The Sailor And The Higher Self

In this Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing session, the Practitioner is Lilah Moriarty and the client is anonymous. Some portions were edited for privacy. Only pertinent Practitioner questions and prompts were included for the sake of fluidity. This session may not be representative of a usual Kindred Being Quantum Healing Session. This was an extended 5 hour session.

At the beginning of every Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing session, the Client is induced into a relaxed state of hypnosis. In this state the Client is able to access memories of past lives and to connect with high frequency beings. In this session this relaxed state produced the following results...

Scene 1:

A sailboat on the ocean. It’s floating in the water. The sun is setting. It’s close to the shore and the beach. There’s a jetty. Getting off of the boat. Using a smaller boat to get to the shore. There’s a couple of other people in this small boat. They are known from the ship. Works on the ship. She (client) sees buckets of water. Thinks she cleans the boat. She’s wearing boots. Old and worn boots. She’s wearing pants. They are in okay shape. Hands are blistered and calloused with hair on the back. Looking over the side of the boat to the reflection in the water. Looks like a young handsome man. Brown curly hair. In twenties. A little facial hair. He’s stinky. He smells bad. They are rowing the smaller boat to shore. Getting to shore. His feet and pants get wet and sandy as they pull the little boat to shore. He wants to go see his family. His family is in a village. The village is close to a big city but it’s a little village. There are houses in the village. One of the houses is his house. There is a wood door on his house with a metal round door knob. Inside, his mother is cooking and she is happy to see him. His dad is sitting down. He is happy to see him. There are brothers and sisters. Little ones. 3 or 4 brothers and sisters. Correction, two brothers, and three sisters. Everyone is very happy and hugging him. His mother has blonde hair and a bonnet. Dad has his work clothes on and is messy. His job is something to do with labor. Siblings are hanging on him and are very happy. They are telling him stories and they are all talking at the same time. His name is Tommy or Thomas or Tom.

Practitioner: Did something significant happen?

Something about a girl. Genevieve. She was a sweetheart.

Moving back in time when Thomas and Genevieve were together:

We were in a field. We love each other. We’re holding hands. She’s wearing a white dress with pink details and a bonnet. Thomas is wearing a suit jacket for Sunday church. He is wearing a suit. It’s not very nice but it’s nice enough. They are there after church. They went for a walk. They often go for walks. He is telling her that he is going to go sailing. He’s telling her that he loves her and wants her to wait for him. She gets mad and starts crying. He tells her that he has to go. She gets mad and runs away. He walks after her for a bit and then just lets her go. He feels like he has to go because he doesn’t want to work as hard as his dad does for not very much. Then he can come back and have money to make a life.

Practitioner: Is this before the original scene?

Yes. This is before the sailing trip.

Back at the scene in the home after the sailing trip:

His dad is making a joke saying, “You didn’t think she would wait that long for you did you?” He slapped him on the back. She didn’t wait. Thomas gets really mad. He gets really sad. He goes drinking at the bar where he sees all of his old friends. They want to hear about his stories. When they talk about Genevieve, they don’t look at him in the eyes. He gets drunk. It’s not the first time he has gotten drunk. The last time he was drunk was when they went to shore from the sailboat. He would often go to shore to drink with his friends he met there on the ship. He doesn’t drink much because he works too hard. He feels fine about his drinking.

Moving forward in time in the life of Thomas:

He has a small house with land around it like a ranch. It’s a small house. Lives with his sister. He is in his late thirties. He has a dog. His dog’s name is Ricardo. Named after a friend from the ship. Medium sized dog. Tan and black dog. He also has a caramel colored shiny horse. He has a cow, and chickens. He saved up money to buy the place and they work the small farm for food. They have a small garden. A vegetable garden with a little fence. They do “homesteading”. His sister helps. Correction; two of his sisters are there to help. One is named Marguerite or Margaret. The other is named Lucinda or Lucille. There’s a little kid too. One of the sisters has a little kid. She’s a widow. The child is 5 or 6. No other children.

Moving forward in the life of Thomas:

He loves his family. He’s old. His sisters and their kids and husbands are with him. He loves his family so much. Thomas never got married. His family members are still living with him. They built the house bigger. They have a lot of family there. He’s happy because he provided a nice home for everybody. He has so much love in his heart for everybody. He is sick. He’s coughing and shaking. He’s not going to make it. That’s why his family is gathered.


There is a little light. He feels it in his heart. He has left his body. He’s looking at the light. He doesn’t know what the light is. He’s scared. He goes through the light. On the other side, he sees his mother and his father. They are happy to see Thomas. His father and him didn’t get along but they are happy to see him now. He is worried about everyone who is left behind and they tell him not to worry because it’s going to be okay. They tell him that that is all part of it. That’s part of the journey. He’ll remember soon. They take him somewhere. They take him to a garden. He’s looking at all of the pretty flowers and the colors. It’s making him feel better. He stays there until he feels better.

Missing data due to equipment failure.

During this missing portion the Higher self was invoked and a connection was established.


You can do things to make your body heavier and darker. So your light doesn’t shine through. You can’t hold the light because your body is so dark. It’s like dimming the light. All the darkness you hold and all of the things you do when you don’t love your body. It doesn’t let your light shine. It gets in the way of the light. Treat your body with love. Treat it kindly. Take care of it. It’s how you have to treat everyone else kindly, you have to treat yourself kindly too. Let go even more. Love more. She has a problem with loving. She has a block to love. She’s afraid to love. The block is fear. We can try to unblock it.

Missing data due to equipment failure.


You don’t give less love, you send more. Even when someone is having trouble accepting it.

Practitioner directed higher self towards healing her heart chakra

-The healing is done. Now there is not as much pressure in her chest.

Practitioner: She has severe lower back pain. Can you tell us what’s going on there?

It’s from another life. It’s an injury. Like a puncture. Like a metal puncture. She keeps it as a reminder to “watch your back”. She held onto this as a reminder. She wanted to bring it to this life. She didn’t want to forget what happened.

Practitioner takes client back to life where this injury occurred:

Roman metal uniforms. Running. A steel spear. Or a pipe with a point. There was some kind of betrayal. Some sort of war. They were on the same side. That person who threw the spear was mistaken. He wasn’t trying to hurt her. That person thought they were doing the right thing but they weren’t. She (client) was running and they thought that she was deserting but she wasn’t. They were in a forest. They were all running. It was just a wayward spear. It wasn’t done on purpose. She didn’t see it that way. She was angry. She trusted them. They were her own people because they were on the same side of the war. It was brought into this life and she now is wary of people’s intentions.

Practitioner: Does she need to hold on to this lesson?

Higher self:

A lot of times, people on earth have bad intentions or intentions not aligned with love. And so, sometimes if you’re in the “game”, you do need to be wary of people’s intentions. If you are not in the game anymore, you are awakened and you want to be aligned with love, then other people’s intentions do not matter.

Practitioner: Can you tell us about this game that you mentioned?

The game is the not knowing. It’s the just living and the not knowing what you truly are.

Practitioner: And what are we?

The light body and what we’ve chosen to do here. Why we want to be here.

Practitioner: Why does she want to be here (client)?

She wants to help. She always wants to help so much. She always wants to help. She’s helping by being beautiful. She shows it through everything she does and everything she says. I keep telling her that she’s beautiful. I keep putting people in front of her to tell her that she’s beautiful but she doesn’t believe it. She can accept it by letting go. Let go of more. Let go of hurt and pain. Let go of the darkness. Let go.

Practitioner: She has lost a lot materially in her life recently. Can you tell us why that is?

She has everything. She’s where she’s supposed to be. She has everything.

Practitioner: She has started a new business recently. Is this the right path?

She wants to help. She is helping. She touches everyone she knows.

Practitioner: Is this business the answer to finances for her?

Yeah, but she needs to get out there more. Talk to people. That’s where the strength is. Talk to people, be with people. So people can see her, and know her, and be near her.

Practitioner: She has irregular menstrual periods. Can you tell us what’s going on there?

She doesn’t want to have any kids. It’s not an issue, she’s just powerful. She’s powerful. She was scared to have kids. Then she didn’t want to have kids. She didn’t plan on having kids in this life.

Practitioner: She had a vision of a little girl. Can you tell us what that was about?

A little girl. It was a different life. It was a different dimension. She loves kids but she didn’t want to be too tied to this world. You can love everyone with the same love as you would love a child.

-No healing was needed for menstrual periods.

Practitioner: Can we do some healing on her back issues now?

-Higher self begins to work on the back of the client.

We’ll have to keep working on it because she has to let it go. Let go of the trust issues. We will continue to work on the back during the day and at night. There will be relief in a few days.

Practitioner: She has been experiencing memory loss for a very long time. Can you tell us why?

It’s food related, T.V., pollution, and air. It’s happening to everybody. Eat better watch less T.V.. Clear the air with crystals, intention, and ask the angels for help. When you are learning something and you want to remember it, ask the angels for help. It’s getting worse now because they are trying everything they can so that you don’t wake up and remember. They don’t want you to remember.

Practitioner: Who is “They”?

“They” are some of the government and other entities that don’t want us to remember anything. They don’t want you to remember what you are, so they make you forget everything. They are working with energy too, to do this. They are dark beings, they are shaped funny. It’s not important to know about these dark beings. Just do what you are doing to raise your vibration. The more you talk about them, you are calling their energy to you.

Practitioner: How can we raise our vibration?

Choose your highest thought to raise your vibration. If you do not choose your highest thought, let it go and choose higher next time. As long as you have your heart open, and live in love, you will naturally choose your highest thought. The more you live in love, the more you’ll know. You’ll feel the difference when darkness is brought into your thoughts or your heart. You’ll feel the difference. You’re going to be so used to living in love and beauty that you aren’t going to want those dark thoughts or heaviness in your body.

Practitioner: What about these negative thoughts that we all often have?

It’s not you. The thoughts are put there. Meditation will help to clear these thoughts. You are strong, you are powerful. You can push all of that away. Let go of the dark thoughts. Push it away, clear your mind.

Practitioner: How do we clear a space of negative energy?

If there’s a heaviness not from entities but from energy, from worries, stress, heaviness, pain, hurt, fear, it needs to be cleared out. Got to get rid of the stuff. Emotional stuff. It holds energy. Get rid of the physical objects and as you are doing so, let it go emotionally. Give that thought and pain to the universe because the universe will take care of you. People don’t have to carry that pain. They are deciding to carry it, they don’t have to keep it. Let it go. It’s not helping anyone. Meditate in nature. Anywhere in nature. Trees will help. Sometimes people don’t know what they are holding on to. And when they know what they are holding on to, then they can make the decision to let go.

Practitioner: How is she doing on her diet?

She’s doing really good. More fresh fruit, and less rice and nuts. She’s holding onto the weight because she’s scared to let it go. She doesn’t want to feel vulnerable. She’s secure, she’s taken care of, she’s safe, she doesn’t have to protect herself physically. She’s safe. Anything that happens or has happened, is all part of the plan, all part of what had to happen to bring her to this point. She chose these paths to get her to remember and she doesn’t have to defend herself or be defensive, she can let go and let us take care of her.

Practitioner directs Higher self to show client a picture of herself in her true form.

Her true form is dancing light. Eating organic is best. They are putting the chemicals to forget in the food. Also, setting an intention on the food will help. If she eats something not organic, it will take some time to work itself out of her body. If she continues to eat not organic then it will take longer to work out of her body. She will have trouble focusing. If you do eat something that’s not organic, you can pray and set an intention on it. It clears up the chemicals a bit. But it’s better if you’re doing it, to start with organic and clear it up from that point.

Practitioner: How should you pray and how do you attract abundance?

All prayers are heard but you have to be what you are asking for. Be it. If you want something in your life, you have to be on the same vibration of it whatever it is. Money is just a tool. It doesn’t have anything bad or good associated to it. Just be so thankful for what you have and you can attract more. When things are provided and things are given, and you are not thankful for them, then there is no reason why more will be provided. Because you are putting out the energy and intention, that you don’t want the things that you have if you are not thankful for them. If you love what you have and you are thankful for what you have then you are of the vibration for attracting more. If you don’t want what you have, or think that what you have, isn’t good enough, in any way, then the vibration is blocking and repelling more things. She (the client) is doing it now. She’s happy for the little things. She gets so excited when she gets a sign. Just appreciate what you have and know that you’re being taken care of. Don’t let fear get in the way of falling into the care of the universe. Falling in, blindfolded, you can’t see, and you just fall back into the arms of the universe. You don’t know what’s going to happen but you don’t let that fear get in the way. You just trust that we will carry you and we’ll take care of you. It’s faith.

Practitioner: Does faith have to be a blind faith?

You can know everything, you can gain knowledge but it’s hard to know in your heart that you are taken care of so usually it has to be blind, because you might not know what’s coming but you are giving yourself over to the hands of the universe to take care of you.

Practitioner: She (client) has a question about her skin issues.

She had different skin before. She doesn’t like this skin. She had different skin in a previous life. She chose this skin in this life because she wanted to incarnate here on earth. She had different skin on a different planet and she liked that skin better. She is causing the acne. To stop it, she must love herself. Love her body. Love the skin, it’s serving a purpose for her. Just love it. She can set an intention for healing light on her skin. We can help her to heal it but she has to make changes to make it better. She needs to love her body and her skin. We can heal it together. We have to do it together every so often. She will have to set an intention before bed and we’ll do it for a few minutes 2 times a week. She’ll learn to do it and she’ll take that time to learn to love her body and love her skin.

Practitioner: Are her hand chakras open?

Hand chakras are active if she keeps practicing.

Practitioner: What kind of healing can she do?

She is attuned for Reiki and energy healing. She can continue to practice like she has been doing. Pray to help heal a person. It works best if the person knows about it and is asking for help. She has been praying for people who might not be aware that they need help. It works and it helps but it’s much more powerful when a person asks for the help. She doesn’t have to put her hands on anybody. She can help them with her energy mentally. She can heal anyone anywhere. She can heal over the internet. She will need a picture to visualize the person. She’s asking for help from source energy and the angels and guides to do this healing. She can feel confident that she has this ability. She’s so much more than the body she’s in. Her thoughts, energy, and words reverberate with waves of energy that get bigger and bigger and bigger. They affect everything. You don’t need to worry if you get angry or frustrated, it’s part of the game. You can let that go. You don’t need it. You can meditate and it will help you to let it go and ask for help from your Guides and the angels to help you to let those emotions go. Once you can see that it’s just part of the game and it doesn’t really affect who you are in your true form, then you can let it go.

Practitioner: Are her Spirit Guides with her all the time?

Some Guides are with her at all times. Sometimes, they might be split between her other lives, but she always has Guides with her. They might not be the same Guides all of the time. But she always has Guides with her.

Practitioner: How does she keep her house clear and only allow her Guides and relative’s spirits?

The lower entities are attracted to heavy emotional energy. If she would like to communicate with Guides through the pendulum, then she needs to raise her vibration before she tries to communicate. She can ask for help to do that. It’s something she should work on all the time. Before she communicates, pray. Set an intention, and just pray to Source and the angels and ask that her physical body be rid of any heaviness or darkness and heavy emotions. She can clear her body, her heart, and her mind of heaviness, and imagine white light, all around her, filling her body and aura and extending out. She can meditate and then she’ll be ready to communicate without interference because her vibration will be high and they will not be able to communicate with her because they have a lower vibration. She can now communicate directly with her higher-self. She knows how to now. She thinks that she is making this up. She thinks that this is all imagination. Now she knows that her voice inside her is my voice. It’s the same voice. She will know it by feel. The other voices hurt and are heavy. You feel them energetically. Heavy, dark and painful. The voice of the higher-self, is love. It feels better. It feels light and joyful. She will now be able to communicate directly with her Spirit Guides and higher self. Now she knows that she has been communicating with us. She thinks she has been leading her pendulum, because she is. Because she already knows the answers because she hears it from this voice. She needs to trust herself. Trust the voice of love.

Practitioner: She has a family member who has recently passed. Is this family member on the other side of the light?

He’s in between. He’s half way on earth and half way in the light. It’s hard to let go but he will soon. When he goes to the light he will always be able to come back and check on his loved ones but it’s in a different way. Part of him will always be there with his family. They can reincarnate in another body but like there is a higher-self, there is always a part of who they are that can be present in a loved one’s life on earth.

Practitioner: She keeps getting messages from her pendulum about the number 9 or 9 power. Can you tell us what that is?

It’s Jesus. She’s been getting messages for a long time about it and she didn’t know what it was. She just learned about it, that number 9 is the number for Jesus. 11 is source and 9 is Jesus. She just learned about it on a video, and she wrote it down. 9 is Christ consciousness. She has been so against the concept of Jesus for so long. She’s been getting messages and she didn’t know what 9 was. She’s been getting other messages too and she didn’t understand that they were meant for her.

Practitioner: Is this Jesus similar to the Jesus described in the bible?

He’s something like it. There are many concepts in the bible pertaining to Jesus that are of the same vibration of Christ consciousness. She can read those parts if she would like to. She can gain inspiration from those parts if she would like to but she doesn’t have to because she can have a relationship with Jesus anyway. She already has a relationship with him. It’s just more love and more help. More understanding and caring. Understanding how to help others and care for others and care for yourself.

Practitioner: How do we know what information about Jesus is accurate?

Some information is of the higher vibration and some is of a lower vibration. You can know what is of a highest vibration by feeling it. Whatever is the highest vibration is the path to growth, change, and evolution.

Practitioners statement: Sometimes people are defensive when they hear about Jesus.

Send love. You don’t need to guard your heart when we are caring for you. Send love.

She’s on the right path towards growth.

Practitioner: She has some questions about “The event”, the sun, and the “New Earth”.

She will be there on the new earth. She’s already vibrating high. She needs to continue to send out love without condition and without fear of vulnerability. She needs to let that go, and send more love out. She is limitless. The only thing holding her back is fear. She has done so good and released so much fear. She has less than most but the little fear that’s still there is holding her in place. When that is let go, there are no limits. She will be on the new earth. There’s changes in the earth now but there is more changes that will come. This is a newer earth. But there are more changes to come. That’s why the sun is white.

Practitioner: She has a question about the white sun. Is the white sun more nourishing to our bodies?

Yes. In a way. It’s the white light. It’s more nourishing to your light body which in turn nourishes your physical body.

Practitioner: Does this new sun’s nourishment replace nourishment from food?

When you raise your vibration, and awaken to the constraints of this world, and this game, The constraints are no longer a consideration. So, you understand how powerful your mind is, and you can feed your body with your mind, by thinking it. You can do anything with your mind. Because humans are not at that vibration yet, or that level of awakening, then they don’t understand this. They believe the programming of having to consume food to nourish your physical body. So, if you stop eating, your physical body will die because your mind says it is so.

Practitioner: She (Client) is eating less because she believes that this new nurturing sun will feed us. Can you tell us more about this?

It’s true. We can eat less because this new nurturing sun will feed us. Humans eat too much anyway. She’s raising her vibration and when you raise your vibration, you need less food. You can’t go to someone who is angry and depressed, and tell them that they can live off of a handful of food a day, but you can do that when your vibration is higher and her body will get the nutrients it needs. Because she is doing soul work and the soul nourishes the body. Just as the soul can give your body ailments or take them away based upon mental blocks or programming, so can the soul feed the physical body or make it sick or make it thrive.

Practitioner: She has been getting headaches. Can you tell us why that is?

It could be some blocked energy in her crown chakra. It’s where she gets the headaches. She works with energy a lot. It’s important when you work with energy to let it flow through your body and not let it get stuck or blocked. You need to make sure, when you work with energy that your chakras are open and balanced. She’s impatient and goes directly to working with energy before her chakras are open. That causes, it to be trapped and blocked. She can first visualize the opening of the chakras and let the energy flow through.

Practitioner asks higher self to do some healing to remove any blocks in the chakras of the client.

-The healing is done.

Practitioner: Can the chakras be opened too much?

Only if there is an imbalance in another Chakra. If one is severely blocked, and another open, it causes, the energy to not flow properly. You can feel the blockage. The pressure, the little bit of pain. When she feels it, she can work on opening that chakra and letting go of whatever is blocking it. If she doesn’t know what’s blocking it, she can ask for help and we will remind her of what to let go of. She has the power to do it. All humans do.

Practitioner: She heard recently about the concept of letting go of all other chakras but the heart. Is this recommended?

You need balance. If you focus on one chakra, then you are ignoring all of the other aspects of your soul. To learn and to grow, you need to integrate all of those aspects together for the highest purpose of raising your vibration. Not to deny aspects of yourself. To integrate them, accept them, and love them. The point of focusing on your heart chakra, is to love, which is a worthy goal. You want to love with everything that you are, not just one part of yourself.

Higher self decides to do more healing on the clients crown chakra.

She has been working with energy for a long time, before she ever knew she was doing it. She was working with energy in her sleep and in her daily life. She didn’t know what she was doing. She had blockages there for a long time and she didn’t know what it was. Blockages in the energy flow. She’s been working on it a lot since her awakening It will get better.

Practitioner: She (the client) has a question about the Light Language. Can you tell us about that?

She’s been wanting to speak it. She’s had a blockage in her throat chakra since she heard it. She was scared to let it out so it caused a blockage in her throat chakra. She knew the blockage was there but she didn’t know why it was there. It’s the Light Language. Since she heard it, she wants to speak it. It’s the fear and self doubt causing the blockage.

Practitioner asked the higher self to assist in healing the blockage in her throat.

-The healing is done.

The blockage is gone. The Light Language is from a good source. No need to worry about it. There is no form or formula for the Light Language. It can sound different for each person that speaks it. She doesn’t need to worry if she is getting the words right. Or the sound right. It’s the flow of intention behind it. The purpose of the light language is to heal. Healing and awakening. Raising your vibration and loosening all of the heaviness, density, and darkness. Loosening it from the physical body allowing you to heal. Once you feel the light, you choose the light instead of the darkness. You can understand the intention, because there is no formula, it can’t be translated word for word. The energy is intention. It is not words. The blockage in her throat chakra was removed now that she knows what it was.

Practitioner prompts the higher self to do a body scan.

She has an attachment on her upper back where she feels a lot of stress and tight muscles.

Practitioner prompts the higher self to assist is removing the entity.

-The entity is removed.

The Practitioner guides to fill the space with light from source and seal it. Muscles are relaxed so as not to bother her in remembrance of what was there.

Practitioner: She (client) would like to be able to see entities and fairies etc.. Will she be able to do this?

She will be able to see them. It’s the same. Different dimensions are of different vibrations so, it’s the same. To see something that exists in a different dimension will be possible when you vibrate at the same frequency. She’s opening herself up to the possibility of it. It will come soon in human terms.

Practitioner: She (client) would like to know about the energy waves and “The Event”.

Waves have come to varying degrees. A bigger wave will come. Many beings are trying to stop this wave. They can’t stop it. It will happen before this time next year. Don’t worry about it. Keep freeing yourselves from programming and the constraints of this existence. People are ready right now to awaken. She can tell the people she loves because they are ready. They might be defensive but they will hear her and it will stay in their thoughts and they will think about it and the knowledge will do its job along with their guides and higher-self. It’s the same for everybody. The information can trigger the opening and allowing of help from Guides and Angels to assist those persons to awaken. With the larger wave, there will be some panic, and some fires. People don’t understand what’s happening and they are scared and afraid. Some of them are afraid. Some are accepting and welcoming.

Practitioner: Do we need to prepare with supplies?

If it helps you to not be afraid, then you can gather supplies. You don’t need them because the universe will take care of you. You will be vibrating higher and you will not need the provisions that you gather. It’s like, the wave of energy that has been coming in, and will come in, it does the same thing as I described, of the Light language. It helps you to release the dense energy, the heaviness, and the darkness, so that you can let in the light more. So that you can shine brighter and you can hold more light. The wave does the same thing. It helps you shake off the denseness. It helps you be aware and understand the oneness of everything. That understanding propels your evolution and your vibration even higher. These waves allow you to feel the light and allow you to decide to let go and shake off the density. It affects everybody but some are more resistant than others to let go. Some are ready to let go and some are not ready to let go. It’s like everything in your life was designed to get you to the point where you are ready to let go while these waves are coming in because it amplifies, it helps, and propels you. Some people are ready like her (client). They are ready for a change. They are at the right point in their lives and are ready to let go. Some people, aren’t ready to let go. Some people, don’t see the benefits of letting go.

Practitioner: She (client) wants to know how she can better connect with you her higher self.

It’s so funny. She’s been connected and she didn’t know she was connected. She’s always been connected and she didn’t know it. It’s where all of her inspiration comes from. She’s a creator, she loves creating. It’s what everything has been about in her life. She loves creating. She is now expressing it through her business. She loves creating something amazing from nothing. Putting all of the little pieces together, and making something amazing.

Practitioner: Will she be able to connect with you again for a later session?

The connection will be deeper and better each time.

Practitioner: During this session we had multiple device failures. What type of equipment should we use in the future?

Use older equipment. You can use new equipment for future sessions with others. For sessions with her (client) use tape. Like cassette or video tape.

Practitioner: Are there any closing messages for her (client).

Just trust.