The Paige, The Blacksmith, And Being Open.

In this Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the Practitioner is Jaime Rodriguez. The Client is anonymous and will be referred to as Client. Some portions were edited for privacy. Only pertinent Practitioner questions and prompts were included for the sake of fluidity. This session may not be representative of typical Kindred Being Quantum Healing Sessions.

At the beginning of every Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the client is induced into a relaxed state of hypnosis. In this state the client is able to access memories of past lives and to connect with high frequency beings. In this session, this relaxed state produced the following results…


Practitioner: Take us to a place where the Client’s back pain began. Describe for me, what you see?

Client: I’m not seeing really well but I’m kind of seeing a guy.

Practitioner: A guy?

Client: A  white guy with light brown hair. He’s got green robes or something on. And he’s got something long in his hands. I don’t know if it’s like a jousting stick. I kind of feel that I see a tent though. Like a tent with stripes.

Practitioner: Are you able to go inside that tent?

Client: I think so. I think I see a bunch of like wooden furniture. It’s like the size of a room. It has just wooden furniture. I can’t make it out.

Practitioner: Is this a large tent or a smaller tent?

Client: It like the size of a room. It’s maybe bigger than this room.

Practitioner: Is this your tent?

Client: I don’t think so, I think I’m too young to have a tent. I think I’m 14 or 15.

Practitioner: Is there anyone with you?

Client: There’s, Oh that’s interesting! It’s so odd, I must be a paige or something like that. I think that’s what they call them. There’s a guy in armor that walked in and I’m helping him take his armor off. I think that’s what they were doing is a jousting match or something and I’m like the helper. Yeah, I’m taking his armor off and he looks to me at 14, he looks old but, I think he’s like 30’s possibly 40.

Practitioner: Can you hear his name?

Client: I want to say Antoine but I don’t know. That’s what I want to say.

Practitioner: And what does he call you?

Client: Boy (chuckles). Just boy.

Practitioner: Is there anyone else there in the room?

Client: No, um, he’s just getting out of his suit of armor. And relaxing while I put his armor, I put it away. I think he just finished a match.

Practitioner: What are your duties after putting away the armor?

Client: I think tending to his needs. I think that’s the whole job, is, whatever he needs or wants, I’m the person to go get it.

Practitioner: Is Antoine an important person?

Client: I think so, to me at least, to me he’s my caretaker. I’m dependant on him. So, his success is important to me.

Practitioner: Is there anything else significant about this scene?

Client: Right now he’s got a woman in the tent, just came in the tent. And they’re playing and giggling and I sneak out of the tent. I stand outside for a little bit and then, realize it’s going to take a while, so, I go and walk and check on the horse. It’s a huge horse! Really big horse! I don’t think I’m short. I was shorter than Antoine but, I don’t think I’m short and this is a big horse. It’s a grey color. Like a grey speckled marble? Beautiful, beautiful horse.

Practitioner: What happens next?

Client: I think I just sleep there. I just sleep out in the barn by the horse. Yeah, It’s morning and he’s kicking me awake. I scramble up and I’m embarrassed. He’s like, I don’t know, it’s not clothes that are familiar to me right now. I don’t know if he’s still in his night clothes or something. It doesn’t seem like they fit really well.

Practitioner: What is he asking you to do now?

Client: I think he’s teasing me because I left the tent. I was embarrassed and was like, you know, he likes to do that so. I think somebody else takes care of the horse, I don’t think that’s my job. I just follow him around and try to anticipate what he wants.

Practitioner: Are you related to Antoine?

Client: I think I might be related. I think I might be his sister’s son. So, his nephew I guess. But he doesn’t treat me like family, he treats me different. I get the feeling that she’s not his favorite person. She’s detitute and I don’t think she knew who my father was.

Practitioner: Let’s move forward now to a time when the pain in the Client’s back first began.

Client: I don’t know, I see, I’m watching the jousting match.

Practitioner: Do you know what year this is?

Client: Uh, I don’t know. It’s a long time ago. I don’t know.

Practitioner: It’s okay. Alright you were watching the jousting match. Then what happened?

Client: I feel like uh AH! Okay! So, I think I got it (chuckles). Um, that hurt! Oh crap that hurt okay! So uh, whooh! They were doing the jousting match and um, ow my arm is hurting now, and he got, thrown off of his horse. He got hit by the jousting stick. It splintered and he got pushed off the horse. The horse was rearing, and I was trying to grab the horse’s rein, and instead I got kicked in the back really hard!

Practitioner: Okay let’s detach yourself from that scene so that you don’t feel the pain of that scene, but you can still observe what’s happening.

Client: It knocked the wind out of me.

Practitioner: Was it you that got hit with the Jousting stick?

Client: No it was Antoine. I don’t know if he’s a knight but that’s what he does. That’s what he does, he jousts.

Practitioner: Can you tell me where you are located?

Client: In a field. I feel like we’re nomads. Like we travel. It’s not like a show, it’s kinda like a show. But it’s not like a show because they’re serious. But it’s for people to come watch. It’s for their entertainment but the knights, I don’t know what they’re called, they’re serious about winning. I think that they win money when they win. There’s like a purse or something like that.

Practitioner: Can you tell if there’s a name to this region or country?

Client: I’m getting all kinds of stuff but, I don’t even know if this is a real place. I’m getting Esterbrook. I don’t know if that’s a real place.  

Practitioner: Let’s move forward in time to the next significant event in this life.

Client: I think I’m walking funny because of being kicked by that horse. It must’ve hurt me pretty badly. I just kind of lean. Squished to one side. It’s harder to pick up heavy things. That’s my job. My job’s to pick up heavy things. So he doesn’t have to carry them.

Practitioner: Was Antoine seriously injured?

Client: I think at the time, he was knocked out. They were all worried about him but, after a few days, I think he recovered. He continued to joust.

Practioner: Did you walk, leaning over, due to your injury?

Client: It’s kind of squished sideways, not leaning over. My shoulder is leaning down towards my hip.

Practitioner: What happens when it’s harder to do your job?

Client: I think he teases me, but I don’t complain because, I don’t have anywhere to go. I can’t do anything else, this is what I do. We’re both a lot older right now. I think I’m, I think I look older than I am. I think it took a real toll on me. Probably mid to late twenties. Maybe not that old, but I look haggard. I looked youthful and, I just looked youthful before. I look worn out.

Practitioner: Can you tell me now what your name is in this life?

Client: I think it’s Edgar. I don’t know, I think so.

Practitioner: What happens next?

Client: I think I’m getting upset because I’m tired and I’m doing all the work. It feels like I’m doing all the work. He’s getting drunk and enjoying himself and he kinda, pulls me close to his face and starts telling me that I’m lucky. I could be out in the streets. And to not complain, and if he tells me to do something, I should just do it. He kinda gives me a slap across the face. Then he walks away.

Practitioner: Is there anything else that’s significant in this scene?

Client: I think I’m just feeling sorry for myself. It’s hard because, I kinda wish he’d drink himself to death but, at the same time, I don’t want him to do that because, then I wouldn’t have any means. I wouldn’t have anything. He doesn’t give me much but he’s the one that makes sure we have food and clothes, I mean, I don’t get many clothes but I have them.

Practitioner: Let’s move forward in time to a time when Edward and Antoine are no longer together. Can you tell me what that looks like and what’s happening?

Client: He died during a match. I’m crying over him and people are pushing me away because, I’m not important and they’re trying to get in there to see what happened. He’s gone. He’s gone. I kind of disappear into the crowd. I don’t know what to do with myself now. I don’t know what to do.

Practitioner: What do you do?

Client: I think I go, I’m seeing two things at one time, but I think I go back to the tent and see if I can find anything valuable but he knew how to hide things. I don’t know where he hid money or anything. I don’t know where it is. The other scene that I’m seeing is being on the streets with a like a brown cloak protecting me from the rain as it’s raining down on me. Just walking down the cobblestone, almost like an alleyway. There are doors here and there. Getting rained on.

Practitioner: Do you have a home in this scene?

Client: I don’t think so. I think I’m still trying to figure out what to do now.

Practitioner: Let’s move forward in time to the next significant event in the life of Edgar. What happens next to Edgar?

Client: (Long silent pause)I can’t tell, um, I can’t tell.

Practitioner: Okay let’s go back to that scene walking in the rain with that cloak, that brown cloak, can you tell me how old Edgar is in this scene?

Client: I don’t think it’s long after that jousting match. I think I’m, the problem is that I look so old, but I don’t think I’m old. I think it’s just, I don’t know if I’m even 30.

Practitioner: Around 30?

Client: I think so, I think I’m looking for my house. For my house, I want my Mom to be there but I don’t think she’s there anymore.

Practitioner: You’re looking for your house with your mother?

Client: Yeah. I think she’s, I don’t think she’s alive either, I think I’m all alone. It’s like I anticipate her being there, but I know she’s not there.

Practitioner: Okay, let’s follow that day and see where you go and what you do.

Client: There’s too many weird things going through my head, I think, I think I find a stable and sleep in it. I think the farmer or whoever it is, I don’t know who they are, blacksmith or something, finds me. He kicks me, but he kicks me right where I’m hurt. He doesn’t know I’m hurt, he just kicks me to wake me up and tell me that I’m not supposed to be there. I think the horse might have kicked me more in my back and maybe, on my face cause I’m telling you, I don’t look right! I don’t know what it is, I just don’t look right. Cause when the Blacksmith sees me, He’s a little startled but then, he’s got compassion. He’s like, come here boy. He sits me down and gives me something warm to drink. He’s asking me how I got there and, he’s asking me if I’m good with my hands. I tell him yes, I’m good with my hands. I think I become his apprentice even though I’m kind of old for that. But, he feels sorry for me.

Practitioner: Okay, let’s close that scene and let’s move forward in the life of Edgar. Let’s move forward to the next significant event in the life of Edgar.

Client: I’m still working with horses. I’m putting a horseshoe on a horse. I think I’m still learning how to be like a Blacksmith. How to make things out of iron and steel. Nobody cares that I look different. They just care if they get what they need done. I work on chains, I make chains, and horseshoes.

Practitioner: Do you enjoy your job edgar?

Client: It’s okay. I like it better than being on the street. This man was really kind to show me another way to live. Another way to make it.

Practitioner: Is there anything else significant in this scene?

Client: I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s my shop, I think it’s the man’s shop. I think it’s the man’s shop.

Practitioner: Okay, let’s close that scene. Let’s move forward in time to the next significant event in the life of Edgar.

Client: I see, someone who reminds me of Antoine someone with a similar mustache that Antoine had. He’s wearing a formal hat and formal clothes. I don’t know if they had mailmen back then but I don’t know. He’s got, like wearing blue.

Practitioner: Are you speaking to this man.

Client: No, he seems to be going by. With like a cart and buggy. Maybe he’s a, yeah I think so, I think he’s a, they’ve got the buggies, the horse and buggies, the closed ones, he’s the driver.

Practitioner: Carriage driver?

Client: Carriage driver yeah. I think that’s what he is. I’m just noticing how he reminds me of him. There’s a pretty girl that’s coming out of the carriage. I think she’s related to the man.

Practitioner: Related to the Blacksmith?

Client: Yeah, I feel like it might be his daughter but I don’t know, she looks like a different station than we are. We’re workers, we’re dirty, you know. We work with hot stuff and we get filthy. She’s not like that at all. Her hair’s all done, she has a pretty dress, she looks very clean. Very very clean.

Practitioner: Did you get to meet her on this occasion?

Client: I think I try to stay out of the house because I don’t want to intrude. I think he brings me a plate and asks me why I didn’t come to dinner. I’m still out in the work space. He’s like “Why didn’t you come to dinner?” and I said “I wanted you to spend time with your family”. He’s telling me I’m family (begins to cry). I didn’t know he thought of me as family. Nobody’s called me that my whole life. I’ve always felt alone.

Practitioner: How does it feel to be called “family”?

Client: I can’t believe it! I didn’t know I loved him till right now. He’s the first person that treated me decently. He tells me to come sleep in the house and we can meet each other in the morning. I try to clean up as much as I can, but with the work that we do, it’s hard to get clean. I try not to look in mirrors. I try not to do that.

Practitioner: Do you meet his daughter in the morning?

Client: I still don’t want to go. He calls me down. He still calls me boy and I’m not really a boy anymore but he calls me boy. He says “Edgar, come on down boy”. I come down and feel conspicuous. He’s telling her, how much I’ve learned and how good I am. How he’s so happy he found me, or I found him. He’s happy we found each other because, now he has somebody, that can take over for him, when he can’t do it anymore. He shows her his hands and his hands are all beat up and crooked and arthritic. I never knew he felt like that about me. I always just thought, he felt pity for me. It’s a different feeling. He’s very proud of me.

Practitioner: How does it feel to know he’s proud of you?

Client: I don’t know how to react, I don’t know how to feel about it because nobody’s been proud, I mean nobody’s done that before. I feel a little confused. I feel a little good and confused, but worried. Because, I don’t know what she’s going to say or what she’s going to think.

Practitioner: What’s the daughter’s name?

Client: The first thing that came was Gertrude but she doesn’t look like a Gertrude. Not at all, she’s really pretty. They call her Gertie.

Practitioner: Can you look into the eyes of Gertrude, the eyes are the window of the soul, and can you tell me if you recognize that soul in the life of the Client?

Client: I don’t think so. I don’t think we know each other very long. He works so that she doesn’t have to be a part of this kind of life. He gives all of his money so she can learn and be away. He tells her not to visit but she tells him he’s absurd. He wants better for her than, he just works himself to death so she can have better.

Practitioner: Can you tell me the name of the Blacksmith?

Client: These are weird names, I don’t know if these are the right names, they’re just the ones that are coming. I’m getting Harvey but I don’t know. I don’t know. I guess we can call him Harvey.

Practitioner: Can you look into Harvey’s eyes and tell me if you recognize, his soul in the life of the Client?

Client: (Chuckles) I think It’s my Mom! I think it’s my Mom.

Practitioner: Let’s close this scene, and let’s move forward in time in the life of Edgar. Let’s move to the next significant event in Edgar’s life.

Client: I think He’s sick. Coughing, he’s in bed. He doesn’t look good. I’m trying to take care of him but I don’t know if I’m doing a good job. He tells me to stop worrying about him but he’s the only family I’ve ever had. He’s not doing good. I make him something warm to drink, and he can’t really do it, I have to spoon feed him. He keeps telling me that I got customers that I need to go help. I keep telling him, I can help them tomorrow. He’s telling me, if you don’t treat them right, they’re not going to come back. I’m a little upset with him because I don’t understand how come he can’t see why I need to be with him right now.

Practitioner: What happens next in this scene?

Client: I don’t think he makes it, I think he’s, I think he’s gone. I don’t feel like, I feel lost again. I feel lost. I feel conflicted. I feel like, uh, he’s given me a gift of being able to take care of myself and at the same time, I feel like it’s not mine. I feel like it’s his and it belongs to his daughter.

Practitioner: Is there anything else significant in this scene?

Client: I just know I’m sad. I’m really sad. I’m feeling lonely but I’m so grateful. Grateful that I don’t have to be on the street because I know that he wants me to keep being the Blacksmith for the area. That’s why he taught it to me.

Practitioner: Let’s close that scene and let’s move forward in time to the next significant event. Tell me what you see?

Client: I think she came back. She has a little girl I want to say and a husband. They’re kind of taking a look at the place and deciding what they want to do. I’m staying out of their way while they look around. They’re dressed really really nice. I think, I think they’re, I think they decided that I can, they’re calling it rent the place, I don’t know but I had been sending her money the whole time, I wanted her to be taken care of like her Dad wanted. Now they’re calling it, now they’re calling it rent. It’s a little steep for how much I make but, I know he wants her taken care of so, I just say thank you, and they leave. It kinda, is actually a good thing though, because now I actually feel like it’s mine. Before, I felt like, it was hers. I was keeping it alive for her Dad but because I’m paying to stay there now, I kinda feel like it’s mine. Even though it’s going to be tight. It’s going to be really hard but, I feel proud! I feel proud that it’s mine.

Practitioner: Let’s close that scene and let’s move forward in time in the life of Edgar. Let’s go drifting and floating to the next significant scene.

Client: I think I’m an old man. Some kids are teasing me because, I’m way stooped over now. I kinda look like a witch or something. I’m not a witch, I’m just old. With my cloak on, I think I scare the kids so they come up and they, try to kick my cane. I’m just taking a walk I think.

Practitioner: Okay, let’s follow that walk and let’s see where you’re headed.

Client: I’m putting flowers on his grave. I can’t remember anyone’s names anymore. I’m really old I think.

Practitioner: Is it Harvey’s grave?

Client: Harvey, that is the name! It’s like a routine. This feels like a routine. I just know where I’m going. I take out the old ones and I put new ones. I dust off his headstone. I put uh, I put a horseshoe on his headstone.

Practitioner: Is there anything else significant in this scene?

Client: Pretty solitude life I think. I’m looking around the graveyard but, it’s just me. I hear the birds singing. There’s a tree nearby. It kinda shades the graves.

Practitioner: Let’s go ahead and close that scene and let’s move to the scene in which Edgar takes his last breath.

Client: I’m sitting in a rocking chair. I’m in the house. I’m all by myself. I just pass on. I drop my cane.

Practitioner: Okay, as you’ve taken your last breath in that life, move away from  your body, and tell me what you see.

Client: I’m there by myself. I feel younger now. I feel like I’m 15 again. I don’t feel all squished.

Practitioner: As you’re in this place between lives, you have a Knowing. Can you tell me in that Knowing, what your purpose in the life of Edgar was?

Client: You don’t have to be related to be family. Family is what you make it. Harvey was my family.

Practitioner: How did you do in fulfilling that purpose?

Client: I didn’t know, that was what I was supposed to do. I thought I was destined to be alone forever. I was thinking, before I met him I didn’t know how to do anything. I was messed up from the horse.

Practitioner: From where you are now, are you able to see Harvey?

Client: Not where I’m at right now. No. Right now, I’m still in the room.

Practitioner: You’re still in the room?

Client: Uh huh.

Practitioner: Do you see a light in the room?

Client: There’s a fire. I think, I, I think so! Yeah, uh huh.

Practitioner: Okay let’s go towards the light , and as you go through the light, tell me how it feels and tell me what you see.

Client: I uh, Hey Harvey’s here! He’s here! He recognizes me. I don’t look, I don’t look the same. He recognizes me. Hey, he’s giving me a hug. Yep, I’m gonna cry again. I missed him! He says I did a good job. He’s telling me I did a good job.

Practitioner: Can you tell me if Harvey is in Edgar’’s soul group?

Client: Soul group? Uh, soul group. I don’t know. I, I, don’t know the answer to that.

Practitioner: Do they join together in many lives, helping each other to grow?

Client: I can’t see past right now. I’m just happy to see him.

Practitioner: Okay, and what do you and Harvey do now?

Client: He’s taking me by the shoulders and, he’s taking me, I don’t know where we’re going. I’m just happy to see him! We’re going on a walk or something. I don’t know. He says “You haven’t seen nothing yet!” (Laughs).

Practitioner: Let’s follow that walk and see where Harvey takes Edgar.

Client: He’s getting younger too. He looks, he looks, he went from looking like I remembered him, he looks young like me. We could be brothers. He said that’s how it is here. He said, we don’t have to look like this at all. We can look like anything. He’s a bird! He’s not a bird. We’re in a garden of some kind. A lot of roses, and pillars and very Roman kind of a thing. Kinda, everything’s white though. Not the roses, the roses are colors. Keeps telling me I can do that to but I don’t, I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know what he wants from me. I don’t know how to do THAT. It kinda scares me. He goes back to looking like himself. He puts his arm around me and tells me it’s okay. He’ll show me. Just like I learned, how to be a Blacksmith. He’s gonna teach me. I trust him.

Practitioner: What happens next

Client: I just I kinda, I kinda just walk around looking at the place. Just trying to figure out what exactly it is. He keeps telling me, it’s not really here. I don’t understand that at all! I don’t understand that. It doesn’t makes sense. He’s says it just takes time, I’ll understand. I’m kinda confused but I know he’s been here longer so, I know he’s got it figured out. I’ll figure it out. I’m good at figuring things out.

Practitioner: Let’s go forward to a scene where Edgar has a knowing and he understands why he has chosen this life as Edgar.

Client: I think I understand. I think. I think, I think, I was supposed to learn compassion. I started off, not like that but it makes sense because I wouldn’t have appreciated the compassion that Harvey showed me if I didn’t live with Antoine and had been given up by my mother. If I hadn’t known what it felt like to be unappreciated and unloved and alone. I wouldn’t have, it wouldn’t have made such an impact on my life. That’s the pain in my back. The impact. The impact the horse made and the impact on my life. That is a weird connection! Very strange! Harvey was a wonderful person. I want to cry everytime I think about him. He’s here and I want to cry! He was special.

Practitioner: From this point of knowing, can you tell me about Antoine and tell me if he was present in the life of the Client? Picture him before you and look into his eyes.

Client: I don’t like him very much. I don’t like what I’m thinking.

Practitioner: What are you thinking?

Client: I don’t want it to be true. I don’t want to picture who I think it is?

Practitioner: Who is it?

Client: I think it’s my ex husband. I don’t want us to be connected. I don’t want him in my life all the time.

Practitioner: Why are you connected to your ex husband?

Client: I don’t like him. I don’t know. He’s not a nice person!

Practitioner: Is there a contract?

Client: I don’t know, I just. He’s like my opposite. I don’t like him.

Practitioner: Was there a contract signed with him?

Client: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Practitioner: Is there a cord connected?

Client: Not anymore no.

Practitioner: It’s been cut?

Client: umhmm.

Practitioner: If there is a contract has it been torn?

Client: It’s gone. I don’t want to do that anymore. He treats me badly. I don’t know. Maybe It’s the same, I don’t like it though. He’s there, I don’t like it. It makes me sad. He’s there. He’s there. Because we’re going through what he puts me through.

Practitioner: The cord is severed and the contract is torn. There is no longer any connection between Antoine and Edgar or between the Client and her ex husband. There’s no longer a need to be together in this life or any life in the future.

Client: I like that. I mean I kinda understand. I don’t like it at all! It’s not nice. He’s not nice but It’s like if I hadn’t been with Antoine, how could I have appreciated Harvey. I don’t like it. I kinda understand, but I don’t like it though.

Practitioner: Now that you are in this place of knowing and you have perspective in this place of knowing, can you tell me, why that pain was brought into the life of the Client, in her back?

Client: (Deep breath) I made the connection a minute ago. I’m having trouble right now.

Practitioner: Go back to the moment when you made the connection as to why that pain was brought into the life of the Client. Be there now.

Client: Something about understanding uh, I don’t know. I forgot already.

Practitioner: Understanding? What is that pain a reminder of?

Client: Impact. That’s the word. Impact.

Practitioner: Why does the Client need to remember that impact?

Client: She just, she just lived through it again. She just lived through it again. The impact they had on her life. Impact.

Practitioner: Why did the Client have to live that again?

Client: I don’t know! I don’t know why it keeps happening. It makes me sad. I did a good job. Maybe it has to do with letting go I think. I think. I know she wants to just, she keeps holding on, and not releasing. Release it uh. She’s trying. There’s parts that still hurt. She’s got to release it. Release and let it go. I’m not sure but I think that’s what it is.

Practitioner: Okay, thank you Edgar. I’d like to talk to the Client’s Higher self. The Client has some questions she’d like answered. We’d like to speak to her Higher self. Are you available to answer the Client’s questions? I have some questions from the Client. The Client has a question, about some issues with her sinuses. Can you please tell us why the Client is having sinus issues for so long?

Client: (Coughs) uh, I can feel it. I feel something but I can’t connect with it.

Practitioner: (assists the Client to go deeper into the relaxed state) Let’s connect with the Client’s Higher self. We’re asking about the Client’s sinus issues. Can you tell us why the Client has been having sinus issues for so long?

Client: I don’t think I’m feeling connected. I’m not sure, it doesn’t feel, I don’t feel.

Practitioner: Okay we’re just going to relax and let go.

Client: I think that’s what I’m having problems with.

Practitioner: (assists Client to go even deeper in to the state of relaxation utilizing source light)

Client’s Higher self: I’m here.

Practitioner: Can you please tell me why the Client has been having sinus issues for so long?

Client’s Higher self: She’s closed off. It’s a part of being closed off. Physical manifestation of her inner being. It’s like a trade off she’s closing different systems. There’s nothing wrong.

Practitioner: There’s nothing wrong with the Client’s sinuses? It’s a trade off?

Client’s Higher self: There’s nothing wrong. She’s uh, I don’t think she’ intentionally doing it but she’s closing them. She doesn’t need to keep taking antibiotics for it. There’s not anything wrong. She just doesn’t need to worry about it. (sigh) She’s, uh, it’s part of control I think. If she just, she needs to remember what it was like before this started. She’s doing it unintentionally. It’s not a conscious thing. Unintentionally, but it’s been happening for a year a year and a half so she’ forgotten what it’s like to not constrict.

Practitioner: What is she closing off to?

Client’s Higher self: (chuckles) The world. She’s closing off to everything. She’s, I think she realized that one of her senses is smell. One of her abilities is smelling presence when something is present. If she can’t smell it, it doesn’t exist!

Practitioner: Why would the Client want to close off one of her abilities?

Client’s Higher self: Fear. Fear, it’s rooted in fear. That’s not what she thinks though. It’s more complicated. It’s rooted, in fear but it’s um. She wasn’t getting enough rest and it’s because she would wake up and smell presence in her room and that would scare her. Then she couldn’t sleep. But, it didn’t always scare her, sometimes it was just annoying. So, she figured if she can’t smell it, she could sleep. Then she doesn’t have to be alert to it.

Practitioner: Is this something the Client needs to continue to be afflicted with in this life?

Client’s Higher self: No. She’s silly cause she wants abilities and wants all these things. Knowing, seeing, understanding, but she at the same time is worried about it. She’s worried. Movies have scared her. She doesn’t even watch those movies and they scare her.

Practitioner: What can we do today to help the Client with this issues of her sinuses so that she doesn’t have this issue anymore?

Client’s Higher self: It’s about letting go, releasing, and accepting. She’s learning how to do it. She’s learning how to release and let go but she’ll let go in one part of her body and another part will clinch up. It’s so easy because, she already knows. She’s already done it with her migraines. She’s already done it! She figured out that it was stress causing her migraines. It wasn’t stress causing her migraines, it was her reaction to stress, causing her migraines. The muscles on the outside of her skull would contract. She could feel it creeping across her head and causing her pain and she just got so sick and tired of taking all those medications that didn’t help and going to doctor’s visit after doctor’s visit and test after test. She decided, I’m done.

Practitioner: Are we able to give her any relief from her sinus issues today? Can we show her what it feels like to not have this sinus issue, so she can then be able to create that feeling for herself?

Client’s Higher self: I can try to help her. She has to participate and she has to, there’s no good word, she has to stop clenching, and fighting. She’s fighting. She fights it!

Practitioner: Is there any advice we can give her about relaxing that part of her body? Is there a visualization that might help her?

Client’s Higher self: Imagery is good. You know she’s doing that right now, trying to think of beautiful places that are relaxing. It’s not enough though. The sinuses are still, closed.

Practitioner: Is this sinus issue tied to the Client’s other lives or is this an issue with this life only?

Client’s Higher self: It’s just this one. She’s, it’s, it’s. It’s part of being closed off.

Practitioner: Are there any recommendations for any techniques she can use to lessen this issue? Will healing light help now?

Client’s Higher self: Let’s do that and see.

Practitioner: Okay, what color light should we use?

Client’s Higher self: Yellow, golden.

Practitioner: Golden light of source? Okay let’s do that now. Let’s fill all of her sinus cavities with golden yellow light of source. Let’s clear them up so she can breathe, and please tell me when you’re done.

(several minutes)

Client’s Higher self: It’s funny cause, all it takes is belief, but she’s having trouble believing it. It makes no sense because she’s already experienced this.

Practitioner: Do you recommend this visualization? Using golden source light to clear her sinuses. Do you think that will help her to relieve some of the issues?

Client’s Higher self: Yes I think it will help but the connection needs to be made. It’s really just, the fact that, she already knows how it works. She already knows how it works. She knows there’s nothing wrong. It’s a symptom of the same thing. How she’s dealing with being out of her comfort zone.

Practitioner: So this is something she can heal on her own in the next days and weeks with belief?

Client’s Higher self: She healed her migraines in a day. Just decided. And then, it had manifested in another way in her body. She had gotten itchy in her body, inside her body and then she decided, that wasn’t a good way either. It only lasted a day. She thought she was going to be plagued with it for the rest of her life and it was a day! She’s got this power but she’s, uh, and it’s not going to. By taking care of her sinuses, it’s not going to take away what she’s already done for her migraines. It won’t take that away. It adds to it.

Practitioner: You showed her this life of Edgar, where she started out as a paige, and then was a Blacksmith. In that life as Edgar, she had been kicked in the back by a horse, and it caused her to be injured. She carries that pain into this life. Is there anything we can do to today to relieve that pain so she doesn’t have to carry it anymore?

Client’s Higher self: She didn’t understand the connection. The connection, between dark and light, and pain and happiness. Grief and elation. These are, they travel through life together. We have one so you can see the other. It’s not always pleasant. It’s not always fair.

Practitioner: Will this pain in the Client’s back continue after she’s made this connection?

Client’s Higher self: She wants to let it go. Not a full understanding. She wants to work on it without the pain.

Practitioner: Can we do anything today to assist her to let go of the pain?

(several minutes pass)

Client’s Higher self: I believe it’s gone.

Practitioner: Thank you. The Client has some other questions.

Client’s Higher self: She needs to not sleep on her shoulder. She wants it to heal. She’s saying it hurts but she needs to not sleep on it so that it can heal properly. This is gonna take a little time so she needs to. She doesn’t like to sleep on her back but she may need to learn how to do that. Eventually she will realize that her shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore.

Practitioner: So there IS an injury in her shoulder?

Client’s Higher self: Yes, yes, she pulled something. And because of the way she likes to sleep, hold on there’s still pain in her back.

(a short time passes)

Client’s Higher self: Okay, because of the way she likes to sleep, it just aggravates the problem. She just, she needs to understand she’s safe. She’s safe so she doesn’t have to sleep on her side. So, she’s safe so she can sleep on her back.

Practitioner: Thank you. One of the Client’s question is about, when she’s communicating with her Spirit Guides and with you her higher self, she’s concerned about possibly contacting negative spirits and getting false information from them. Is there anything you can tell her to ease her mind about this?

Client’s Higher self: Those are fears. Fear. It’s a terrible thing. It’s also about trust. She’s thinking it’s about “blind faith” but, we’re proving to her constantly. Proving to her now. It’s not “blind”. Oh this is getting, she’s scared. She’s having really bad images in her mind. Um, it’s fear, it’s fear.

Practitioner: Are those images coming from her or an entity?

Client’s Higher self: Let me check. I feel like there might be something. Um, It’s been causing her some pain today, all over. I think it’s um, she just needs to, she’s been working on her bubble and her um, she’s calling it a bug zapper. She just needs to keep trying but, I can help to release it today. She just needs to remember, it’s not about forcing, she keeps trying to force, it’s just about letting it be, knowing it’s there. You’re protection is there, not forcing. It’s not your shear will that makes this happen. It comes down to belief. Not forcing it. You’re “allowing” it. It’s going to take a minute to raise her vibration and give her a minute to relax so she can let go.

(several minutes pass)

Client’s Higher self: She’s so funny. She tries hard to let go. Instead of letting go, it’s counter intuitive. It’s why they say it’s like when you’re falling asleep. When you’re falling asleep, your body relaxes. Your consciousness relaxes and you let go. You release. So, it’s a matter of getting in touch with that feeling again. Allowing yourself that feeling. Any healing, whether you’re doing it, or we’re assisting, it’s that, loose, between worlds feeling. We have to work harder because she’s working “hard” to let go. Once you find that place, everything runs smoother. The release happens easier. Everything happens easier.

Practitioner: Was she able to release the entity?

Client’s Higher self: Yes, she keeps getting the pain in her shoulder confused with that because there was an entity there. But the one that was currently bothering her is gone. I think there might have been more than one but they’re gone now.

Practitioner: How often does she need to use the imagery to keep up the protective bubble.

Client’s Higher self: It’s hard to explain that because, it’s like a muscle memory. She’s gonna know what I’m talking about, I don’t know if you’re going to understand what I’m talking about. At work she has passwords, this is an easier way to say it, passwords that she uses to get into a door or to the mail machine. If you ask her what the numbers are for her passwords, she won’t be able to tell you. She doesn’t remember the passwords, the numbers, but, she remembers the feeling of where the buttons are. So 98% of the time, not all of the time, but 98% of the time, by muscle memory, she’s able to open the doors, and the mail machine without having to remember the numbers. It’s very similar to that because it’s like muscle memory. Once you integrate it into yourself, you don’t have to think about it anymore, it just happens. But, until it becomes a muscle memory or you feel something off in the vicinity, and it instantly comes up. Until that happens, it is having to remember the numbers and it’s not complicated. It’s just exercising it. She doesn’t have to do it so hard. She thinks of it hard! She causes stress in her body because she’s trying to make it happen instead of knowing it’s happening.

Practitioner: Thank you. We were speaking about wanting to reassure her that she’s speaking to you her Higher self and to her Spirit Guides. Instead of being contacted by negative spirits. I know you said it was fear. Is there any other way she can know the source of who she’s communicating with?

Client’s Higher self: Right now she’s barely letting us in. She thinks she’s making all of this up right now, and she’s going to stand by that I’m sure! It all comes down to the same thing. Her current struggle, her current struggle is, wanting to experience, wanting to understand, wanting to know, wanting to expand, and at the same time, trying to be in control of ALL things. Her, she, doesn’t feel in control a lot and that’s why she’s controlling us. She feels at the mercy of circumstance. It’s just a perception. It’s just a perception. Um, she’s getting better understanding and it will just take some time to incorporate it. One day, she’ll just decide. She’ll just decide, and she’ll be more connected.

Practitioner: Okay, thank you very much, she had a question, about knowing about her inner voice, if it’s her guiding intuition, versus her old programming. I think you might understand this question in the way she is intending it.

Client’s Higher self: I don’t think I have a good answer for her on this because, it’s about learning to trust herself. Everyone’s always got conflict within them, and she’s currently got conflict about, this. (Chuckles) I don’t know if this is the best analogy, uh! I don’t know if this is the best analogy. It’s the only one coming to her mind but I don’t think it’s the best one to use. I’ll go ahead and say it. I’m not particularly fond of this one. I think there’s a better way to explain it. But, this keeps coming forth in her consciousness so we’re gonna put it out there, but, there’s a better way and I’m hoping I can come to that explanation, maybe during this. About the, I believe it’s, something to do with wolves and who you feed. You’ve got two wolves living inside you, and it’s the one that you feed that’s going to survive. So, see I just don’t think that that’s the best analogy for this situation. It’s a matter of, yes, don’t feed the fear. I mean it’s as simple as that, don’t feed the fear, and the fear will die away. Without being fed, but it’s more than that because it’s about, it’s not just about not feeding the fear, it’s about, trusting yourself. Trusting, trusting…., trusting you’ll know if it’s wrong. Trusting that, she’s really struggling with this one. It’s trusting that um, I think it’s the word trust she’s having an issue with, uh, um, I don’t know that I have an answer she’s going to enjoy. She already knows, she knows evil, she knows when she’s around, it. She knows when it’s nearby. I mean even with these entities, it’s very, evident to her, when they are here. So, that’s the main thing is understanding, even if she doesn’t understand, what’s okay yet, she’s understanding what isn’t okay. She has that down, she knows what’s not okay. Trusting in the fact that she knows what’s not okay, can allow her to start trusting in what is.  Not giving her that same feeling. There’s, she’s just got a lot of inner turmoil about it.

Practitioner: I have a question for you about the way this communication is held. As you are speaking to me, are you limited to the information, that is in the Client’s mind?

Client’s Higher self: So, the issue is, the fight. The closing off, the struggle happening. So in one way, yes, because she is comfortable with things that she knows. Comfortable with things that she understands already. Comfortable with her scope of experiences. So, in that way, currently yes. It’s like getting a tiny bit of sunshine through closed drapes, you know.

Practitioner: So, during these sessions, there might be times, when more sunshine can come through? There might be a better connection made, is that right?

Client’s Higher self: It depends on, it all depends on her and on how she, she can feel the energy, more today than she did prior, but um, she still is not trying to be as open as she thinks she is. She knows that, she knows she’s not, so she’s having trouble with, there’s a desire but, (Chuckles) she just doesn’t know what it’s going to be so, it’s how it’s been this whole time with her learning things. She goes through a period of resistance. After a period of resistance, she kind of goes through a period of not addressing it. So she resists it first, then she doesn’t address it, and then all of the sudden, it’s incorporated into her being. It’s the way she processes so, for now, it’s how we can do it. For now, this is what’s possible. What’s possible is her belief of what’s possible and currently she believes it’s only what’s inside of her head so, that’s what we can give her.

Practitioner: The Client is asking about why she sometimes gets dizzy, and loses balance. The world turns sideways?

Client’s higher self: It has to do with her adjustments. This isn’t something that’s been happening to her very long. A couple of years at the most but not even that long. It has to do with her, her equilibrium, readjusting to her new balance, her new  vibration. Sometimes it just hits her so hard! Um, I just keep coming back to the same thing, her resistance to change. So, It’s kind of like a rubber band that gets stretched and eventually, not that it breaks but it snaps back, and as it snaps back, is that dizzy motion when she loses her balance. Because she has basically put off the adjustment for so long.

Practitioner: How long has she put the adjustments off?

Client’s Higher self: It’s like, now she’s becoming aware of the adjustments. As she’s becoming aware of the changes that are happening to her, it’s a resistance to it, so she wants to stay how she understands. But she doesn’t want to stay how she understands (chuckles). So, the adjustments are happening and she stretches them as long as they can go, making sure that they don’t, she thinks she’s easing it. It’s not easing it, it’s causing it to be, quicker, not quicker, that’s not the word, um, just sharper than it needs to be. Than if she just accepted it in the first place.

Practitioner: Okay, and when did these adjustments start?

Client’s Higher self: That’s what’s so funny, because, they’ve been happening her whole life. (chuckles) And then as she becomes aware of them, she’s now got an awareness. And now that she’s become aware, now all of the sudden, there’s resistance.

Practitioner: What are these adjustments for?

Client’s Higher self: They’re getting her ready, we’re all getting ready, everyone’s getting ready. It needs to happen so, you can’t stay the same. She really fights change, but we can’t stay the same. She doesn’t want to stay the same, she just doesn’t like change.

Practitioner: What change are we going through? What are we changing into?

Client’s Higher self: There’s a lot of words she doesn’t like. Right now, she’s working on, opening to source. Accepting it. She’s right, it never left her, and it was fine that she closed off, there’s no guilt about that, she doesn’t need to feel guilt about that. She hasn’t missed any opportunities, there’s nothing missed. She has an image of herself that she’s clinging to. It’s funny because, she’s recognizing it all the time. How she’s clinging to this self she isn’t anymore. When her, family member was talking to her about, something that her ex wanted her to do, she told herself, I’m supposed to be upset about this. I’m supposed to be angry, whenever his name is mentioned, I’m supposed to be upset. So she acted that out. She’s slightly confused at herself because it’s not how she was feeling. She was feeling, like she was putting on a play. That’s not the only time that’s happened, she’s had a few times where she felt like, she’s putting on a play, and she doesn’t even know for whose benefit. That is kind of like, for her, it’s a stage of letting go. She’s recognizing the play. At first it was her feelings, she felt that with every fiber of her being. Part of her releasing that is this play she’s putting on. Once she realizes that she doesn’t have to do the play anymore, she doesn’t have to do what she thinks is expected of her, and thinks other people expect from her, which in actuality, nobody expects anything from her like that. It’s her own expectations, as soon as she realizes that, and she’s realizing it by the day, she can move into the next phase, the next, she doesn’t have to be that person, she doesn’t have to, it’s okay for the change. It’s okay to move on. I think that’s the best way to put it for her, to move on.

Practitioner: We have some time constraints but there were a few things that we wanted to touch on, one is, she was told about integrating with you, her Higher self.

Client’s Higher self: She’s a while away from that. There has to be more trust, and I know she hates that word, trust. I think this, she needs to open the curtains. You know, (chuckles) maybe physically as well as figuratively! It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that she’s got to be more open to it. Right now it’s just a concept and that’s fine. Like I said, she’ll ruminate on it, and she may argue about it, then she won’t think about it, and then she’ll be ready.

Practitioner: Can you tell us what the benefit of this integration is?

Client’s Higher self: It’s expansion of yourself. It’s, she thinks she’s going to have all of these super powers if it happens, that’s not really what it is. It’s just an expansion of your being, it’s understanding. Also being able to see situations from a different perspective. It’s not just an integration of a Higher Self. It’s an integration, of your past lives. Integration of the lessons learned. Not holding the pains, not holding the judgements, not any anger or hate or self loathing that could have happened in a past life but the overall understanding of that life.  And by having those integrated with you, think about how much more compassion for people that you come in contact with that you would have. If you meet someone who has been through something that you have already been through. You may not have been through it in this life, but you definitely have been through it in another life, and to be able to connect with that part of yourself. Think about, how miraculous it would be to totally understand that person. Understand, the motivation behind their fierceness or their anger, you know any human emotions, or motivations. It’s just a overall, she’s met some people like this, she has. She knows two people that may not be aware of, their integration or their ability, but she can feel it. She always admires them because, even under stress their, to her calm. It’s because, even if their not understanding what’s happening to them, they’ve incorporated these with them, they’re past lives and they’re understanding. So they are easier to, things aren’t as black and white, they’re not as, they’re not as judgemental, they’re not as, it’s easier to let things go when you understand the hurt in someone else.

Practitioner: Can you tell the Client what her super powers are?

Client’s Higher self: She definitely wants super powers. Um, she wants definite super powers, not just super powers. Um, the more she opens up, the more will be available to her. Right now, what is available to her, is her ability for self healing. I know that she’s wanting things she’s had in the past. Her ability to see apparitions as she put it. This again is her being closed off. It’s her, self protection. She wants to, she doesn’t want to. You know, she’s gone as far as closing off her sinuses, I mean these are, self protection mode. So, when she ceases to do that, when she’s accepting, she’s still not believing it but she’s in control of that so. Um, I can’t give you a time. These are things that she’s going to be working on so, it all depends on how much she lets it, I’m trying to find the right word, she accepts it. I think finding other, she’s not, (chuckles) she really doesn’t want to meet other people! She’s funny but she, I really think if she finds other people who, are going through the same things she is and doing, already doing those things. Already, accepting, already knowing, already feeling and sensing, and she can see that they are good people. Not frightening people. Just normal good people who have accepted that there’s more to this reality than we allow to happen in ourselves. Then, she’ll come around, you know. She’s in that fighting phase right now. It’s the way she processes.

Practitioner: Thank you. When she was younger she, had sometimes when she had some foresight. When she had some premonitions. Specifically when she was in a car accident when she was young. Can you tell us about that premonition? Where did it come from?

Client’s Higher self: She’s kind of fighting with me right now. Um, she doesn’t want to give herself credit for this so, she’s fighting it. She’s telling ME, that it was her sister’s Guides telling her. Some of that is true. That is to  a degree, some of that is true, it was a working in conjunction I would say. Everyone is open to different degrees, it’s just, she was open in that moment. And didn’t question, just acted, and it worked to the benefit of all involved (The Client and her two younger sisters were in a car accident when they were children. The Client's premonition and fast acting, saved them all from injury.). See it’s both. She’s not giving herself any credit at all but it’s both. It was her sister’s Guides and her, and her Guides all working together. The same is true for the other time that’s coming into her mind. This wasn’t foresight, no, this was, being open. When she went to visit her sister, and was trying to protect her, and care for her. She opened up. Her heart was open, her mind was open, everything was open. She let go and realized that she didn’t have the answers. She needed more help. She allowed it to flow through her like it’s flowing through right now. That night she was waaaay more open then now. Way more open. That’s a feeling she can actually draw on to help her with these sessions. I think that was a good one to bring up because, she may have trouble remembering but she can tap into it. Remember the trusting, and knowing that, she wanted to be of help. Her heart was open. She keeps it closed all the time. Her heart was open. She was a conduit. They were some of the concepts she knew, some of them, she didn’t know. She was baffled by the things coming out of her mouth but it was what her sister needed in the moment and it was the reassurance she needed. Even though at the time, her belief system was opposed, she knew her sister didn’t need her belief system. She didn’t need what the Client believed, she needed what her sister believed in at the time. I don’t know how to say that better. Oh and the picture! That just popped into her head! How she knew that she was going to win something and she wanted a picture. That's so funny! Yeah, that was her, you know, she, realized what was happening before it happened and was like, hey I want a picture of this so, that, I don’t know who she thinks was telling her that (chuckles). So, we all, you all have abilities. More abilities than you know, and at different times, you’re open. In that moment, I don’t know how to tell her to be in that moment but in that moment she, she knew. She knew and she wanted a picture for posterity, you know, so. Those are things that she can draw on as proof that things aren’t all just what you see with your eyes. Things are much more expansive. Much more expansive, and not scary. Not scary. At this point, it’s unimaginable but, she’s getting a better understanding as she’s going through this process and as she’s learning.

Practitioner: Thank you. One last question, is there a design or a reason why the Client and her sister are in each others lives and living with each other at this time?

Client’s Higher self: Yes, yes. Their acceleration will be faster together. Separately, seperately, they would have gotten to similar places, maybe not exactly the same places, but it would have, they both would not be where they are without the other. They are keeping the excitement alive for eachother. Um, accelerating their growth. They have someone to share it with. Alone they might not have wanted to disclose what you’re beliefs were or what she calls it trying on. What she was currently trying on. Together they are learning faster, just accelerating each other's growth.

Practitioner: Thank you so much. Will you be available for future sessions to answer the rest of the Client’s questions?

Client’s Higher self: The answer is yes but she’s got to do some work so that, so that she doesn't feel like she’s making this up. She has to, has to do her homework. She’s still having some issues with that pain in her back. I’m not sure why that’s not going away, but, again it might just be her muscle needing a little time to adjust but if it doesn’t, we can work on it again, but I will continue to try to work on it with her, um, it’s not like it was at all, it’s still, it’s still there, so we’ll continue to work on it.

Practitioner: Will you do that for her at night when she’s sleeping or will you do that during the day?

Client’s Higher self: Um, at night is the best because she’s not fighting it.  But if, it’s still bothering her then let’s try again another time, if it’s still bothering her.

Practitioner: Thank you very much and thank you for your assistance today.

Client’s Higher Self: Your welcome.


The session is complete.