Tarot Reading for Week of 12/17/17

I’m very excited by this week’s tarot reading. The cards pulled are XIII Death-Rebirth and the Nine of Cups.

The XIII Death-Rebirth card is one of my favorite cards. It depicts the phoenix rising from the ashes. It is letting us know that transformation is on the horizon. We are experiencing a resistance to change, or we may be holding on to old ways that no longer suit us. Taking a good hard look at ourselves, we will find it is time to address the old issues or finally just let them go and move past them.

The nine of cups is reminding us that we have already begun daydreaming of a future of fulfilment and happiness in all aspects of our lives - spiritual, emotional, financial, and more. It is time to make a change to get there.

These thoughts are supported by the the fact that our week starts off with the two 17s- 12/17/17. Seventeen indicates that we are on the right path, supported by our spirit guides and the universe at large.

We are on the verge of achieving our goals. We need to step resolutely into our future and all we have wanted for ourselves will begin to manifest!