow where this scene goes. What happens next in the scene?

Client: The only thing I’m feeling is that he went from being perplexed to being joyful. When I say perplexed, it wasn’t a place of discontempt it was. It was still that astonishment place but feeling like, like he didn’t believe in himself or in his own abilities or circumstances or whatever it was. He could make his way without intervention.

Practitioner: What are his circumstances?

Client: It doesn’t feel like it’s heavy. It feels like, I don’t know, my brain is telling me one thing but my shoulder is starting to hurt. Um, my brain is saying he’s got choices before him and that each could be fruitful and can do good for him and whoever else he’s involved with or encounters. Either way, It’s not like “oh my life is miserable and I need your help”. It was more like “where should I go from here when I have so many choices”?

Practitioner: Now in this place of knowing, can you now tell me what your relationship to this man is?

Client: I don’t know, it sounds corny but Guardian Angel is what’s coming up.

Practitioner: Did you know this man in incarnated life?

Client: I don’t think so.

Practitioner: You mentioned there’s a village, a rock village. Can we look at the village?

Client: All I see is, I guess you could call it like a courtyard type of area. Everything is made of stone. There’s a rock wall, it kind of creates a road way, and in the middle of the rock wall is kind of like a big oval shape I guess. There’s grass but like mossy sort of, not mossy, soft short grass. It grows between the big boulders. The buildings are probably no taller than two stories maybe three stories, I can’t tell. The roofs could be thatch I can’t tell I’m not really familiar with the material. Um, I think it’s of the time where there are carriages being drawn by some animal. I don’t know, I can’t really see it, I can just hear it. I can hear hooves and I can hear wheels kind of on the rocks. So, I don’t know maybe, a town square with maybe water or a creek nearby maybe that’s why it’s here. I’m inside I don’t see all of the surrounding territory.

Practitioner: Your inside a building?

Client: I guess so yeah, it feels like grey stone walls all around all of the different buildings but they seem pretty tight together.

Practitioner: Is this your first time there at this village or have you been there before?

Client: I don’t know if I could say.

Practitioner: When I ask you, what year this is, what comes to mind?

Client: I don’t have a historical marker so, the number that came to mind was 1200, 1260, something like that.

Practitioner: Let’s go back to the scene where you were interacting with the man and guiding him. Can you take me through that interaction and till the time that interaction ends. What happens there?

Client: I’m not sure about the ending, the only other thing I can say is it felt like there was um, it sounds kind of corny but there was sparkly love (chuckles) kind of showering not like rain showering, just like he could feel that it was coming to him.

Practitioner: Can you now tell me the name of this man?

Client: (chuckles) I have no idea why Ernest Borgnine came to mind, but that name came to mind so…

Practitioner: And when you look into the eyes of this man, the eyes are the window to the soul, do you recognize this man in the life of the Client?

Client: Um, no. I’m also having difficulty looking directly in the eyes so… I’m kind of at a different angle now. Viewing that scene not in the scene.

Practitioner: When you leave this man and this interaction, where is it that you go?

Client: The ether comes to mind.

Practitioner: Are there any defining factors to this ether?

Client: Umm. The only words that are coming up are source and from whence we came.

Practitioner: What happens next in the experience of this Guardian?

Client: I’m not sure but I can say that it feels like there was a glimpse of that man feeling fulfilled and going in a direction that was beneficial for him and whoever he encounters and that there was no wrong choice.

Practitioner: Do you have anymore dealings with this man?

Client: I don’t get the feeling that I need to.

Practitioner: Are you a Guardian for any other spiritual entity?

Client: I don’t know.

Practitioner: Okay, let’s move forward in time to another scene of significance in the existence of this guardian. Another scene where something significant happens. Can you explain that scene to me please?

Client: I’m sure this is because I’m impressionable and we were just talking about the tree thing (the Client discovered a past life as a tree in a prior KBBQH session. This tree was scarred by what may have been lightning). The burning scarred branches that that same kind of golden light and love was kind of sprinkled on the injury and kind of reassuring that everything was going to be okay. The feeling I got was that the embers, seeing the red come up instead of it being a painful experience, that the gold light turned it into a deeper understanding and I don’t know prohibited the pain from being felt. Like in a nice way, like pixie dust (chuckles).

Practitioner: Do you feel like you as a Guardian are the one that sprinkled that light on the tree that was your past life?

Client: It’s weird because I got the feeling that in this scene that I was sprinkling and then simultaneously understanding while I’m looking down at the charred wood which feels like an extension of me so it’s kind of a strange thing.

Practitioner: Were you both the entity doing the sprinkling and the tree at the same time?

Client: I’m not sure how that's possible but apparently I’ve got both sensations of being the giver and the receiver and also the wise and the confused.

Practitioner: Is there anything else significant in this scene?

Client: No but my shoulders not hurting anymore and by the way it’s my left shoulder and in the vision, the burn is on the left hand side of the tree, well the left hand side of my visual perception.

Practitioner: Let’s close that scene and drift and float. Let’s drift and float to another significant scene in the existence of this Guardian. Tell me what you see.

(Sounds of an ice cream truck outside)

Client: I don’t see anything about the Guardian. I hear the icecream man and it made me think of when I was a kid and I used to run outside at my Grandmother’s house.

Practitioner: Where are you now?

Client: Standing in the creek near my childhood home picking up crawdads with my younger sister and um, I just shared this story recently so it’s in my mind but um, When you said Guardian, the word, that word kind of caught my attention because we were there, my younger sister was like 4 and I was probably 7 or she was 6 and I was 9. That was when I saw the water moccasins and the babies coming towards us. I told her to get out of the water and she wouldn’t get out. I had to run over there. It was hard to run in the mud. I yanked her out and threw her on the bank and uh, that was when I saw the water moccasins go right through my legs but that right there isn’t the thing although right then when I said that I got a chill but um, the Guardian is the word that stuck with me. That was what I felt like I was supposed to be protecting her and I needed to protect her from the snakes and I needed to protect her from herself. She was being stubborn and wasn’t listening to me when I said “Get out of the water”.

Practitioner: Is there anything else significant in this scene?

Client: The significance is the lack of significance that the snakes are right now. I know the scene, I know the story, I was there. Often when I tell this story, I can feel my body tense up and I get the heebie jeebies from the image in my mind of when the snakes went through my legs. In this episode of me sharing it, the water kind of feels like a smoky black glass like surface and I can see the banks of the creek and the trees and my sister and me, well part of me. I don’t actually see the snakes like I did in every other time that I’ve told this story.

Practitioner: Why is that?

Client: Cause I don’t want to deal with the snake question today (chuckles).

Practitioner: Okay

Client: Apparently (chuckles)!

Practitioner: Okay let’s close that scene and lets drift and float to another significant scene. Significant to the intention of this session today. Look around and tell me where you are and what you see.

Client: I don’t know if it has to do with the intention of today but the image came up of my family all at the neighborhood pool and my youngest sister was about 6 months old. She would have had to be older than that because we didn’t move into that house until she was close to a year old. She was wearing kind of a blue plaid sun outfit. I wouldn’t say it was a bathing suit. I think it had little white ruffles with matching piping. It might have had some orange and green on her tummy. I just remember that we were swimming and having fun and that my youngest sister went under the water and we didn’t notice or I don’t remember what the deal was, I just remember pulling her out of the water and, like a baby would, she was like spitting and kind of gasping for her first breath and all of the sudden she started crying. I just remember we were like “Oh my God she went under water! Oh my God how did that” I mean we weren’t saying oh my God because we wouldn’t have said that then but I just remember being in horror that she could have been drowning and it was just so fast. She was okay thank goodness. I just remember that feeling of feeling helpless and I was glad she was okay.

Practitioner: Is there anything else to explore in this scene?

Client: I’m not sure if it’s, I just remember, I think my Mom and Dad were there and I think that they were saying that she was okay but they were saying it’s nobody's fault it was just an accident. Like that, and clearly I was feeling like I let my guard down and if I’d been watching her closer it wouldn’t have happened. I’m feeling guilt about letting her go under water.

Practitioner: Let’s close that scene. Let’s detach from the emotions of that scene. Let’s drift and float forward in time to the next significant scene that’s related to the intent of this session today. When you have a sense of where you are, tell me where you are and tell me what you see.

Client: When my ex boyfriend and I went to Yosemite, we were hiking up upper Yosemite falls trail. Around the, I forget the name of it, a section where the water, “Mist trail” where it looks like a rainbow. I just remember looking ahead on the trail it’s kind of like the sun hits the top of the granite mountains there and it’s kind of bright. Just knowing that this trail was kicking my butt as far as climbing but I was young and I should’ve been able to do it with no problems. Especially since he was 16 years older than me. I remember thinking how beautiful it was and how I couldn’t wait to get to the top. How determined I was to prove I could do it. It’s funny, I know I was there with him, but I’m not seeing him. I’m not feeling him, I’m not hearing him.

Practitioner: Tell me what you see around you.

Client: It’s just the um, the walls, you know, the granite walls. It’s on one side and then kind of a what do you call it, it’s not a cliff when you’re walking up it, it’s a switchback trail. Where one side has a wall and one side doesn’t but it’s not a cliff. I don’t know what that’s called “chasm” or something like that.

Practitioner: Let’s move forward in that scene and tell me what happens next.

Client: I just remember, and this is a memory more than a vision of what that scene was about but I remember feeling that it was, there was moments when I felt like I couldn’t go on, but I was determined to prove I could do it then um, I kept thinking that when I get to the top, I will have proven it, I will have done it. Nobody could ever doubt my abilities or stamina. And then how it looked sometimes that the end of the trail was never gonna come and then it was a smooth plateau that kind of overlooked the river right before it went off the waterfall edge. Just how Spectacular that was first to have climbed that high and to see how the water had formed the smoothness of the stone. I mean I didn’t know it then, now I know it was glaciers that did that but at the time I thought that it was the river that did it. I’m not really having any fear like getting pretty close to where the waterfall fell and plummeted hundreds if not thousands of feet below and just feeling exhilarated about the awesome force and that I’d made it. It hurt badly going down because I had a bum knee at that time but it was worth it.

Practitioner: In this relaxed state of knowing let’s go back to that space. That etheric space where source is from whence we came. Let’s drift and float to that space where everything is known and you have full understanding of every experience that you’ve had and every life you’ve had. Now can you tell me why we’ve seen these scenes of the life of the Guardian today?

Client: The only thing that’s coming to mind is the same thing I told him. Is that “it’s within me”. There’s many possibilities they’re all good.

Practitioner: Can you tell me if this Guardian had a name in this place of knowing?

Client: I don’t like it!

Practitioner: What was the name?

Client: The name that came up that the guy might have been thinking but didn’t verbalize, I don’t think it’s right. I don’t like it (chuckles).

Practitioner: Let’s release all judgement.

Client: I don’t like it! (chuckles)

Practitioner: Let’s let go and explain what you’re sensing and feeling.

Client: It’s a name that is hard not to have judgement for in the sense of modern appreciation for a feminine name. It’s not one people think of.

Practitioner: Can we share and verbalize that name today?

Client: Only if I can say later that I’m going to switch the letters around and create a nicer name.

Practitioner: Okay, let’s record that name for the Client and the Client’s future review.

Client: I’m laughing! I’m fighting saying it outloud. I don’t like it! And I don’t know how to spell it.

Practitioner: Okay.

Client: I don’t like it! It’s Minerva! It’s a horrible name! I don’t know why that, and I don’t know if that’s really it, I think I was just trying to fight it so bad that it stuck in my head. It might have been something similar because at first it said Nirvana and I was like, oh that’s too cliche and lame and then I got something with ma in it and it kind of got truncated and Minerva kept coming up and I’m like no it can’t be Minerva, that’s ugly, I don’t like that name.

Practitioner: Okay. in this place of knowing, in this etheric place, where Source resides, can you tell me why we’ve seen those scenes from the Client’s childhood?

Client: Well again, it feels very obvious that it’s the fact that I always feel like I have to be the protector or Guardian and I don’t mean have to like somebody is making me, I mean have to like that’s who I am. Not have to like it’s at first unwelcome, more like that’s my job. When I say job I don’t mean unwelcome task, I mean role but I think the one from the kids popped up because I think that there was a lot of pressure for me to exhibit that role. Not just from others but from myself. I mean, I remember vividly wanting to be an adult or “big enough” is the word, “big enough” to take care of my younger sister the minute she came home. Not instead of my mom but...

Practitioner: As we are still in this etheric place where Source resides in this place of knowing and understanding, let’s drift and float to the point in time before your spirit decides on the current life of the Client. Let’s go to the point where you’re discussing with your own Guides the next life that you’ll have. When you’re discussing with your Guides this next life, can you tell me why you chose this life?

Client: The only thing that comes to mind is strength. Literally to show how strong I am.

Practitioner: Can you tell me why you chose the parents and family that you chose?

Client: Well, the idea that they needed me feels too egoic so that doesn’t sit right um, I guess the opportunities would be presented to show strength and learn strength.

Practitioner: Is that the purpose of the Client’s life. Strength? To show strength?

Client: I don’t think so.

Practitioner: Can you tell me what the purpose of this incarnation as the Client is? What’s the purpose?

Client: I’m not sure I mean give strength comes to mind but I’m not sure if that’s it. I’m not second guessing myself I’m just saying that i’m not sure if that’s it.

Practitioner: The Client has a few questions here today. The Client would like to talk to her Higher self to answer these questions or a Spirit Guide. Can we please speak to the Client’s Higher Self now to answer these questions?

Client: (chuckles) Right before you started to ask that question, I was thinking, I don’t know how long it’s been but it feels like it’s getting close to, not 90 minutes, but close to time for me to come out I guess. I’m not saying I want to stop, I’m just laughing at the timing. That’s what happened last time right when you were going to get to the questions, I think (chuckles). Yeah I say we try it. If my conscious mind takes over then my subconscious mind will just pause and we can start again later.

Practitioner: Okay, let’s address those questions. Let’s go ahead and relax again. (relaxes client to deepen the hypnotic state) I’d like to ask the Client’s questions. The First question I’d like to ask is, why is the Client bothered by the wind?

Client: I’m not sure if i’m deep enough to be answering questions right now. While you were Inducing me, the movie ___ (a “Horror” movie about hypnosis) kept flashing in. Did you ever see it?

Practitioner: I don’t recall

Client: Anyway, (proceeds to describe a suspenseful scene in the movie where the character is being hypnotised) So, I had to get my head around the fact that that's not what’s going on here (chuckles). I think I’m okay. I know we’re not done but I’m okay with it for today.


The Client ends the session.