Tarot Reading for Week of 12/10/17

Tarot - VIII Justice & 5 of Pentacles.jpg

VIII - Justice (Reversed) & Five of Pentacles - Worry


I asked my guides to assist in pulling a main and supporting tarot card for the upcoming week. The first card drawn was the VIII - Justice in reverse. This card brings up an imbalance that exists for us this week. It’s a time of self examination. A time to check in with ourselves and take an honest assessment. Recent circumstances may have upset the balance we once enjoyed or want, lending us to feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. These feelings may have progressed into our being overly critical of ourselves or others.


The companion card was the Five of Pentacles - or the Worry card. When we over analyze a situation it’s as if we jump on a merry-go-round. This merry-go-round takes us through the emotions of  worry, agonizing, fret, anxiousness, indecisiveness and back again. This merry go round will continue as long as we remain on the ride, hours, days, weeks, or years. Our delima may have us running for this familiar merry-go-round. Stop, take a few deep breaths and stay in the present. Do not get lost in the future fears or past regrets. Make a reassessment while being objective. Take your emotions out of the equation. Things will feel much clearer.


It is time to take a step away from the current situation. This will  allow us to formulate a new approach towards a resolution. Even if we cannot change our current circumstances we can accept it and focus on learning the underlying lesson. Just remember things are not always black and white. Remain flexible and this will open us up to solutions we didn’t even consider.