Tarot Reading Week of 1/14/18

The Emperor reversed and The Six of Cups reversed tarot were pulled for the week of 1/14/18.


The Emperor reversed tells us there seems to be a shift happening for us. We were once complacent with our daily routine and where we were in life. Things were steady. We knew what to expect because every week was like the last. This steady routine used to provide us comfort and a feeling of security. But lately things aren't fitting like they used to. We are becoming uncomfortable with what used to be our safety net. Growth is on the horizon. Our interest in things previously unknown to us is setting us on a new journey of discovery. Stepping out of our comfort zone will help us find our true path.

The Six of Cups reversed is telling us there may still be some childhood issues holding us back. Identifying the root of these issues may help us to finally let them go. No matter how much hurt is back there it cannot hurt us NOW. Our current shift will help us see our way to freedom. And begin our first step into a presence without the heavy load we have been carrying around our whole life.

Together The Emperor reversed and The Six of Cups reversed is showing us that we are ready to start moving into a new future. One quite different from the one we have previously known. Every day we will make choices that move us closer to our goal. Breaking the pattern of our past may not be easy.  But the rewards will be more than we can imagine.  Our future starts NOW!