Atlantean Twin Flame And Making Waves


In this Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the Facilitator is Lilah Moriarty. The Client is anonymous and will be referred to as Client. Some portions were edited for privacy. Only pertinent Practitioner questions and prompts were included for the sake of fluidity. This session may not be representative of typical Kindred Being Quantum Healing Sessions.

At the beginning of every Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the client is induced into a relaxed state of hypnosis. In this state the client is able to access memories of past lives and to connect with high frequency beings. In this session, this relaxed state produced the following results…

Client: I just see some moving light right now.

Facilitator: Moving light? What colors?

Client: Purple, indigo.

Facilitator: You see moving purple and indigo lights?

Client: Umhmm. It’s kind of swirling.

Facilitator: Are these colors giving you any type of feeling?

Client: Mmmmm. No. Maybe a little bit of comfort.

Facilitator: Comfort, so you’re feeling slight comfort while you’re with this purple and indigo swirling and moving light. Are you able to move into this light?

Client: Yes, it’s all around me.

Facilitator: How far in front of you does this light extend?

Client: It feels like forever.

Facilitator: Okay, are you able to move up in this light?

Client: Yeah, I can move around in it.

Facilitator: Okay, let’s try moving up and see what is above this purple, indigo, swirling light.

Client: Huh, I see it like a flower.

Facilitator: Flower?

Client: I think they’re called peonies. It’s like an indigo peony.

Facilitator: Okay, so you see an indigo peony. Are you looking at this flower?

Client: Yeah, I think I’m looking at it.

Facilitator: Are you looking down at it or are you looking up at it?

Client: I think I’m bending over looking at it.

Facilitator: Is this peony growing out of the ground?

Client: Yeah, it’s growing out of the ground. There’s a big stone statue behind it. Weird statue! It’s like carved stone marble. It’s like a, almost like an inverted triangle, or a fan shape. It makes me feel kind of ominous. The statue makes me feel like oppressive.

Facilitator: Oppressive?

Client: Umhmm.

Facilitator: Can you look around and do you see anything else besides this statue?

Client: I think there’s a stream, water, a pretty stream. There’s a blue sky above us. There’s a garden with the flowers. Those dark blue and purple peonies.

Facilitator: Do you know what the symbol of the inverted triangle or fan stands for, what it’s meaning is?

Client: I feel like it’s some sort of symbol for some sort of government or regime.

Facilitator: It’s a symbol for a government or regime. Okay.

Client: I don’t like it because, this is such a pretty place and then , that’s right there! I think they did it like that on purpose, like it’s propaganda.

Facilitator: Do you happen to know, where you are? What land you’re in?

Client: No, I don’t know.

Facilitator: Okay. You said that there is blue sky above us. Who is us?

Client: I’m with somebody else. I don’t know who.

Facilitator: Who are you with? Can you look at them and describe them?

Client: No. I think there’s. I think there’s long cloaks. I don’t know if we’re both wearing cloaks but I think the other person is wearing a cloak.

Facilitator: What color is the cloak?

Client: It’s almost like the Peonies. Like a deep velvet blue, velvet cloak.

Facilitator: Are you able to see this person’s face?

Client: No.

Facilitator: Alright, look down and see if you are also wearing a cloak?

Client: Mmm. I don’t know what I’m wearing. I think it’s like, it’s more like a… it’s not a cloak, it’s more like a softer material. Almost like a skirt robe, something like that, and sandals.

Facilitator: Okay, can you see your feet in the sandals?

Client: Yeah.

Facilitator: How many toes do you have?

Client: Regular, five toes on each foot.

Facilitator: Does the foot look like a man’s foot or a woman’s foot?

Client: I don’t know.

Facilitator: You can’t tell?

Client: No.

Facilitator: Okay, are you able to reach out with your knowing and determine whether you are a male or a female? Or do you have a gender?

Client: I think I’m a woman.

Facilitator: Okay.

Client: I have long blonde hair in a braid. Long, long braid and my robe is sort of like a toga, the same type of material but it’s not over just one shoulder, there’s like details to it.

Facilitator: Is it over both shoulders?

Client: Yeah, it’s over both shoulders. There’s some criss crossing at my waist.

Facilitator: What color is it?

Client: It’s white. I have a really thick blonde braid. Lots of hair.

Facilitator: Do you know what color eyes you have?

Client: I want to say blue.

Facilitator: Why are you in this garden?

Client: Just going for a walk. Just enjoying the scenery. I feel like people are coming in. Like a troop is coming in, like mostly military are all coming in from the left side. It’s like all marching in together.  

Facilitator: Are they wearing uniforms?

Client: Yeah, I see gold and red.

Facilitator: Are there any types of insignias?

Client: Carvings on the metal.

Facilitator: Carvings?

Client: Imprints on the metal.

Facilitator: Of what?

Client: I think it’s somebody's face.

Facilitator: Are these on buttons or is it something else?

Client: I think some on the helmets and some on the shields.

Facilitator: By looking at these soldiers, are you able to tell me what time period you’re in?

Client: I keep thinking it’s like roman but it doesn’t feel like it’s… I almost want to say Atlantean.

Facilitator: Atlantean, alright. Are these military men defenders of Atlantis?

Client: I feel like they’re invaders like, they’re not supposed to be here but we’re peaceful so we let them stay and they have been here for a while but we don’t really want them here.

Facilitator: So you’re watching them march in, what is happening? Are they coming for an event? Are they the event?

Client: We saw them come in, and then they stopped. They kind of startled us. Like they’re making an announcement or something.

Facilitator: What are they saying when they make this announcement?

Client: “Herald uh Heraldry of the high counsel. Vesuvius…” I don’t know.

Facilitator: Okay, don’t try to remember the exact words that are said. What was the message that they were sending?

Client: Something about like they’re taking more control over our land. They are somehow expecting more or demanding more from us.

Facilitator: How does that make you feel?

Client: I’m feeling upset and kind of fed up, but I know we shouldn’t judge or do anything about it but I’m getting so tired of them and the problems they’re causing for others. I think that’s why I don’t like that statue there because, it shouldn’t be there in this beautiful space and I think they put it there.

Facilitator: As a reminder?

Client: Yeah, to kind of claim the area.

Facilitator: How many others are in this garden with you?

Client: It’s me and my companion and I think there are others there that just happen to be in that area. It’s more like a square. It’s like a garden setting and a square. Like a gathering place.

Facilitator: When you look outside of the garden, what kind of buildings do you see?

Client: Lot’s of steps. Lots and lots and lots of steps. Uh, marble.

Facilitator: Are the steps leading up to the garden, or down to this garden, or are they steps to other buildings?

Client: There’s steps everywhere. We can walk up the steps to get to buildings. The ground has stones in the ground with some like grass and little flowers coming through between the stones. It’s really pretty. Yeah, I do think we’re on an island or a peninsula or something. There’s water to one side and there’s, it’s rocky going down to the water and then on top, it’s like all a pretty garden.

Facilitator: Did this military come by boat or how did they arrive?

Client: I don’t know. I’m torn between a boat or flying.

Facilitator: Let’s find out about your companion, that you’re with. Is this the person in the cloak?

Client: Yeah, I know who it is but, I just, I can’t see what they look like.

Facilitator: Who is this?

Client: It’s my ex boyfriend in this life.

Facilitator: Do you know if he is a man or a woman?

Client: No, I don’t know yet. I just keep seeing him.

Facilitator: Are you able to walk around to the front of this person?

Client: Everytime I look at him, it just looks like my ex boyfriend in this life, so I can’t tell right now.

Facilitator: Alright, we’ll leave that alone for now. I want you to go back to the day that this military invaded your land and try to remember how they came into your land?

Client: We were happy.

Facilitator: What were you doing when you were happy.

Client: I just see me, smiling and singing and playing with the water and these aqueducts and gathering food. Fruits from trees. I kind of hear a bunch of noises like horns and stuff.

Facilitator: Horns?

Client: Yeah.

Facilitator: Horns from a vessel or is it horns someone is blowing?

Client: I think someone is blowing them. I get startled. Yeah, I think they are on ships. Sea ships.

Facilitator: Can you describe these ships?

Client: I see the long ones from movies, Roman movies like the long ones, tapered on each end with ornate decorations on each end.

Facilitator: Have you ever seen these vessels before?

Client: No, I don’t think so, I think, we know, we know these people but we don’t, I don’t think we’ve had any dealings with them yet.

Facilitator: Okay and what do you know about them?

Client: We just know that there are people over, wherever they are, that like to fight a lot with each other.

Facilitator: You see these ships coming in and it startles you with the horn, what happens next?

Client: I think they come up, to the sh.., up the rocks and they’re kind of forceful and they ask to speak to whoever’s in charge.

Facilitator: Did they ask you who was in charge?

Client: No there were other people who got there first. I think we have a queen or something. A female in charge.

Facilitator: Do you witness this meeting between the queen and these visitors?

Client: I think somebody is sent to get her and they all have to wait where they are and I think she comes.

Facilitator: How does she arrive?

Client: It’s something very elaborately decorated like those chairs that people carry with poles two poles. Two people in the front and two people in the back. It’s like a lounging chair and she has all of these huge feather decorations on the sides of it.

Facilitator: Do you recognize these feathers?

Client: It would look like gold peacock feathers.

Facilitator: Gold peacock feathers on this elaborate chair that the queen arrives on, she’s lounging and so what is her reaction when she meets these visitors?

Client: She’s just direct and to the point and very smart.

Facilitator: What is it that she tells them?

Client: She just asks what they want.

Facilitator: What do they respond?

Client: They heard about our land and they either want to, I think they want to, they want to invade it but I’m not sure if they’re honest about it from the beginning.

Facilitator: After they talked to the queen, what is her reaction?

Client: She says that they will get no resistance. That they can visit us if they like.

Facilitator: What does this arriving party do next?

Client: I think they roam around, trying to get everybody's names and details like how old they are, how many people, things like that.

Facilitator: In human years, what is the range of ages of people on this island or peninsula?

Client: I think we get older than humans. Like 200 or 300 years.

Facilitator: How old are you?

Client: I feel like I’m young but I think I’m like 120.

Facilitator: How old is your companion?

Client: He’s older. I think he has, I’m feeling like he has, some sort of magic or connection.

Facilitator: Connection to what?

Client: Beings, other beings. I think they’re dark beings. But he says that there is no good and there is no evil.

Facilitator: How do you feel about that?

Client: Very curious.

Facilitator: Curious about these beings?

Client: Yes, very curious about the beings and very curious about his connection with them and I feel, I don’t feel any judgement.

Facilitator: Is his connection known to others.

Client: Yes but I don’t think it’s that uncommon. I think a lot of us have connections with other beings or other things or, we all must have connections.

Facilitator: Do you have connections?

Client: I think so. I’m seeing sparkly white like sparkles. I think we all are in touch with other senses. We can do more than humans can do now and we are aware of things that humans aren’t aware of now and so I think we all work with energy. It’s just part of life. All we want is just to live in beauty and to learn and to be happy.

Facilitator: So you said that you see sparkly light. Do you have other abilities.

Client: Yeah, crystals. Singing to the crystals.

Facilitator: What happens when you sing to the crystals?

Client: They sing too. They sing back. We all sing together. If you can sing the right way then they can sing back. They can heal and rejuvenate. I see sparkles, I want to say sprites but I don’t know, they might be fireflies, just sparkles everywhere. Lights.

Facilitator: What is the significance of these sparkles?

Client: I just see myself talking to them.

Facilitator: Do these sparkles have any abilities.

Client: They give me information.

Facilitator: What kind of information?

Client: If I ask something then they’ll go find out for me, and come back and tell me.

Facilitator: What sort of things do you ask them?

Client: Just being mischievous, asking what someone is doing or sometimes playing tricks on people just for fun.

Facilitator: Do the people that you’re playing the trick on find it funny?

Client: Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes it just annoys them and they don’t always know it’s me. If I know that they’re mad, I don’t tell them that it’s me.

Facilitator: So you’re able to sing to the crystals and communicate with the sparkles, what other things can you do?

Client: I just love the animals.

Facilitator: What type of animals?

Client: The dolphins in the water, and the fish, and the birds, and the butterflies, and the squirrels, and the bunny rabbits. I feel like I’m still young, I’m not as serious as some of the other people are.

Facilitator: Do you have an occupation?

Client: I tend to some of the nature. I do the same thing, I sing to it, talk to it, I give love and gratitude so it will keep growing and producing food for us.

Facilitator: I want you to go to an important time in this girls life and tell me what is happening.

Client: Alana

Facilitator: I‘m sorry?

Client: That’s my name, it’s Alana. I’m upset, standing on a hillside. There’s lots of wind, my hair is blowing around and I think it’s dark out. I’m looking down the hill at something that is making me upset. I feel a swell of anger in my chest and I don’t like it because I don’t usually feel that way. I think somebody is hurt. I see blood on the ground. I think somebody is hurt or killed.

Facilitator: Is the blood on the ground near you?

Client: No. it’s far down the hill. I think there’s a group of those soldiers there and some of our people and I think they killed one of our people.

Facilitator: One person?

Client: I just see one person.

Facilitator: Did you know this person?

Client: No, we all know each other but it wasn’t a close friend or anything.

Facilitator: Are you in jeopardy on this hill?

Client: No, I’m watching from above and it’s making me very angry.

Facilitator: What happens next?

Client: I run down there and I want to get in their face and somebody says, “Alana no!” tells me not to do it.

Facilitator: Okay, do you know who that was?

Client: It stops me. It’s almost like it puts a barrier in between me and the soldiers, like it makes me stop in my tracks. Somebody I know, it’s a big man with big muscles. Kind of darker blonde hair. He’s wearing some gold...

Facilitator: Gold chain or gold on his clothes?

Client: A gold short skirt. Like a mini skirt.

Facilitator: What is your relationship to this man with big muscles and darker blonde hair?

Client: I think I’m related to him because I look at him and go over to him to talk to him and he had like his, he had his shield out directed towards me. I think he’s some sort of authority or an older brother or older family member.

Facilitator: So, you walk over to him, and what is the exchange there that happens?

Client: I think we talk sometimes with our minds.

Facilitator: What is being conveyed by using your minds?

Client: My hurt and anger over what I saw. I’ve never seen that before. I’ve never seen anybody hurt or kill anyone else on purpose like that. He’s basically telling me not to get involved that our queen has made the decision that they can stay. I think she thinks that if they stay with us then they can learn to be better than they are. That our vibration will raise their vibration and by doing nothing but just being with them, they might become better. They came to us and they found us for a reason because they need our help and we wouldn’t have gotten involved if they hadn’t come to us.

Facilitator: What do they need help with?

Client: They need help to see the beauty in the world around them. They need help to lighten their hearts.

Facilitator: Did they come seeking this?

Client: No.

Facilitator: What did they come seeking?

Client: They came seeking wealth, and land, and gold.

Facilitator: Are any of these things valued in your society?

Client: We all share. Gold is conductive and we prize it for it’s conductive properties.

Facilitator: What is flowing through it? What is it conducting?

Client: I don’t know but I see that we make a lot of things out of gold.

Facilitator: What kind of things?

Client: I just keep seeing this weird gold bowl, it’s very ornate and almost like the petals of a flower with the gold bowl in the middle. It’s not sitting on a table, it’s suspended with a tripod or something or, I think it’s anchored into a stone wall but it can move and it can adjust. You can adjust it to wherever you want it to go, like you would adjust a tripod or something like that, it’s adjustable. I think you focus it so that you capture the light. I think some sun light… I’m not sure if it’s sunlight. I just don’t know what other light it could be.

Facilitator: Where is the light coming from?

Client: It’s coming from above but it’s like rays of light.

Facilitator: Is this inside of a building?

Client: There’s that stone wall. I think it’s enclosed around the sides but there’s no roof. The light comes in to the metal bowl and you can look into it...the gold bowl, you can look into it, and I’m not sure what happens if you can see things? You get a connection, a deep vibrant connection. So, you get information from even higher vibrational beings. You get information and there’s confusion because, the light is directed to your crown and to your third eye chakra. You get information that way and the soldiers have seen it happen and they mistakenly thought that if you look into the golden bowl then you will see things with your eyes.

Facilitator: And how do you see it?

Client: You see things with your knowing and your mind. I think a lot of people have them, there’s not just one. It’s one of the things that we practice, it’s one of the things that we do. They think that you can see things in the bowl, and they want to take some bowls for themselves. We let them have them because we want them to be able to connect too but we know that they probably won’t be able to.

Facilitator: Can you give me an example of something that was conveyed to you in this way?

Client: Love. So, if something is wrong, or if you have a question about something, you can use the golden bowl and you usually can come up with a clear answer about something and you feel love in your heart and it gives you a renewed sense of love for everything.

Facilitator: I’d like to go back to your brother or your relative that was on that field and I’d like you to look into his eyes and tell me if that person is someone that the Client currently knows.

Client: It’s stupid.

Facilitator: What do you see?

Client: I think it’s just because he has blue eyes, wait, I don’t know if that makes sense.

Facilitator: Who do you believe it is?

Client: I don’t know, now, as soon as I said blue eyes, it made me think that it was my first live in boyfriend in my current life. Before I said blue eyes, I thought it might have been my uncle.

Facilitator: If you reach out with your knowing, are you able to tell if that is your uncle or your first live in boyfriend?

Client: I don’t know, it’s muddled now because I have appreciation for him like I do in this life for my uncle but the eyes are just like my first live in boyfriend’s eyes. I’m thinking it’s my first live in boyfriend now.

Facilitator: You think it’s your first live in boyfriend?

Client: That’s what I think. I keep seeing his face.

Facilitator: Alright, okay, so, you were down on that field where you were feeling distressed about this loss of life. Is there more in this scene that you need to be shown?

Client: Well, I’m confused because he has a sword and I know I said that I haven’t seen any killing. I don’t know what we use swords for, but he has a sword and I think just his presence just kind of scares off the military people because he is so tall and big. He’s like twice their size.

Facilitator: With your mental ability to communicate with him, are you able to understand why he has a sword and a shield?

Client: I know that he practices with them a lot and I know that it has something to do with his abilities because the shield shields people like he stopped me with his shield of energy. I know the shield can do that.

Facilitator: What can the sword do?

Client: The sword? I see him striking the ground with it and the ground shaking. But, I don’t know why anybody would want to do that.

Facilitator: So, the ground shakes when he strikes the sword to the ground, we haven’t asked yet what his name is. Do you know his name in this life of Alana.

Client: Something like, Liniakin? Liniakle? L-i-n-i-a ...

Facilitator: When I say, Liniakin, or Liniakle, which one resonates?

Client: I guess Liniakle but it sounds weird because it sounds like the word maniacal. Liniakle, with a k.

Facilitator: Liniakle okay, alright, is there something else happening  in this scene?

Client: I look up to the hill where I was standing and my companion’s up there with the cloak. Still standing where I was standing before.

Facilitator: Is this companion a male or a female?

Client: He’s a male, and it seems so cliche, all of this seems so cliche!

Facilitator: It’s okay, let’s put our judgement aside and let the scene unfold.

Client: It’s like he has a um, staff with a small type of a crystal ball on top of it and I know why he’s cloaked the whole time. It’s because he has a scar on his face.

Facilitator: How did he get that scar?

Client: It’s from the bridge of his nose, down his face, to his jaw. Cut across. I’m seeing a bird talon. A sharp bird talon like an eagle or something, some sort of big bird.

Facilitator: What happened?

Client: I think he was practicing something to do with his bird. Okay, I’ll tell you what I see but I don’t know what it means. I see him have a rope around it’s foot, it’s talon. The bird’s trying to fly off and he’s got the other end of it, in his hands, the other end of the rope and he’s trying to pull the bird. He’s letting the bird out to fly and then pulling it back in. Letting it out to fly, and pulling it back in. When he’s pulling it back in, it scratched, it gets mad and scratches his face. I think people kind of frown on him because he does things like that and we don’t like to do things like that because we, love animals, but he likes to practice doing things that are a little darker. We don’t really frown on it too much or judge too much because we don’t have judgement. That’s what he decides to do and I’m curious about what he does, I don’t want to do it but I’m curious about it. It’s all part of the darker beings that he’s in contact with. He’s a good person, he has a good heart and he cares about people but he’s a little bit, he’s a little bit, his heart isn’t as light as it could be.

Facilitator: Why are you in a relationship with this man?

Client: I’m curious about what he does and I care about him and I want him to feel loved and taken care of.

Facilitator: What does he do for you?

Client: He’s my companion and we talk about things. We discuss everything, we enjoy our time together.

Facilitator: He’s standing on this hill with a staff and a crystal ball at the top, and what is he doing?

Client: He’s just watching.

Facilitator: What are you thinking when you’re witnessing him standing there?

Client: I’m wishing he didn’t see it because I’m hoping he doesn’t do anything, because if I was incited to do something, and got angry, then I don’t know what he might do.

Facilitator: Does he react?

Client: He’s just standing there. I think he has a bigger plan. He has a bigger plan to, he hates them being here. He has a different plan to get them off of our land. I think he’s one of them.

Facilitator: You think he’s one of them? So, he’s not a native Atlantean?

Client: I feel like he had to struggle more than the rest of us because, he doesn’t belong there or something. So I think that he has to work harder for everything but he has connections and he had abilities and he can do stuff like we can do stuff, because he’s with us and he learned how from us. He has to work harder for it, and sometimes that upsets him. That’s why I feel sorry for him too and that’s why other people feel sorry for him and try to make him feel welcome, because they all understand that he has to work harder. He’s come a long way, he’s doing good!

Facilitator: Other than being of the same race of people as the visitors, the invading party, and the people who have currently killed this Atlantean, does he have any other connections to them?

Client: I don’t think so.

Facilitator: We’re going to move on from this scene, we’re going to close this scene, and we’re going to drift forward to another important time in Alana’s life.

Client: I’m just looking in a pool of water and I see the water, I see from outside of myself that the water, is reflecting on my face, and my neck and my chest, because I am really close to it, looking in it. It’s making patterns across my face. I think there’s some blue glowing light in the water.

Facilitator: Do you know the source of this blue glowing light?

Client: I think it’s some sort of, something like an algae. It’s very small, you can’t see it, all you can see is the glowing.

Facilitator: Is there a significance to this algae?

Client: I know it’s making me happy, I’m smiling. I’m looking into it. It’s making neat patterns in the water.

Facilitator: Are you able to communicate with this algae?

Client: I think so, but I’m just playing with it, just touching the water with my fingertip and it makes patterns. I think I’m bathing in that water. I don’t think I have any clothes on.

Facilitator: Is this water in some kind of container like we have tubs?

Client: It’s a cave with smooth, smooth, carved, I don’t know if it’s actually carved, but it looks like it’s carved pools, like rocks, carved rocks with water and some little waterfalls, flowing water.

Facilitator: What happens next?

Client: Yeah it’s a cave. You walk into the cave and you keep walking in the cave, towards the light and then you get into this room that’s glowing with the flowing water and all of the different carved out tubs kind of flowing into each other and then you bathe there.

Facilitator: Are you alone?

Client: Yeah. I’m alone.

Facilitator: Does something happen shortly or are you just enjoying the bath?

Client: I don’t know, I’m just enjoying it, I love it in there.

Facilitator: I want you to take in that feeling of love, enjoyment and playfulness, and I want you to remember that feeling even after this session is done. That’s a feeling you can always tap into whenever you need those feelings in your life. That spark of joy, at seeing something so small. That spark of joy at creating. That spark of joy at nature. We’re going to go ahead and move forward from this. We’re going to move ahead in the life of Alana. Let’s find another significant event in this life.

Client: The military is in the room of the, I was just going to say Queen but now I think it’s the High Priestess. It’s where she sees people, where people come in to see her. There’s a bunch of them in there. They’re beginning to seem threatening to her. I feel like I’m outside the room, peeking in, watching. There’s natural walls of rock and I think there’s like holes and natural formations and I think I’m looking through that. They’re becoming threatening.

Facilitator: How does she react?

Client: It’s very hard because, none of us have dealt with this before, so, the people around her to guard her, and herself, don’t know if they should step up and put these people in their place, because they’re smaller than us.

Facilitator: How much smaller?

Client: Well, we’re just taller.

Facilitator: Like, a foot, more than one foot?

Client: A foot or two. If we should put them in their place, or if we should react with violence, or if we should just let them do whatever they’re going to do, even if it’s taking her life, or taking our lives because, we don’t judge. We know that everything happens the way it should and we’re not fearful but we’re unsure exactly how to react to this type of threat because, we know that she’s willing to die instead of reacting in a way that she feels is not of the highest good. As people who love her and protect her, then they don’t know, if they should just stand aside like she would want them to or actually get in the mix and protect her physically.

Facilitator: What are your peoples beliefs on death? Is that a final journey or continued journey after death?

Client: I’m saying, it’s part of the process, but I don’t think that there’s, I’m not sure what happens after we die.

Facilitator: Does this High Priestess know what happens after you die?

Client: I think we believe that we become, the higher vibrational beings like some of the ones that we communicate with. That we become like that and I’m not sure if we, reincarnate. If we do, I don’t know if it’s here or where it is.

Facilitator: You’re seeing this military force in the High Priestess’ chambers, and at this moment, she wasn’t reacting. What happens next?

Client: They threaten her and she looks like she’s getting a little angry. She’s got a puffed up chest, and her chin is high. She’s saying, for them to go ahead and do what they want that she’s not scared. It won’t matter.

Facilitator: What do these military people do?

Client: They try to, come forward with a weapon. I’m seeing, my older brother Liniakle step in front of her, and hold his shield up. I think as he holds his shield up, they kind of get pushed back a little bit. She’s telling him to stand aside.

Facilitator: Before we go further with this scene, are you able to look into the eyes of this High Priestess and see who this person is in your current life?

Client: (Chuckles) I think it’s my older sister! She has dark eyes they’re like blue but they’re dark dark dark blue, I don’t know. I think it might be my older sister.

Facilitator: We’re going to resume this scene and Liniakle has just stepped in front of this High Priestess and she has asked him to stand aside.

Client: Umhm. Mmmm. I’m not sure because I don’t think this makes any sense.

Facilitator: Go ahead and explain the scene and put your judgement aside.

Client: Um, they step forward and they behead her. Liniakle gets really mad and he puts his sword into the ground.

Facilitator: Then what happens?

Client: Then everything starts shaking. He’s never done it that hard before. The ground is opening and swallowing them up. The whole Island is shaking. I see everybody, scared and running.

Facilitator: Do you stay there, or do you run?

Client: I call out his name, but he can’t hear me, he’s in grief. His face is all contorted.

Facilitator: What happens next?

Client: I start running away from there because everything is shaking. The ground is moving, there’s cracks in the ground everywhere.

Facilitator: Even outside of this room?

Client: Yeah, the whole Island is shaking.

Facilitator: What happens to Alana with this shaking, cracking ground?

Client: She’s running, running, looking for her companion. Everything is shaking, trees are shaking, falling down, while she’s running. She’s going to his favorite spot where he spends most of his time, by the water. The water, is coming up on the rocks in big waves. I see him coming over the rocks. It’s a climb to get down to where he normally spends his time. He’s climbing up the rocks and his eyes are big and wide and he doesn’t know what’s happening. So, we grab onto each other and we don’t know where to go or what to do.

Facilitator: What happens after that?

Client: It seems to go on for a long time but it eventually stops and the ground is settling. It keeps settling down, it keeps moving creating sinkholes, even after the shaking stops. It’s very scary and this goes on for a long time. Everything is destroyed.

Facilitator: The city is destroyed?

Client: Yeah.

Facilitator: Did Alana and her companion survive this?

Client: Yeah.

Facilitator: With the city destroyed, what do they decide to do?

Client: It begins to sink over time.

Facilitator: Over how much time?

Client: I think it takes a long time. I think it takes like, I keep wanting to say, a hundred years. It keeps sinking more, and more, and more, and we all know that we can’t stay there.

Facilitator: You can’t stay there. What is the plan?

Client: We don’t want to go to the land because there are all of the people there that like to fight all of the time. I think we go somewhere else.

Facilitator: Where do you think you go?

Client: I don’t know.

Facilitator: Do you go to a different land? Do you stay on earth?

Client: Ummm, we join the underground people.

Facilitator: How do you find these underground people?

Client: We knew they were there. We can sense a lot of things. We know a lot of things. We talk to them sometimes, with our minds.

Facilitator: Did they invite you?

Client: Yes, I think so. I think they could feel when we were in distress. We didn’t really want to go underground because we like being in the sun and in the water but we’d rather be with the underground people than with the above ground people.

Facilitator: These underground people, do they have other abilities?

Client: Yeah, they can do some of the things that we can do, but they do it a little differently. They’re more like, I don’t know how to say it but I want to say that we are, if we’re takling about vibration, we are high vibration, love, and compassion, and understanding. They are sort of in the middle. Very balanced, very middle vibration. Balance.

Facilitator: Do you both have things to teach each other?

Client: Yes, yes, but a lot of us don’t want to be middle but my companion is really interested in them and what they do. I’m interested too, I’m curious and I like them.

Facilitator: Do they look like regular people or do they look different?

Client: They’re thinner. A lot thinner. Long and thin.

Facilitator: What color is their skin?

Client: It’s a really pale greyish greenish color.

Facilitator: Their eyes?

Client: Their eyes are big. They have big irises. They have a lot of black in their eyes. It seems like it’s almost all black. That’s the other thing is we don’t want to start looking like them. We like the way we look.

Facilitator: Will you be able to retain your vibration and the way you look when you’re underground?

Client: We think it’s temporary until we figure something else out. If we stay down there forever then we will look like them.

Facilitator: Is there a time when you make your way back to the surface as Alana?

Client: I don’t know, I see myself dead floating back up to the surface in water.

Facilitator: Like you drowned?

Client: I don’t know if I drowned but I was floating dead in the water.

Facilitator: Let’s go to before you were floating dead in the water and find out what happened to Alana.

Client: Ummm, I think some of us got sick down there. We weren’t used to it. There’s light and there’s some beautiful places but we weren’t used to it. There’s gardens and there’s beauty but it’s like we were all getting sick.

Facilitator: Do you know what’s making you sick?

Client: We feel like we lost our connections. That’s what we think it is, that we lost our connections.

Facilitator: The connections that these underground people have were not the same as yours were?

Client: They connect more with the earth. They’re connections are through the earth and our connections were different.

Facilitator: Did you end up dying from this sickness?

Client: I see skin that’s gross.

Facilitator: Are the underground people trying to assist, to help you?

Client: Yeah, they’re trying to help but I think that it’s a construct of our minds that because it’s so different, we don’t know how to connect and how to thrive in that environment. So, because we’re home sick for our home, we get sick.

Facilitator: Is it this sickness that kills you?

Client: Yeah, I think so. I just see that there’s an underground pool of water. Somehow it goes all the way from underground up to the surface. Somehow I got in it and it takes me to the surface. I think that my companion doesn’t get sick because he’s not exactly like us so he can adapt better than we can.

Facilitator: Does Alana go into this water willingly?

Client: I think I fall over into it or something.

Facilitator: So, her life ends in the water. I want you to detach from this body and I want you to see it from outside of your body. What is happening?

Client: To my body?

Facilitator: To you. To the spirit of Alana.

Client: There’s a lot of high pitch, sounds, there’s a feeling of connection again. A rush of a feeling of connection that I haven’t had in a long time. It’s a lot! It fills my whole being. It feels very, it’s what I needed before.

Facilitator: I want you to take a moment and really internalize this feeling of connection. I want you to make available to the Client this feeling of connection and higher vibration. Are you able to share that with the Client?

Client: I can feel it.

Facilitator: Okay, I want you to remember this feeling of connection and this feeling of higher vibration. It is something that you have felt in your past and you very well might be feeling in the future. Once Alana, feels this high pitch sound and this feeling of connection, where does she go?

Client: I’m trying to hear the sound.

Facilitator: Okay.

Client: Where does she go? She’s seeing light.

Facilitator: She sees a light?

Client: I see light everywhere, and I guess I see some figures.

Facilitator: Do you recognize any of these figures?

Client: Yeah, it’s the Priestess.

Facilitator: Is she there to welcome you?

Client: Yes.

Facilitator: What do the two of you communicate to each other?

Client: She embraces me. She says welcome home. I think I ask “What’s next?” and she says I “always was impatient.”

Facilitator: Does she answer more than that?

Client: She takes me, leads me, she created a beautiful garden to welcome me and the others.

Facilitator: While you’re in this beautiful garden and looking over the entire life of Alana, what was your purpose in that life?

Client: I keep wanting to say, to adapt. I don’t know if that’s it, it just keeps saying, adapt, adapt!

Facilitator: To adapt. Was there a further purpose in this life?

Client: To love. If I had loved more, my new surroundings underground then I wouldn’t have gotten sick. I could’ve connected to it, through love. I couldn't adapt to the change. I couldn’t learn to love it.

Facilitator: What is the lesson for the Client in showing this life?

Client: I asked to see the life with my ex boyfriend in this life.

Facilitator: What was the significance of seeing this life with your ex boyfriend? Is there a lesson in this  for the Client regarding her past relationship with her ex boyfriend?

Client: Yeah, I think it’s okay. It’s okay that he goes about things in a different way and that’s okay, that’s his path. It’s how he learns and how he grows. It serves a purpose. It served a purpose for me in my current life.

Facilitator: What was that purpose?

Client: The purpose was to be ready for change. To swing from one side of the pendulum to the other. It’s all for learning and growth.

Facilitator: Did Alana learn this lesson?

Client: She didn’t have any judgement about it in her life. She didn’t learn her lesson to adapt.

Facilitator: Did Alana go on another life journey in order to learn this lesson of adapting?

Client: I think they work in a different way. They go back into life somewhere else. I don’t think they’re from here.

Facilitator: Where are they from?

Client: I think they’re Pleiadians.

Facilitator: Is that why when this scene opened, the Client saw a lot of Peonies?

Client: Hmmm. I don’t know. Maybe.

Facilitator: We’re going to go ahead and thank you for this beautiful story of Alana’s life, and we’re going to close this story, and we’re going to ask if the Client’s Higher Self is available.

-Deepening methods

Facilitator: Is the Client’s higher self available for communication?

Client’s higher self: You can ask.

Facilitator: The Client has some questions. The life of Alana seemed to revolve around the Client and her ex boyfriend. Is there some bigger significance that the Client needs to be aware of regarding this relationship?

Client’s higher self: They are twin souls. They are both sides of a coin. They instigate each other.

Facilitator: When you say instigate, what do you mean?

Client’s higher self: Mirror. They can decide to mirror the worst in each other or they can decide to mirror the best in each other. They learn, they grow faster with a mirror.

Facilitator: I know that separating from her ex boyfriend was a very difficult task for the Client. They were in a very unhealthy downward spiral in their relationship. Is their interaction in this life complete? Have they done the mirroring for each other and can move on in this life?

Client’s higher self: It’s up to them. If they are tired of the mirroring, they can separate. If they need the mirroring, they can reconnect. They will always be connected.

Facilitator: Is this a connection that the Client wants to keep?

Client’s higher self: She’s torn.

Facilitator: If the Client at some point, decides to end this connection, so that she lives independently, will we be able to cut the cord?

Client’s higher self: If she truly wants that.

Facilitator: That is something that we will definitely wait until the Client decides on that action. Do you know if the Client wants that action now?

Client’s higher self: She’s torn.

Facilitator: Okay, we’ll leave that for a different time. She has some other questions. She wants to know how she can raise her vibration further?

Client’s higher self: Meditation. She learned that from another session. To let go and not force it. It’s an allowing.

Facilitator: When she does this meditation and letting go, and allowing, she will have a better connection with her Higher Self?

Client’s higher self: Yes.

Facilitator: Will she have a better connection to source?

Client’s higher self: Yes.

Facilitator: It seems to take quite a bit of time to get to talk to you, her Higher self. Is there a way that we can get to this place a bit quicker?

Client’s higher self: Meditate first.

Facilitator: How long should she meditate?

Client’s higher self: 5 to 10 minutes.

Facilitator: On a regular basis, how long should she meditate?

Client’s higher self: 15 minutes is okay.

Facilitator: Can this meditation take other forms than sitting and meditating?

Client’s higher self: She can draw, do a candle meditation, go for a walk, but sitting still is the most effective.

Facilitator: During this meditation in which she is raising her vibration, will she be getting answers to questions she has?

Client’s higher self: The answers come fluidly now.

Facilitator: How does she know the difference between these answers that she’s getting and her wanting an answer or having a desire for a particular answer?

Client’s higher self: If she has a desire for an answer, that is the answer.

Facilitator: Okay. Sometimes as humans, our answers come not from love, they come from other emotions. How will she differentiate the answers coming from her Higher Self than from these other answers that come?

Client’s higher self: It excites you, instead of feeling dread.

Facilitator: Okay thank you. The Client wants to know what her super powers are.

Client’s higher self: Love. To heal. She’s having trouble sensing.

Facilitator: Is that something you can help her with today? Help her remove the block that’s keeping her from sensing?

Client’s higher self: It’s like when she tunes into a crystal or the earth or the trees. She can tune in to sensing energies.

Facilitator: You said one of her super powers is love. How does this love manifest? What does it do for her? What does it do for others?

Client’s higher self: She’s able to see past the facades that people put up and love them for who she knows they really are.

Facilitator: That’s wonderful. How does she heal?

Client’s higher self: She’s just learning to heal with source light.

Facilitator: Is there anything the Client can do to amplify this healing ability?

Client’s higher self: Just continue to know that it’s possible.

Facilitator: She also wanted to know, how she can access her intuition and abilities.

Client’s higher self: Trusting herself. Not doubting. Doubting will defeat your intuition. If you hear two voices in your mind and you choose to act on one voice, one decision, to go with your intuition, then if you doubt, you’ve defeated it already! Then you learn not to trust your intuition because it didn’t lead you where you wanted to go. It didn’t lead you where you wanted to go, because you doubted it.

Facilitator: Okay, Thank you for that answer. The Client wants to know if she should continue to try Astral travel?

Client’s higher self: She can if she wants to.

Facilitator: Will this benefit her in this journey?

Client’s higher self: It will be more proof. It will create a lack of doubt. Less doubt. She, she gets scared.

Facilitator: What can we do for her to help her to not get scared when she’s trying Astral travel?

Client’s higher self: She should call on help.

Facilitator: Who should she call?

Client’s higher self: And protection. Her Guides. She can call on the Angels and now she can call on the Blue Avians. She should call on the Blue Avians first to help her get in the proper state for travel and it won’t be so hard for her to release from her body. If she called on the Blue Avians for these sessions, then she would be in a better state for communion.

Facilitator: The Client wants to know if she is a starseed?

Client’s higher self: She’s been on other planets. She’s been incarnated on other planets. She’s here for a reason.

Facilitator: What is that reason?

Client’s higher self: To make waves.

Facilitator: What kind of waves?

Client’s higher self: Waves of change, waves of higher vibration. She can do as much as she chooses, she doesn’t have to do or she can do. She enjoys bringing the information to others, because she loves information, she loves to receive information so she loves to bring it to others who might also want to receive it. She has. She keeps wanting to know about the relationship between her and her ex boyfriend. It was hurtful. There was an agreement for this, so that she could find her path. She was so concerned about wanting to be in love before their relationship. That’s all she wanted was to love. It brought this relationship and leaving the relationship brought her towards growth. She couldn’t see past her need to be in love but it was a different kind of love. The love that she wanted was, it was the love that she needed to have for herself. She needed to learn that she can’t fill herself with another’s love. She has to fill herself with her own love. She couldn’t see towards growth because she was blinded by her desire to be filled with another's love. Now she knows that she can fill herself with love. Now because she’s not consumed with finding a mate to be in love, she can open herself to more growth and more information in other ways that she’s always sought. She had to go through that so that she could be where she is. It had to be as bad as it was, so that she would leave. She wouldn’t have left any other way.

Facilitator: How can she heal those wounds that were left by that relationship?

Client’s higher self: Fill it with love.

Facilitator: Does that mean that she needs to continue to love her ex boyfriend?

Client’s higher self: They are connected.

Facilitator: If at a future time, she decides to cut the cords and tear up the contract, will she be able to move on?

Client’s higher self: If that’s what she wants yes.

Facilitator: Thank you. She had some questions about integration. Integrating more of her Higher Self into her being. Is this a desirable thing to do?

Client’s higher self: She’s more integrated than she thinks. She’s learning that when she has a question, she has the answer.

Facilitator: If you were to give her current integration a percentage, what percentage of integration does the Client currently have?

Client’s higher self: 20%

Facilitator: 20%? Is that out of a hundred?

Client’s higher self: Yes.

Facilitator: Is it possible to allow her to be more connected than 20%?

Client’s higher self: Yes.

Facilitator: Will you be able to help her with that today?

Client’s higher self: Yes.

Facilitator: Are you able to tell me when this is complete?

Client’s higher self: Yes.

Facilitator: Thank you.

Several minutes pass.

Client’s higher self: It’s enough for now.

Facilitator: What percentage will she be at now?

Client’s higher self: 52

Facilitator: 52? Thank you very much! What differences will the Client notice now that she is 52 % integrated?

Client’s higher self: More understanding.

Facilitator: More understanding?

Client’s higher self: There is no difference between us.

Facilitator: There’s no difference between you?

Client’s higher self: Understanding that we are creators. What she understands, she creates.

Facilitator: I know the Client is interested in the concept of manifesting. Is this something that she will have more access to now? The ability to manifest?

Client’s higher self: Yes, but she needs to meditate everyday to maintain the integration.

Facilitator: The 10 to 15 minutes that you suggested earlier is enough?

Client’s higher self: It should be now. She can set a timer if she would like.

Facilitator: The Client is interested in finding out more about who her Guides are?

Client’s higher self: She has the Guides she’s aware of. She has a new Guide for her Light Language.

Facilitator: What is their name?

Client’s higher self: Sheircenie

Facilitator: Sheircenie?

Client’s higher self: Sheircenie.

Facilitator: Okay. We’d like to thank Sheircenie for joining the Client’s Guides and helping her on this journey. What are her Guides relationship to her?

Client’s higher self: They, have been Guiding for many lives. They know her true nature. You can have Guides of past loved ones or those in your soul group who are not currently incarnated and they can Guide and assist.

Facilitator: Does she have any of these? Are any of these Guides past loved ones or part of her soul group?

Client’s higher self: I don’t see any standing out.

Facilitator: Is that something that she would be able to ask for if she decides that she would like a relative?

Client’s higher self: Yes, yes.

Facilitator: Are there any relatives that haven’t been reincarnated yet that she might call on?

Client’s higher self: She can call on her uncle recently passed. She can call on any of them and they can be a Guide and be with you in a form. In a form of themselves.

Facilitator: Thank you. That’s very helpful. Are there any messages that you want to give to the Client today before we conclude?

Client’s higher self: Just continue to love. That’s the path.

Facilitator: Thank you. Do you have any messages for me today?

Client’s higher self: Thank you for being there.

Facilitator: You’re welcome, I’m very grateful to be here. Thank you for joining us in the session today and answering the Client’s questions. We want to thank everyone who assisted today in the Client experiencing her past life as Alana, her relationship with her ex boyfriend, her relationship with her first live in boyfriend, her relationship with her older sister, and we also want to thank her Higher Self for allowing the Client to integrate to 52% today. Thank you for all of the insights on her questions. We appreciate her Spirit Guides who are assisting her in her daily life. We want to put gratitude out into the Universe, and to Source and to receive Source within ourselves. Thank you today.