In Person Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session With Practitioner Jaime

In Person Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session With Practitioner Jaime


Welcome to your Journey of inner discovery. Discover the expansive soul that you are. Experience your past lives and the purpose for your life here now. Connect with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self in a new way. Receive messages and answers to your questions. Be assisted in your Self-Healing.

This Journey is assisted and facilitated in person by your Practitioner Jaime. Sessions are wholly guided by you the client and your Higher Self making all sessions different. Sessions can last up to 5 hours and consist of an Introduction, Induction, session, and session review.

The introduction is between you and your Practitioner as well as your accompanying teams of unseen Guides and Helpers. A review of your questions and your intention for the session.

The Induction is a guided meditation used to relax you into a state of connection where you will be able to access information from previous lives and connect with your Guides and Higher self.

The Session is the portion that allows you to respond to your practitioner’s questions about your impressions and visions while in this state of connection.

Th Review is the time after the session where you can address the answers you’ve received and involves “grounding” you back to this plane.

All sessions depend wholly on the Client. The most important thing to bring to the session is an open mind and an honest desire to learn and explore.

If you have further questions Contact Us or review our KBBQH informative page.

Jaime offers In person sessions in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. The exact address and location should be provided upon booking. Jaime is available for travel. If there are several sessions booked by Clients in a similar region, Jaime will travel to facilitate those sessions in that area. If you have friends and family in your area who would like a session, notify us and travel will be arranged to facilitate those sessions near you.

Kindred Being founders, Jaime and Lilah, would like to invite you to book a session. For a KBBQH session with practitioner Jaime click down below. Click here to find out more about booking a session with practitioner Lilah.

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