Tarot Reading for Week of 12/31/17

VI The Lovers & Prince of Wands

This is the time of year when we reflect on our core beliefs and what we value is sacred. Some of the  choices we’ve made this last year moved us closer to our ideals and others farther away.

As our year comes to an end, we are able to reflect on where we truly stand. Some things went well last year but there are areas we would still like to see improvement. The good news is, 2018 brings a perfect time to see these changes come to fruition.

This week's cards were VI The Lovers and The Prince of Wands. Both of these cards have Fire and Air elements. They are reminding us to trust her intuition. As long as we have conviction of our ideas, we will see results. Both of these cards are action cards, one is of making a choice and the other of overcoming obstacles to make it happen. The lion on both cards reminds us that our inspiration comes from a spiritual place. So this creativity can't help but be successful.

VI on The Lovers card reminds us of our loving caring nature. We care deeply for others sometimes sacrificing to the point where we neglect our own needs. The Lovers alerts us to the idea that we may be faced with a choice this coming week this choice may come with some hardship. As long as we remember to reflect on each decision we make and whether it brings us closer to our goal then we will make the right choice.

We have all these new ideas for 2018. It's the Prince of Wands that will help us stay on track. This card not only reminds us to go forth without fear but also in our quest for success our determination will carry us through. Calculated risk may be in order, but we will see results when we put our ideas into action.

This looks to be a promising week. Keep bringing to mind our goals and we can't go wrong!