Two Past Lives On Other Planets

In this Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the Practitioner is Lilah Moriarty. The Client is anonymous and will be referred to as Client. Some portions were edited for privacy. This session may not be representative of typical Kindred Being Quantum Healing Sessions.

At the beginning of every Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session, the client is induced into a relaxed state of hypnosis. In this state the client is able to access memories of past lives and to connect with high frequency beings. In this session, this relaxed state produced the following results…


Client: I’m seeing a beehive. A honeycomb.

Practitioner: Is this a beehive or is it a complex similar to a beehive?

Client: I don’t hear any bees.

Practitioner: Are you here alone or are there other beings with you?

Client: I think there are others.

Practitioner: Okay, expand your consciousness out and feel where another being is and move to that space, and describe this being.

Client: It’s wearing armor or a suit. A hard suit. It’s like a red hard suit. It has like weird shapes behind the helmet behind the suit like circular weird shapes.

Practitioner: Can you see down to your own feet?

Client: Yeah I’m wearing like the metal suit too. The metal boots.

Practitioner: Reach out with your knowingness and do you feel like a male or a female? Or do these beings have gender?

Client: I’m thinking male.

Practitioner: What is your relationship with this being that you came up on in the armor suit with the weird helmet hanging behind it?

Client: feels like we’re working together.

Practitioner: What kind of work do you do?

Client: Hmmm, I don’t know, I can’t tell if we’re on a planet or in a ship.

Practitioner: Are there any windows nearby?

Client: Yeah, I feel like we’re standing at a big window or a screen.

Practitioner: What is on this screen or on this window?

Client: Getting two flashes. One of like an ocean on a planet and one looking out through a screen at the circle of a planet below.

Practitioner: Do you now feel like you’re on a planet or in the ship?

Client: I think on the ship.

Practitioner: So you’re looking at the screen. Why do you think you’re there?

Client: It might be our planet and we’re going somewhere. The ocean’s green and still.

Practitioner: You’re leaving this planet, do you know if you have family aboard?

Client: I don’t think so. The one that I saw earlier, is my friend. I think she’s a female.

Practitioner: She wears the armor as well?

Client: Yeah, I can’t really make out exactly what the armor looks like, the armor suit. It’s got, it has like really ornate shapes behind it. Behind the helmet and behind the suit so...

Practitioner: The ornaments are on the back?

Client: Yeah, almost like, almost like an Indian chief would have a really long headdress all the way down his back but it’s made of metal and it’s really ornate and it looks like it’s decorative.

Practitioner: Is there a significance to the pattern that she is wearing?

Client: Now I get the feeling that she’s in charge.

Practitioner: Do you have a similar pattern going down your back?

Client: Maybe something but not just like it. She’s wearing red. Her suits red and I think mine is almost like an army green color.

Practitioner: Do the colors define your designations?

Client: I think so because I think she’s in charge.

Practitioner: Can you describe more of what you see?

Client: I feel like these are protective suits but we are inside of them these are mechanical suits. I don’t know.

Practitioner: Let’s get a sense of what you look like by describing what your friend looks like. What color skin does she have?

Client: It’s hard to see because I think she has like um, I think her eyes are glowing.

Practitioner: Her eyes are glowing, is there a color to this glow?

Client: It’s like a dog’s in the light at night with the glow. It’s kind of like that. I have a feeling that they are like the eyes that a fly would have or a spider would have that’s almost like a screen themselves.

Practitioner: I need to take a break. Take a moment and observe what is around you.

(several minute break)

Practitioner: Do you want to describe to me what has transpired?

Client: I don’t know, I haven’t been able to get any answers.

Practitioner: Okay, we had described your feet as being armored. Is there also armor covering your hands?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: If you were to take one of your armored gloves off, what would your hand look like?

Client: I don’t know maybe like three of four fingers.

Practitioner: Does it have a thumb or is that including your thumb?

Client: I guess it’s including it.

Practitioner: What color are your hands?

Client: Like a blue green.

Practitioner: Are there any distinctive markings on your hands?

Client: Um, just kind of thin. Just kind of bulbous fingertips.

Practitioner: You said you were wearing armor. Is it shiny armor?

Client: Mine is dull. It’s dull. Hers is shiny red.

Practitioner: If you were to move slightly closer to your friend and her shiny red armor, can you catch a glimpse of what your face looks like in this shiny armor?

Client: I don’t know. I kind of see a cat’s eye.

Practitioner: A cat’s eye?

Client: Umhm.

Practitioner: Is it similar eyes to what your friend has?

Client: No she has different eyes.

Practitioner: What other features do you notice?

Client: I don’t know, that’s all I can see.

Practitioner: Alright, we found out that you were looking out a screen or out a window at a still ocean. I want us to go ahead and leave this scene and go to something, a significant part of this beings life, of your life in the future. Be there now and describe the scene.

Client: I don’t know it feels like I’m near some kind of volcano.

Practitioner: A volcano?

Client: Yeah, like an active volcano with like magma. It makes me feel like “Joe vs the volcano”.

Practitioner: Why do you think you’re near this volcano?

Client: I don’t know. I want to put something in it.

Practitioner: What do you think you’re putting in it?

Client: Like sprinkling some kind of substance. We’re doing something to affect the planet that we’re on.

Practitioner: Is this your planet or a different planet?

Client: I think it’s a different planet.

Practitioner: Does this planet have a name?

Client: Something to do with an R. Rrr something to do with an RH.

Practitioner: I will touch your arm and you will know the name of the planet.

Client: I want to say Rhon Rhondren. Rhondron. It makes me think of Rhododendron or something. It’s like Rhondren.

Practitioner: You said you were trying to affect the planet. Is this a change for the better or is this a change, what kind of change is this?

Client: I think this planet has a lot of volcanoes a lot of magma and I think we’re trying to cool it down. Calm it down.

Practitioner: For what reason?

Client: So that it can be inhabitable at some point.

Practitioner: By who?

Client: I don’t know.

(bathroom break)

Practitioner: We’re going to continue where we left off.

Client: I do want to mention iridescence on the skin.

Practitioner: Very interesting, so it’s like a blue green iridescence.

Client: In some spots.

Practitioner: Are you able to reconnect with that point in time where we were watching the volcanos and pouring some substance into the volcanos?

Client: A blue substance. It’s like a powder and then it has some little bubbles shapes too like tear drop shapes and we’re putting it into the volcano.

Practitioner: Is this your main job?

Client: It’s just our mission right now.

Practitioner: Your mission alright, does this planet that you’re on have water?

Client: No. It’s mostly fiery.

Practitioner: Are your suits protecting you from the heat?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: After you pour this substance into the volcano to cool it, what do you do next?

Client: I think we go back up and watch it for a while and see what happens.

Practitioner: So it’s a pretty quick process.

Client: I don’t know, I feel like, we’re going to be here a long time. I don’t know how long.

Practitioner: Okay, is there anything else during this time period that you’d like to share or should we move on?

Client: Move on.

Practitioner: Okay, let’s move forward to the next important time in your life where something significant happens that affects your life be there now and describe what you see.

Client: I think it’s a baby.

Practitioner: Is this your baby?

Client: I think so, I don’t know how it was made but it looks kind of like me with the blue green skin iridescence and it has like darker green stripes across its face, down it’s face and it has like the cat eyes and kind of a big head.

Practitioner: About how old do you think this baby is?

Client: Very young like if it were a human baby it would be under a year.

Practitioner: Okay, and is this baby able to communicate at under a year.

Client: Umm, I don’t think so, just move around and make I guess kind of like sounds.

Practitioner: Is it a girl or is it a boy?

Client: Maybe a girl.

Practitioner: What is the baby wearing?

Client: I think it’s naked.

Practitioner: Okay, look around the room. This room that has your baby in it. Do you see any other family in the room?

Client: I think we’re in a nursery with other babies. There might be, I think, there’s a female holding the baby.

Practitioner: Is this female related to you in anyway?

Client: Umm, I guess she could be my mate, I don’t know.

Practitioner: Okay, I’d like you to walk up close to this female and make a connection with her and find out if she is your mate, or what kind of connection you have with her.

Client: Hmmm, I don’t know.

Practitioner: Reach out with your feelings and see if you have feelings towards this female.

Client: I care about the baby.

Practitioner: Search your knowing and tell how this species reproduces? Do they reproduce like humans do or do they reproduce in some other way?

Client: I think it’s a different way, I think, I’m not sure but I think they’re almost like grown in this nursery.

Practitioner: Are they grown from an egg or are they just grown in some other way?

Client: I’m getting the idea that we all contribute to make these babies. So like, I don’t know, whatever it takes to make them. The equivalent to human sperm and eggs. We all contribute, then they’re made and then when your ready, one is assigned to you. So it’s not necessarily your genetic child.

Practitioner: If this baby was assigned to you, what is your role in this family unit?

Client: I don’t know I just feel like I have accomplished some things and I’m ready to take some time away from work and focus it on teaching a new baby.

Practitioner: Will you be doing this by yourself?

Client: I think she’s gonna help me but I still don’t know if I have any connection with her. She might be, hired to help me I don’t know.

Practitioner: Kind of like a nanny or a caregiver?

Client: Yeah, I’m not sure.

Practitioner: How are you feeling about becoming in essence a father?

Client: I’m excited about it and the baby is really cute!

Practitioner: Do you bond with this baby?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: What ways do you bond with the baby?

Client: I’m holding it. I feel a connection with it.

Practitioner: Do you take this baby on walks? Do you take it to the outside? Are you still on the ship or are you back on the planet?

Client: I’m not sure because I’m inside most of the time so I can’t tell. They’re both metal structures so I don’t know where I am.

Practitioner: Do you have quarters or a home in this structure?

Client: Well, the first thing that comes to mind, is like I sleep, I don’t know if I sleep there, I don’t know what it is! It could be a bath, I don’t know what it is. It’s like a bath of goo.

Practitioner: Does the baby sleep in this bath of goo with you?

Client: I think it has its own bath of goo. The room is round. There is, like a lot of circular cutouts in the walls that are almost like shelves, circle everywhere like, I don’t know how to describe it.

Practitioner: Are any of these windows?

Client: No I don’t think so.

Practitioner: What are on your shelves?

Client: I don’t think anything is on them, they are just metal cutouts in the walls like I don’t know, I can’t describe it.

Practitioner: If someone was able to walk by the outside of your living unit would they be able to look in through these cutouts?

Client: No. It’s just like how the walls are made.

Practitioner: This goo that you sleep in, are you able to breath in this goo?

Client: I don’t know. I think I become submerged in it so then I must be able to breathe in it. That’s why I thought maybe it was just a bath, I don’t know how you can breathe in the goo.

Practitioner: Okay well let’s put that aside and just experience what’s happening and not try to reason it away. So you can submerge in this goo, does the baby submerge in it’s own goo?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: And there’s no need to worry about the baby being submerged in the goo?

Client: No. I think this is where we sleep in it like, it heals and revitalizes our body or something. I think it also feeds us.

Practitioner: Okay, do you need any other kind of food?

Client: No I don’t think so, I think we can actually go a few days in between. We don’t have to do it all the time.

Practitioner: Lets go ahead and move ahead to another significant time in your life and describe that scene.

Client: I don’t know I feel like I’m seeing our skin, our type of skin, but it’s all dried out. I don’t know whose skin it is but I see like our type of skin and it’s not supple and moveable, it’s all dried out.

Practitioner: Is this on another being or is this on your hand or is it?

Client: I don’t know. It’s all dried out and it’s not moving and it’s like chalky looking.

Practitioner: What caused this?

Client: I don’t know it’s coming to mind of not being in the goo.

Practitioner: Why wouldn’t you be in the goo or why wouldn’t this skin be in the goo?

Client: Like a crash or something like a crash. Where it doesn’t have access to the goo.

Practitioner: Did you crash on a different planet than your own?

Client: Uh, I don’t know, I keep getting flashes of a desert scene.

Practitioner: Do you know the name of the planet you crashed on?

Client: I keep wanting to say Mars, I don’t know if that’s right.

Practitioner: You’re able to breathe on this planet yes?

Client: I think we have suits but they’re different suits than before they’re not those heavy metal suits. They are kind of lighter suits. It’s more glass with a lighter metal not those heavy duty suits we were wearing before.

Practitioner: What do these suits help you do?

Client: Help us to move around on the planet.

Practitioner: Do they help you breathe on this planet or are you just able to breathe?

Client: I think we’re using something to help us breathe.

Practitioner: So you crashed on Mars and you’re using the suits to help you navigate You have something helping you breathe, what is it that you are currently trying to accomplish?

Client: We’re sent here like on a mission and something went wrong. We’re left here or something.

Practitioner: Okay, you’re saying “we”, who is “we”?

Client: There’s two or three of us.

Practitioner: Is the baby with you?

Client: No.

Practitioner: Could the baby have grown up and then been with you?

Client: No I don’t think so.

Practitioner: Okay, how much time did you spend left on Mars?

Client: I don’t think we made it out of there because I see that skin all dried up like that.

Practitioner: Let’s go ahead and move to the end of the lifetime of this being.

Client: We’re having trouble breathing now.

Practitioner: Are you all together?

Client: Yeah, we’re all together, I feel like we’re trying to hide ourselves. So  nobody will find our remains later.

Practitioner: What type of place are you hiding yourself?

Client: Some sort of shallow cave or outcropping or something.

Practitioner: Why don’t you want to be found? Why don’t you want your remains to be found?

Client: In case anybody that’s not supposed to find us, goes there.

Practitioner: Whose not supposed to find you?

Client: I think, there’s lots of people who aren’t supposed to find us.

Practitioner: Okay, are these people who know about you or people who don’t know about you?

Client: Some of them don’t know about us.

Practitioner: Okay we’re going to move on to leaving your body. Be there, see yourself from above.

Client: Yeah, I look bad! All dried out! Really gaunt and it looks bad!

Practitioner: Can you tell me what the purpose of this life was?

Client: I don’t know but I see a lot of colors, a lot of blues, and purples, and greens.

Practitioner: So you see blues and purples and greens. Are those lights or are they shapes? Are they beings?

Client: Lights just lines of light. I think I am greeted by some other beings like me.

Practitioner: You’re greeted by other beings like you? What do these other beings say to you?

Client: They’re trying to give me something. Some sort of a crown or a trophy or something.

Practitioner: Why are they trying to give you a crown or a trophy?

Client: I don’t know. I think they’re saying I did a good job.

Practitioner: Okay, you did a good job so they give you a crown or a trophy. What is the good job that you did?

Client: I always did the best I could. I always tried to help. I took responsibility.

Practitioner: Do you feel like, this was your purpose, doing the best that you could and always trying to help, and taking responsibility?

Client: I think my purpose was to, I keep seeing the baby so I think the purpose was to care for and teach the child. Make room for that in my life even though I had a lot of responsibilities. Other responsibilities.

Practitioner: What happened to that baby as it grew?

Client: It went off to school and was going into the same sort of position that I was in.

Practitioner: So you passed it on.

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: How did that make you feel?

Client: Good like there was somebody to take my place because I didn’t make it as long as I thought I would. Didn’t live as long as I thought I would.

Practitioner: About how long do you think you lived?

Client: I don’t know, a long time.

Practitioner: Do you think your species lives longer than humans?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: So you met up with these beings that gave you a crown for doing a good job and fulfilling your purpose, what happened to your spirit or to yourself after this?

Client: I get the impression that they’re telling me to relax now, that I’ve done my job but I want to go right back in to another life.

Practitioner: Did you go back into another life or did you take some time for yourself?

Client: I don’t know.

Practitioner: Okay that’s fine okay, before we close this scene, do you have an impression of what your name was when you were alive?

Client: It’s hard to say because I don’t think we talk. I don’t think we talk.

Practitioner: Okay, alright, let’s go ahead and close the scene on this life and we’re going to allow your consciousness to drift. Drift through space, drift through the ether, to another important time and life, and we’re going to settle into this life and find out more about it. Can you describe what you are seeing?

Client: Some kind of weird plant or flower. It’s like red and orange and white, it’s almost like the bottom of it is like white lace but it’s not lace, it’s made out of plant material. It looks like that and then it’s red and orange like not really petals cause it’s all connected but almost like an open flower.

Practitioner: Okay, and this flower, are you looking at this flower?

Client: Yes. It’s big!

Practitioner: It’s big. In relation to you, how big is this flower?

Client: Really big.

Practitioner: Okay, alright, how big do you feel?

Client: I feel medium big, I don’t know.

Practitioner: Okay, alright, are you able to sense what you look like? Are you male or female?

Client: I don’t know.

Practitioner: okay, let’s look down at your feet. Are you wearing anything on your feet?

Client: I’ve got skinny little feet.

Practitioner: Okay, do they have any covering on them like shoes or are you barefoot?

Client: They’re bare.

Practitioner: Are you wearing any sort of pants?

Client: I don’t know what I am, there’s all kinds of creatures around and I don’t know if any of them are me.

Practitioner: Alright, let’s go ahead and expand our consciousness to these other creatures that are around and the one that is you I want you to feel drawn to and you will become this creature. What creature are you? What do you look like?

Client: I think I’m some kind of a bug thing.

Practitioner: Okay, how many legs do you have?

Client: I think I have four little skinny legs with four little skinny feet and a big body on those feet. A big heavy body on those feet and legs.

Practitioner: Do you have any kind of wings?

Client: No wings.

Practitioner: What shape is your body?

Client: It’s like rounded.

Practitioner: What about your eyes?

Client: I don’t know.

Practitioner: Are there any other creatures similar to yourself around.

Client: Maybe, I think it’s, I don’t know.

Practitioner: You’re going with your first impression.

Client: Kind of like a beetle with, like a beetle, a shell armor body but when you ask about my eyes, I’m thinking more like snail eyes.

Practitioner: Okay, so you’re able to retract them and extend them?

Client: I think so.

Practitioner: Very interesting. Is that what you were using in order to look at this flower?

Client: Yeah.

Practitioner: Do you have an impression yet of whether you are a male or a female beetle?

Client: No. My feet look funny when I look down at them. They look like they’re dancing feet.

Practitioner: You like to move?

Client: Yeah they move, they move fast.

Practitioner: What do you do amongst these flowers?

Client: I think I just live here. I think I just eat stuff and enjoy the sun and the flowers. I don’t know hang out I guess.

Practitioner: What sort of things do you eat?

Client: Plants.

Practitioner: Are you strictly an herbivore?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: What is your favorite thing to eat?

Client: I think it’s that flower! The lacy looking stuff.

Practitioner: What do you like about the flower? Why is it your favorite thing to eat?

Client: It’s really pretty and I can eat some of the lacy stuff and not hurt it.

Practitioner: You said you also like to hang out. Are you hanging out with other beetles?

Client: Yeah but there’s other creatures too.

Practitioner: You hang out with other creatures in addition to creatures like yourself? What do these other creatures look like?

Client: Before, I saw one that almost looks like a, he has a face that looks like a seed head or a feather or something with a lot of wispy things around his face. He was funny.

Practitioner: What color was it?

Client: It was like white or off white. Just like going out from his face all of these feathery wispy things.

Practitioner: What color are you?

Client: I know my feet and legs are blue like a light blue. I think my body is like brown and tan.

Practitioner: We’re going to go ahead and move forward to a significant time in your life as this beetle. I want you to go there now and describe what you see.

Client: I just see myself going down to the water and drinking some of the water and getting along with all of the other creatures. I see the same kind of flowers. I think I like live under those flowers too because they are like big and they can give me shelter and I can eat the lacy stuff.

Practitioner: When you’re down at the water, getting a drink of water, are you able to look at yourself in this water? Are there any details you’d like to add about yourself? What color is your head?

Client: I think it’s tan.

Practitioner: Do you have a normal mouth? Do you have a proboscis?

Client: I don’t know what that is.

Practitioner: Bees have a proboscis. It’s kind of a straw that comes out of their mouth so that they can drink nectar.

Client: I think my mouth is straight across, a line straight across but I think it might come out a little bit. I think my face looks kind of like a snail.

Practitioner: Okay but you have an armor body, and feet, and you move quickly.

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: Is there anything else going on in this scene?

Client: There’s a lot of us at the water drinking.

Practitioner: Are any of these there with you your family?

Client: Yeah, but there’s so many of us we don’t really hang out with our family.

Practitioner: Is there a hierarchy in this beetle grouping?

Client: Not that I can sense.

Practitioner: Any type of organization?

Client: Not that I can sense.

Practitioner: Alright, let’s go ahead and move on from this scene to another significant scene in this beetles life.

Client: Just thinking that I have to cross this skinny pathway to get to the other side and I’m a little worried about it.

Practitioner: What do you decide to do?

Client: I have to go across it.

Practitioner: Is the pathway through water or it is high up in the air?

Client: I think it’s high up. I think there’s more food on the other side.

Practitioner: Go ahead and cross the thin pathway and describe to me what happens.

Client: I think it moves a little bit as I’m crossing it. I think it’s some sort of natural thing. I’m worried about it moving underneath me but I make it across.

Practitioner: Was it some type of vine you were crossing?

Client: Something like that or a leaf or something.

Practitioner: So, you make it to the other side, what do you do?

Client: I take a rest. Then I go look for more of those flowers.

Practitioner: What happened to the flowers that you were under initially?

Client: I think it got crowded with other beetles.

Practitioner: Do you find the flowers you’re looking for?

Client: Yeah, I have to travel a ways but I find them.

Practitioner: Do you end up staying there? Is this your home or are you just coming for the food?

Client: Yeah, it’s my new home.

Practitioner: I know I didn’t ask but, do you happen to have a name?

Client: I don’t know.

Practitioner: Alright, so you make this your new home, what kind of things do you do there?

Client: I pick up some things in the way that I don’t like there and I move them. It’s more comfortable. I might eat some of the white lacy stuff.

Practitioner: Which you really enjoy because it’s your favorite food.

Client: Uh huh.

Practitioner: Are most of your days similar?

Client: Yeah.

Practitioner: Okay, alright, let’s go ahead and move to the end of the life of this beetle. Can you describe what happened?

Client: Yeah, I saw it before, I got trapped underneath one of those flowers. The petals are like, I would say, it would be like um, a sheet of latex or something. Like a latex glove. Like that kind of a thing. So, it trapped me, and like it fell down on top of me or something and I couldn’t get through.

Practitioner: Was this intentional by the plant, to trap you?

Client: No, I don’t think so. I don’t know what caused it to fall down. Maybe I ate too much.

Practitioner: Okay, I want you to go ahead and leave the body of the beetle, feel yourself leaving the beetle, very thankful for its existence and for it sharing its story. Can you tell me the purpose in why this beetle’s life was shared with us today?

Client: I think it was nice to have a life where all my needs were taken care of and there wasn’t much worry or stress. It was just relaxed and really enjoyable. Maybe just to understand that even the smallest things have consciousness. I know I really liked that life!

Practitioner: Wonderful, alright, do you feel like you fulfilled your purpose as a beetle? The life purpose of that beetle?

Client: Yeah, I was just supposed to understand how nature works, how simple things work.

Practitioner: Okay, well we’re going to go ahead and let go of this life and as we let go, we’re gonna disconnect with it and we’re going to move on to speaking to some of the Client’s Guides. Are the Client’s Guides available to be spoken to?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: Thank you for being present. Who am I speaking to?

Client: (Guide’s name)

Practitioner: (Guide’s name), what do you do to help the Client?

Client: Can we go deeper?

Practitioner: Yes, let’s do that. (Assisting the client to go deeper) Are the Client’s Guides currently present?

Client: Maybe (different Guide’s name).

Practitioner: (different Guides name), the Client has told me that you assist the Client in business matters. Is this correct?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: What is your background in business?

Client: Many successful businesses.

Practitioner: Were your successful businesses as a human?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: What time period did you live in?

Client: 1700’s

Practitioner: And you had many successful businesses in the 1700’s?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: Have you incarnated since the 1700’s?

Client: No.

Practitioner: As a Spirit Guide, are you able to understand our current technology and how it interfaces? What the current needs are in this time?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: Thank you. Is there anything you would like the Client to know regarding business or personal?

(several minutes go by)

Practitioner: The Client is enjoying learning a new trade. How do you feel about the Client pursuing this?

Client: I don’t know.

Practitioner: It seems like we are having some trouble connecting.

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: Do you have any suggestions on how to help the Client to connect better?

Client: To meditate

Practitioner: Is that something The Client should do right now or in the future?

Client: The future.

Practitioner: I know that the Client was hoping to have a better connection in this regression. Does more preparation need to be done ahead of time?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: Does the Client need to meditate before we start sessions in the future?

Client: Yes.

Practitioner: Before we move on, are there any messages that you can give to the Client? Something the Client can take away with from the session?

(several moments go by)

Client: No.

Practitioner: We’re going to thank the Client’s Guides for allowing us to try to connect with you today.

The session is ended and the Client is brought back to full awareness.