Tarot Reading for week of 12/24/17

Asking for guidance for the coming week, I pulled the XII Hanged Man & Five of Cups - Depression

These cards have to do with letting go of old patterns that restrict us. Whether these are thought patterns or routines that may not be in accordance with our true selves. This might be causing us undue depression or a feeling of being stuck and unable to move on. We need to examine what is holding us back. Are we letting our fears of lack or loss keep us from moving forward?

Depression is our bodies way of telling us we are not living the life were were meant to live. In the past sheer strength of will or determination may have pulled us out of depression. Maybe we can’t find that strength and determination right now.  We may realize that pulling from our own stores may not be enough to break us free from this cycle this time. Remember that we are not alone, other Kindred Beings are struggling with the same issues.

In order to break free, we may need to take drastic action the Hanged Man suggests. The action of turning things upside down for a different perspective. The five of cups suggests that we may have been so hyper-focused on our problems lately that we have not left room to see the opportunities around us. We need to look at ourselves, the whole world, and the universe from a new perspective. This may mean a change in how we spend our energy, our time, or our money. Gaining this new perspective is worth investing our resources. The Universe is supporting us through this transformational time. Acknowledging that our old life was not working for us, will  help us make the changes needed to begin living the life we truly want and were meant to have.