Source, Fear, And The Mandela Effect

In this Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the Facilitator is Jaime Rodriguez. The Client is anonymous and will be referred to as Client. Some portions were edited for privacy. Only pertinent Practitioner questions and prompts were included for the sake of fluidity. This session may not be representative of typical Kindred Being Quantum Healing Sessions.


At the beginning of every Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the client is induced into a relaxed state of hypnosis. In this state the client is able to access memories of past lives and to connect with high frequency beings. In this session, this relaxed state produced the following results…


During the Induction of this session, the Client has several interruptions of nightmare like imagery. The Clients Spirit Guides and Angels are called on for assistance to release the fear and imagery in order for the Client to relax and connect.


Client: I see green.

Facilitator: Does this green have any form or definition?

Client: I’m trying to see. I’m not seeing it clearly at all.

Facilitator: Is there any distortion or fuzziness? Take some time to explore the green. Is there a feeling that comes with the green?

Client: I keep thinking green is growth.

Facilitator: Green is growth?

Client: Umhm. Magnitude. Multitude (indistinct utterance)...

Facilitator: Magnitude, multitude?

Client: Magnificence. I don’t know why these words are coming.

Facilitator: Are you reading these words? Are you experiencing these words?

Client: They just pop in. They come in. A duck. I don’t know. A duck and a pond I think.

Facilitator: Is the water green? Where is this green?

Client: I think it’s the shore.

Facilitator: What kind of a duck is on this pond?

Client: A black head, white stripe on the neck and then grey.

Facilitator: Are there any other ducks on this pond?

Client: I can’t tell. I’m looking around.

Facilitator: It’s okay.

Client: There’s flowers in the water. I think I might be the duck, I don’t know.

Facilitator: What is the bank of this pond like? Is it a steep bank?

Client: It’s like a park. There’s some trees and some grass and little tiny flowers and sunshine.

Facilitator: Do you live on this pond or are you visiting this pond?

Client: I think I’m visiting. For right now, it’s my home.

Facilitator: It’s your home for right now.

Client: Yeah.

Facilitator: What do you eat on this pond?

Client: Bugs and small fish, tadpoles.

Facilitator: As this duck, do you have any emotions or feelings?

Client: Some I think. Want, fear, and curiosity.

Facilitator: Do you have a nest on the shore of this pond?

Client: I think I’m a boy duck.

Facilitator: Can you now take a look around and see if there are other ducks on this pond with you?

Client: I think so.

Facilitator: Do any of these ducks look like you?

Client: I think the girls are speckled. Brown I think. Speckled.

Facilitator: Are there other kinds of ducks on the pond as well?

Client: I think there might be a swan.

Facilitator: On this pond, do you have a family?

Client: I think so, I think my mate and three or four baby ducks.

Facilitator: Do you have feelings for your baby ducks?

Client: Protection.

Facilitator: Do you have feelings for your mate?

Client: We like to swim together.

Facilitator: Were your baby ducks hatched on this pond?

Client: On the shore. They can swim.

Facilitator: Do you enjoy swimming on this pond?

Client: Umhm. It’s nice. Calm. Perfect for the baby ducks.

Facilitator: Will you stay on this pond until those babies get older?

Client: I think it snows. I think we have to leave before it snows.

Facilitator: Do you know when it’s going to snow?

Client: We feel a shift. A shift in the energy of the weather. We can tell when it’s going to change.

Facilitator: You know when you feel that shift it’s time to move?

Client: Yeah. We fly where it’s warmer.

Facilitator: Are you able to communicate with each other?

Client: I think so, I don’t know. I think so, but I don’t know how. I think we just, I think it’s basic.

Facilitator: Do you understand the noises each other makes? The sounds?

Client: I think so. I think so. We teach the baby ducks where to find food.

Facilitator: You communicate with them to do that?

Client: Umhm.

Facilitator: As you are a bird, a duck, and you fly high above the land, can you tell me from the viewpoint of a flying bird, what continent this pond is on?

Client: I just see trees.

Facilitator: Is there anything significant happening in this scene on the pond?

Client: Just a life, just, I don’t know. Just, I don’t think anything’s happening besides just swimming.

Facilitator: Alright, let’s go ahead and close that scene and let’s drift and float to the next scene in the life of this duck where something significant happens. Can you tell me where you are and what is happening around you?

Client: I feel, I don’t know if this is real or just my fears but I feel like there is a wolf.

Facilitator: There’s a wolf? Are you still on the same pond?

Client: Maybe. I feel like it’s closer to winter. I think, I don’t know if we get away.

Facilitator: Are your babies still with you?

Client: I think so, I mean, I see it’s teeth.

Facilitator: You see it’s teeth?

Client: Yeah, I think he eats one of us, I don’t know if it’s me. I think I put out my wings really big to try to look bigger. It doesn’t work. I think that there’s, I don’t fly away because there’s my mate and the baby ducks.

Facilitator: Your mate and your baby ducks are still there? So you’re protecting them?

Client: Umhm.

Facilitator: Are your mate and baby ducks safe?

Client: I’m trying to distract it so that they can go back to the pond and in the water.

Facilitator: Are you on the shore now?

Client: Uh huh. I think, I think, he eats me, I think he got me.

Facilitator: Okay, let's detach from the feelings and emotions of that scene and watch it from a distance. As you take your last breath as a duck, let’s hover above your body and look to see if your mate and your ducklings are safe.

Client: I think they made it to the water.

Facilitator: As you progress from the body of that duck, tell me what happens next and what you see.

Client: The baby ducks and the momma duck are going to have to find their way without me and figure it out. Figure out how to get to the next place without me.

Facilitator: Let’s move forward to a time where something significant happens after you leave the body of the duck.

Client: I know what my purpose was. I thought it was to protect but it was to face my fear. Oh yeah! It was to face my fear. It was scary. I knew I had to protect my family and I didn’t let my fear of what would happen keep me from doing what I needed to do.

Facilitator: So you fulfilled your purpose?

Client: I think so. Facing fears. My family is safe.

Facilitator: Is there someone who you’re speaking to who is telling you about your purpose or do you just know?

Client: I think I just know. Well, it’s too weird! I feel like I went to that room again, the receiving room (the Client experienced this receiving room in a prior Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session).

Facilitator: What does this room look like?

Client: A cloud. On a cloud and instead of people this time, it was a bunch of ducks and geese and swans. I don’t know why I’m there, it’s still ducks and geese and swans.

Facilitator: Is there anyone there to receive you?

Client: I don’t know, I think it’s just, I think, he stayed a bird longer. It’s just one day you’re not a bird anymore.

Facilitator: Okay, and as a bird in the place where you are, what do your surroundings look like after the receiving room?

Client: I’m not sure if I’m just making it up though.

Facilitator: Just express what you’re experiencing.

Client: It just seems made up. It seems ridiculous. I had to go through a hallway kind of, a doorway, hallway, but white, to the garden area. It’s white with lots of colorful flowers. Water fountain. I can fly and come back down and there’s a woman there.

Facilitator: Can you describe this woman?

Client: I think her name in Arethena. She’s wearing a white and kind of a gold toga thing. White and it has red and gold along the top, lining the side of it. She has rolled up hair.

Facilitator: Is she there to speak to you?

Client: She’s sitting on a bench. A stone bench. She tells me to sit beside her. She tells me, she has a story for me. A story of a brave duck who faced his fears. She tells me the story and as she tells me the story, I become a man in a toga thing. I become huge! I don’t know what’s happening! I was small like a duck and she was a normal person size. Right now, I am humongous! She is coming up to my calf. It’s like unfolding.

Facilitator: Now, she’s talking to you, is she calling you by a name?

Client: I’m getting all kinds of names I don’t know which one.

Facilitator: That’s okay, is she explaining to you why you are so big in comparison to her?

Client: She’s telling me, “you don’t have to be so big. It’s not necessary to be so big”.

Facilitator: Why are you wanting to be big?

Client: It’s kind of like flying. I can see up and over everything.

Facilitator: What else is Arethena telling you?

Client: “Sit next to me.” To do that, I have to shrink. I kind of resemble a little boy now sitting next to her. She’s telling me that there’s much much more to this world than that. And even though the littlest can be brave, and even the biggest need to face their fears, I don’t need to choose to be big or small. I feel like a little kid because I don’t know things. She’s very wise.

Facilitator: What is Arethena’s relationship to you?

Client: I just think she’s a teacher.

Facilitator: Have you known Arethena before? Or is this your first time encountering her?

Client: She’s telling me that, she’s like cuddling me to her and she’s saying, I know you’re worried. You’re memories will come back. It just takes time, you’ll remember. I just go for a walk in the garden.

Facilitator: Can we go to the place of remembering? Where you remember who you are and all of your memories come back to you. Move to that place now and tell me what you’re experiencing.

Client: Space.

Facilitator: You see space?

Client: Space.

Facilitator: What do you feel?

Client: Magnitude and multitude, and magnificence. We’re all one. We’re the same. Each experience is adding to it.

Facilitator: Can you explain to me how we’re all one?

Client: Light in the universe. Communion. Sometimes chaos. Understanding, it’s a gift.

Facilitator: Chaos and understanding is a gift?

Client: These lives are a gift. So we can understand. I’m not sure why.

Facilitator: In what way are we connected? Are we connected because we are similar or are we connected because we were once one, or are we connected because we ARE all one?

Client: Part of me is saying source, so we are all one.

Facilitator: Is this Source many segments together as one Source?

Client: What I’m seeing is like a light wave just traveling light wave. We join it, become part of it, and then another part will come and experience this kind of life.

Facilitator: Does this light wave have a color?

Client: It’s kind of golden yellow, some white, but golden yellow kind of.

Facilitator: Can you tell me, do the angels come from the same source? This light wave?

Client: I think everything does. Everything comes from it. I don’t know why it decides to create but it does. It says it’s love. It’s out of love but I don’t understand it really myself but.

Facilitator: Can you explain to me how the Angels are different from human souls? From souls that incarnate?

Client: Directly connected. They’re directly connected with no interference.

Facilitator: They are directly connected with the light wave of Source?

Client: I don’t think they really look like Angels. I don’t think our Guides really look like Guides. I think that it’s our creation of how to understand their functions. We put it on them so then that’s how they are.

Facilitator: Do they naturally have a form?

Client: I don’t think so. I think they’re energy just like source energy.

Facilitator: How are Angels related to us and what is their role in comparison to those incarnated?

Client: Creators, assistance.

Facilitator: Who are the creators?

Client: Some of the Angels are the creators. Some are assistants. Some of them are to keep the balance in the universe.

Facilitator: Is it important that we get to know these Angels and their functions?

Client: I’m getting that they’re here for us no matter what.

Facilitator: Whether we know about them or not?

Client: Right. If we start calling on them, then we can get better understanding, better, we can learn better.

Facilitator: Does this soul here, have a special or several special angels that are watching out for and assisting this soul? Is there a team for this soul?

Client: There is but the Client doesn’t want, doesn't know what they are.

Facilitator: The Client doesn’t want to know what they are?

Client: No, the Client doesn’t know what to call them.

Facilitator: What can we call them?

Client: It doesn’t matter. If you call Michael the Archangel, you’re getting an energy that represents the idea of that, Michael the Archangel with the attributes of what it is that you believe it to embody. It’s kind of like, it’s one energy. You asked if there's a multitude, it’s one energy that you can segregate into separate energies if you wish. To call on what you need, to be precise.

Facilitator: Is it important that we’re precise when we call on this energy?

Client: No. It’s a human concept, human understanding, human need.

Facilitator: So we don’t need to be specific when calling on Angelic assistance?

Client: No, but if it helps. The Client is worried about being deceived.

Facilitator: What would you like to tell her about that?

Client: She doesn’t need specific people to call. But if it helps, specific is fine, she just has to call on them. Help will be there.

Facilitator: Okay thank you. In the beginning of this session as we were going through the induction, the Client received some disturbing images that made her uncomfortable. Can you explain what those were about?

Client: The Client has fear that’s why we showed her the duck. It’s about facing the, your fear. Not letting it keep you from doing what you need to do. It’s where your growth happens.

Facilitator: The Client had some words come up through this experience. Magnitude, multitude, magnificence. Can you explain what those were about?

Client: It’s us. The one we are. We are all one.

Facilitator: The Client has expressed concerns about losing her identity and personality after this life. Can you speak about that?

Client: That’s what we keep showing her. What you think you are, and what you are, aren’t always the same. The young boy remembers being a duck, he is part of him now, all of the experiences and all of the entire life and its purpose. The Clients worry is many’s worry. Identity and self it’s holding you back. The idea that you are only what you are today. It’s why we are showing these lives. There are many many more.

Facilitator: Will this personality of the Client be added to her oversoul when this incarnation is over? Is it integrated?

Client: That’s a good word. That’s a good word. It doesn’t take away from who you are. It adds to it.

Facilitator: It adds to who you are?

Client: Mhm.

Facilitator: Can you tell me who I’m speaking with? Are you her Higher Self or her Oversoul?

Client: Athena.

Facilitator: Arethena?

Arethena/Client: Mhm.

Facilitator: Athena. What is your relationship to the Client?

Arethena/Client: Guardian.

Facilitator: You’re her Guardian?

Arethena/Client: Guardian of many.

Facilitator: Guardian of many? What function do you serve for the Client?

Arethena/Client: It’s not a function for now, it’s a function for later. When this life is done. I will be there to greet her.

Facilitator: Are you the same Arethena that was there to greet the duck?

Arethena/Client: Yes.

Facilitator: Why are you a Guardian for the Client is there some sort of connection there?

Arethena/Client: I take care of many. Help to reintegrate. Help them return to source. I deliver the messages.

Facilitator: You said that you will be there in that function for the Client after this incarnation?

Arethena/Client: Yes.

Facilitator: Will the Client have another incarnation after this one?

Arethena/Client: If the Client wants. Human condition makes you tired. Many don’t want to return.

Facilitator: Do we need to keep returning at this point in the cycle?

Arethena/Client: It’s growth. It’s continued growth.

Facilitator: What is the ultimate goal through this growth?

Arethena/Client: Connecting, understanding. It’s as much for you as it is for the multitude.

Facilitator: It’s for the individual and for the whole?

Arethena/Client: Mhm.

Facilitator: And if you achieve the ultimate growth and understanding do you then become a different form?

Arethena/Client: You can be anything. There’s no directive, you can be whatever you want.

Facilitator: Is there ever a finish line to this growth or does it continue?

Arethena/Client: I think the Client is very resistant to these ideas.

Facilitator: Can you tell me Arethena, is there one Higher Self or are there several Higher Selves?

Arethena/Client: I’m in charge of a group and the group becomes millions of them. When this group returns to source, we’re all one! The segregation, separation, begins here.

Facilitator: For the sake of these sessions, if we were to call on the Highest most all knowing Higher Self, how would we do that? What would we call it?

Arethena/Client: It’s about being open. You can call it as you wish. Super self is fine. Higher Self is fine. Subconscious is fine. It’s about being open. Enjoying the connection, not fighting.

Facilitator: Can you tell me if you are aware of any special traits the Client has in this incarnation?

The Client comes out of the relaxed state

Client: Okay, oh wow! Okay. No, it happened again!

Facilitator: The images?

Client: Yeah. I don’t know what it was, I just know ugly ugly faces again! I don’t know what, it’s gotta be me fighting it or something.

Facilitator: She said it was your fear.

Client: Yeah. It’s so funny cause she leaned down, the little boy, he’s like, blonde and really cute. She leans down and goes to kiss his forehead and then all of the sudden everything turns ugly you know.

Facilitator: Do you want to relax from that and continue or do you want to...

Client: I think I’m good. I don’t know that I can, connect again.

Facilitator: It’s up to you.

Client: Let me decide. I don’t know why this keeps happening to me today. It’s not like this is the first time I've done this.

Facilitator: That’s why they showed you the duck. Maybe they want you to see it, and face it.

Client: I don’t know, I don’t like it!


(A short break)


Client: I can try to reconnect, I don’t know if it’s going to happen though. It keeps happening.

Facilitator: It’s still happening?

Client: Yeah

Facilitator: I think they want you to face it.

Client: Well what am I supposed to do it’s scaring me!

Facilitator: Let’s breath through it. Look at it, don’t let fear invade your body. Detach from it. Let the emotion go, breath through it and transform it into something else. Something of love.


Deepening methods. Thanking Arethena and calling forth the Higher Self


Facilitator: Let me know when you’re there.

Higher Self/Client: I’m here.

Facilitator: Thank you. Are you able to answer the questions that the Client has today? Let’s start and lets try. We have a question about the safety of connecting to Source, Guides and Higher Self and the influence of negative energies. Can you speak about that for us?

Higher Self/Client: Fear draws negative energy.

Facilitator: Fear attracts it?

Higher Self/Client: They aren’t pleasant it's true. They can be there but not attach, not influence, not harm. You can choose to be closed off and not experience any longer.

Facilitator: If you close yourself off to these entities do you close yourself off to other abilities at the same time, to connection?

Higher Self/Client: It’s different levels of growth. First you have to conquer your fear. That’s the first level.

Facilitator: Can you give any good insight and advice on techniques to do that?

Higher Self/Client: Grounding and calling on Source and Angels and Guides.

Facilitator: How do they help with that fear?

Higher Self/Client: You don’t feel alone. If you feel alone, fear can over take you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you call on your Guides they can help you combat fear. You have to move through it. Arethena was telling the Client all of these lessons are one lesson. You are unending. There is no true death for you. Fear is not relevant because it can’t hold you. It’s imagination, it’s sometimes influence. Not allowing it to take over is a wonderful thing to learn.

Facilitator: Does fear get in the way of learning?

Higher Self/Client: Yes. The Client is worried.

Facilitator: Is there a reason why the Client is getting those flashes? Is it so the Client can deal with those fears that are being brought to the Client?

Higher Self/Client: It’s the Client’s fear. The Client needs to face it and understand it that it’s not the Client’s end. There’s never an end.

Facilitator: Even if something did happen to the Client that’s fearful in this life, the Client would still be okay?

Higher Self/Client: The Client is worried about that. The Client is concerned with that. We want the Client to know that there is more, not because something is going to happen to the Client, but because it gives peace knowing no matter what happens. You are still a live being.

Facilitator: How has the Client been doing dealing with that fear? Has the Client progressed?

Higher Self/Client: The Client is working on it. If the Client kept her eyes open all night long, that wouldn’t conquer the fear. The fear isn’t of being able to see that there’s nothing there, she would just have no sleep. The fear is something within her that needs to work out. The idea of scary things, of worrying.

Facilitator: Does that fear stem from another experience? Where is the root of that fear coming from? It seems to be very pervasive for the Client.

Higher Self/Client: It can be an accumulation from other lives. The Client is very literal. When she was young and the religion that she was bought up with was teaching about demons and scary things, the Client took everything literally instead of figuratively. It’s hard to tell when it’s a childhood fear, it’s still bothering her.

Facilitator: When the Client experiences fear, should she call on Guides and Angels to help?

Higher Self/Client: The Client shuts down. She should do the opposite. She should open the heart and let that light shine. The Client is seeing through the veil, the idea that things are fearful and grotesque, it’s a shadow in front of the truth. It’s smoke in front of reality. By shining your light from your heart on this, it helps it to dissipate, to see through this to what’s really there. That’s what this whole journey is about, being open and opening your heart, but she wants to crawl back into the shell, close it off when these things happen.

Facilitator: I see. The Client had some experiences in youth where she saw some entities and she called on the name of Jesus and God and she was still frightened and didn’t feel any comfort. The entities didn’t respond and leave. Can you explain what was happening there?

Higher Self/Client: The Client is doing it again, actually turning something that wasn’t scary into scary.

Facilitator: The Client is doing this?

Higher Self/Client: Turning it into scary, yes. The Client’s story has always been, it wasn’t scary. It scared her but there was nothing scary about it. Now the she is seeing scary faces and she is attaching these things to these ideas.

Facilitator: They’re not the truth?

Higher Self/Client: It’s not the truth. It wasn’t scary. It’s like, the Client was adjusting being open to her ability. Each one was a test to see if she was ready. The Client didn’t want it. That’s why they weren’t scary. Not that they would’ve been scary, scary is because of your fear. Like she is putting on it right now.

Facilitator: Can the Client call on Guidance right now to help with the images? Are you with the her? Can you help with that?

Higher Self/Client: I told the Client to open her heart and reality comes into view. The Client is trying, she is fighting fear. It’s like an acceptance.

Facilitator: Instead of fighting, to accept?

Higher Self/Client: Instead of fighting, it’s just accepting. What was, was. The Client is remembering the troll on the desk at work. This was another, another sort of test. She did much better. She laughed at it and enjoyed it, and is welcoming it back.

Facilitator: Will the troll come back to see the Client again?

Higher Self/Client: The Client still needs to, we’re seeing right now, she still needs to work on this fear. She has cycles and waves. A wave of acceptance, a wave of peace, and then a humongous wave of fear. She is able to, I mean when the fear is not as large. Right now the fear is so large, it encompasses and over shadows the acceptance. The receptiveness, it’s struggling to survive. That’s what the Client needs to realize is, it’s getting bigger because it’s getting smaller. This all seems counterintuitive to the her but it’s not. Why would fear need to struggle if it had a foothold? Why would it need to be pervasive on everything, on all of the images if it truly had a stronghold?

Facilitator: The fear itself is getting small, yet it’s struggling to regain control?

Higher Self/Client: Yes. It does not want to be diminished. This is why the Client was introduced to Eckhart Tolle. He mentions this in his books about being the observer of the fear rather than feeling the fear. Now that the she is making the connection, she may be able to start doing this.

Facilitator: Thank you. The Client has questions. The intention of this session was to see if the Client has any connection to Rome or Italy where she is going on a trip very soon. Are you able to speak about any connections that the Client might have with that area?

Higher Self/Client: This isn’t exactly what you have been taught. It lies outside the confines of your current learning. You are everyone. Everyone is you. These lives that we show you are not, it is not, the one who is the Client specifically that has been the duck, that has been these others. But because we are all one, we can draw on these lives, and we can draw experience, and we can draw insight, and we can draw understanding from all of these lives. That is why sometimes, they may seem as though they overlap. You are everyone.

Facilitator: Do these experiences then, that we see in these past lives, do they contribute to the current personality and knowledge that exists within the confines of our incarnated body?

Higher Self/Client: At times, yes. Certain aspects are retained.

Facilitator: This is information we’re able to draw on?

Higher Self/Client: Yes. It’s like a waterfall. We have one stream. One stream at the top that becomes this waterfall. As it falls over the first set of rocks, it splits into ten, twelve streams. As it splashes on the second set of rocks, those ten, twelve streams become thirty streams. When it crashes on the next set of rocks, it becomes many, many more streams. Then all of those experiences become the pool again at the bottom and we all become one again. So, it doesn’t matter where you’re getting this insight from. If you go back far enough, we are all one.

Facilitator: Thank you. The Client was exploring some concepts about vibration and how it works in accordance with dimensions. The Client was suggesting that according to your vibration, you shift in dimension and reality and that those around you in that dimension will be of the same vibration. Can you give us insight on this?

Higher Self/Client: These are concepts that are not truly needed for your existence. To you, time is linear. Your born, you live, you die. Everything in between is one life. The vibrational changes have been growth and learning. Understanding them and understanding how it works, why it is, what happens, when it happens, isn’t necessary. It’s not...the understanding, you can have the understanding, there’s nothing wrong with knowing, but don’t get caught up on it.’s for growth , it’s for facing different challenges, different sets of circumstances.

Facilitator: As humans, we are very curious.

Higher Self/Client: That’s why there are changes happening. Things the Client notices that are different.

Facilitator: Yes, the Client notices differences.

Higher Self/Client: She is very tuned in to that. The difference isn’t what’s important. The difference is, what’s the word I’m looking for, it’s beside the point.

Facilitator: Beside the point? What is the point?

Higher Self/Client: The point is that you are now in an existence where different, I don’t want to say outcomes, different interactions, but none of that, because you’re linear, none of that is important. To you life is happening. Whether you have shifted dimensions or whether you have returned to a dimension, or whether something is where you left it. Those are not the important things, the important things are continuing to progress.

Facilitator: Can noticing these things, these changes and these differences, propel our growth and progression?

Higher Self/Client: You know that you’re aware of it. As long as you accept it. The Client was paranoid, thinking that people were coming into the house while she was gone.

Facilitator: Was that happening?

Higher Self/Client: It’s not what was happening. It was this dimensional shift. Things were, they’re small changes.

Facilitator: So the Client was noticing this dimensional shift for quite a long time.

Higher Self/Client: Yes. It fed the Client’s paranoia because she didn’t have an understanding. So I guess in that way, the understanding is some comfort. But I just don’t think that you need to get super involved. The Client is worried that her next decision might propel her into a dimension that she doesn’t like, and then the next decision will propel her somewhere else that she didn’t plan to go. This gets caught up in the worry and fear cycle. That’s why it’s unimportant. You are where you are because this is where you need to be right now.

Facilitator: It’s not important for the Client to understand the changes that the Client is noticing?

Higher Self/Client: That’s not the wording, it’s not important to get caught up into it. Okay, the book is not where you left it! Okay, interesting! Move on. You know, it’s, this is for you all, it’s not, you are where you are meant to be right now. Don’t worry about this dimensional shift. You can get sidetracked, you can get caught up in, you can stagnate because you are afraid to act, afraid to live.

Facilitator: Can the concept also help to free us from fear?

Higher Self/Client: This is what I was explaining, the Client doesn’t need to be paranoid. She can tell very easily when things have changed. It’s one of the reasons that she has let her house go into chaos. Because in chaos, it’s hard to see the changes. It’s harder to tell if the pencil is moved, if the book isn’t where you left it, because there’s so much chaos. When something is organized and neat and you know everything has a place, and that place is changed, you immediately notice. So, yes, accepting that there will be changes, and just letting it go because the Client doesn’t need the chaos. It’s not within your control, to stay in a dimension anyway. That’s not, you can’t, you’re not deciding that.

Facilitator: What is deciding that? Is it you the Client’s higher Self deciding that?

Higher Self/Client: There’s a plan to it. It’s not, it’s not harmful. And I know you want to accelerate it, and it’s not really that way either. There’s not an acceleration, this is why, with this awareness, you just have to accept it because, you’re still living your linear life. That doesn’t change. Not now.

Facilitator: Will the way we live our linear life change with this knowledge?

Higher Self/Client: No, no. That’s what I’m saying, it doesn’t change. It’s the same, you’re just aware of these changes that have been happening all along. It can inspire you I suppose, inspire you to, enjoy the difference. Or it can do what the Client was doing and feed your paranoia. The growth will come and it’s just an acceptance and, sure, enjoy it!

Facilitator: Is the Client here, incarnated at this time to experience these changes?

Higher Self/Client: The Client is more aware than she knows.

Facilitator: Is there a reason why the Client is incarnated now?

Higher Self/Client: Everyone has their time. This is your time, this is the Client’s time. The Client is wanting to know about the shift and this new earth concept and she is very concerned about getting drawn back in to a life she left behind with a previous religion. It’s why we’re not ready to discuss this at this moment. The Client had made many changes and becoming that person, isn’t even a possibility. It’d be trying to put a shoe on that doesn’t fit. You know, you have a shoe when you’re nine, the shoe fits at nine, now you’re twenty nine, thirty nine, forty nine, and you can’t fit that nine year old shoe on your foot no matter how much you try. It’s not going to fit, so, accepting the changes that have already happened, accepting the idea that belief in something new isn’t a belief in something left behind. There are similarities, there are not similarities, but this is not the time. The Client needs some more acceptance first.

Facilitator: The Client needs to learn acceptance first?

Higher Self/Client: Acceptance of self. The Client is not accepting, is not allowing.

Facilitator: It’s not the time for the Client to focus on the shift and the new earth?

Higher Self/Client: Yes, I’m not saying never, I’m just saying right now, the Client needs to stand in the Client’s own being. Learn to love who the Client is now, before being concerned about what will come.  

Facilitator: Thank you.

Higher Self/Client: Facing fear is the main concern at the moment. The Client, in addition to, it will come when learning to love herself as she currently is, will allow the releasing of the fear.

Facilitator: Is there anything you can suggest as a technique for the Client to learn to love herself?

Higher Self/Client: The Client needs to get to know herself. The Client needs to, start thinking about herself. She thinks of herself as a mother, a sister, a daughter. She doesn’t allow herself to just be herself. All of these other positions are just positions. It’s a wonderful trait and the Client has it down. She needs to learn to be in touch with herself, to understand the Client’s needs, wants and desires, and strengths and weaknesses and allow herself to be okay with wanting something different than another would want. Wanting something different than a sister would want, or a child would want, it’s okay. It’s the Client’s personal struggle.

Facilitator: Is there something we can tell the Client as encouragement, something special about her that she can hold onto?

Higher Self/Client: The Client is loved. She is loved. She is feeling forgotten because she stops reaching out to people to see if they remember her. Then they have their own lives happen and it’s not that they don’t think of her, don’t love her, don’t care about her, this world is full of distractions and concerns. She gets tired of being the one to reach out all of the time. When the Client does reach out, they’re there. Everyone’s still there. So, she needs to realize that just because someone is not talking to you at the moment, even if it’s a period of time, doesn’t mean they don’t care.

Facilitator: Thank you. The Client has a question about the congestion in the sinuses and a possible connection with the third eye.

Higher Self/Client: Not sure if that’s the connection or not. I still feel like it’s a constriction.

Facilitator: A constriction?

Higher Self/Client: Yes.

Facilitator: Is there any healing we can do on the Client’s sinuses, now.

Higher Self/Client: I’ve been helping, she is working on it.

Facilitator: Is there some sort of visual or analogy you can give the Client to help her work on this?

Higher Self/Client: The Client heard it the other day on the T.V. mucus is needed by the body as a lubricant. The Client is resistant to that. She doesn’t like it, doesn’t want to produce it so it’s kind of like dried out and constricted. The next morning after hearing that, her sinuses did drain. It gave her kind of like a sore throat because it was draining. It didn’t hurt just a gravelly voice, she didn’t like that either. It won’t always be like that, it needs a cleansing. The mucus is cleansing. It’s the way human bodies work. It’s not unique to the Client. It’s how everyone works. You deny being human. You deny your current existence.

Facilitator: Is it something that the Client needs to continue to work on or can we jump start that healing?

Higher Self/Client: The Client has trouble believing in the healing. We can try. She actually has a lot of congestion at the moment.

Facilitator: Can you tell us visually what you’re doing to help?

Higher Self/Client: Picture, Source light entering all the...the Client doesn’t need to know what they look like, just permeating above and below her eyes. Releasing, flowing, it doesn’t have to be a lot of flow, but a movement. It’s natural it’s like underground caverns with water. It belongs there. You just need to allow it’s existence. Eventually she won’t notice as much when it’s there. Right now, the Client’s going to notice a lot because it’s cleansing, and it’s new but eventually she won’t be as aware it will just do its job. The Client doesn’t have to think about her heart beating. It’s similar.

Facilitator: Can you let me know when that healing is complete.

Higher Self/Client: The Client has a bit of a headache right now, tension, it’ll go away.

Facilitator: Can we do anything to relieve the headache?

Higher Self/Client: The Client knows how to do it. She can release it but there is some pressure from the sinuses. She is trying right now. We will help tonight. The Client needs to not wake up and worry about it.

Facilitator: Thank you. I know the Client also is still having trouble with her back.

Higher Self/Client: The Client needs to take the CoQ10 for awhile. Let those muscles relax and forget about the trauma. She doesn’t like me to say that it will go away because the Client is feeling it right now and doesn’t feel like it will go away.

Facilitator: Is there anything we can do now to relieve that pain?


The Client moves around


Higher Self/Client: It should be a little better now.

Facilitator: Thank you. The Client is going on this trip to Rome very soon, do you have any messages for her about this trip?

Higher Self/Client: Be in the moment. The Client needs to be in the moment. Even if, she is worried about timing, even if they miss something, miss a bus or, the Client doesn’t want me to say, miss a train (chuckles), if they miss something then it will still work out. There’s no reason not be in the now. Not to enjoy every moment of this special gift she giving her children, and enjoy the reconnection with them while exploring the beauty and history in a new land.

Facilitator: The Client has a question about a spot on the Client’s lower lid that she asked to be healed and it hasn’t been healed. The Client is wondering why it hasn’t been healed.

Higher Self/Client: Testing is not necessarily a belief. The Client wants it healed so that she can prove to herself that healing happens. It’s kind of like the cart before the horse because it takes knowing. Stepping into it, knowing something is going to happen, and then it happens. It’s that kind of knowing that facilitates change. So, it will happen when the Client is able to step into that knowing.

Facilitator: So it wouldn’t be you or the Client’s spirit Guides or Angels healing it, it would be the Client’s herself controlling the healing?

Higher Self/Client: It’s similar to the blocking. The Client has to step into it, believe it, and allow the healing. If those aren’t happening then things continue as they are.

Facilitator: Can we do a body scan on the Client today?

Higher Self/Client: Uh huh.

Facilitator: Can you tell me what you find with the body scan?

Higher Self/Client: The Client seems to be free.

Facilitator: Has what the Client has been working on been working?

Higher Self/Client: The Client has been practicing, remembering, not forcing.

Facilitator: Great thank you. Do you have any messages for me today?

Higher Self/Client: You’re doing a great job. You’re doing a great job! Believe in yourself. Great things are coming.

Facilitator: Thank you. Thank you so much, that’s very encouraging!

Higher Self/Client: You’re a wonderful soul.

Facilitator: Thank you... Are we complete today?

Higher Self/Client: Yes.

Facilitator: Thank you so much for being with us and thank you for the healing. We’d like to connect with you again in a later session.

Higher Self/Client: Yes.

Facilitator: Thank you.


The Client is brought back to everyday awareness.