Tarot Reading week of 1/7/18

The Empress & The Five of Swords

Together these cards say a lot about our current communications and relationships. They bring to the forefront the discord that has been surfacing. We find ourselves swallowing our feelings and words in order to keep the peace. We may believe that being “The Peacekeeper” is an admirable trait. It’s true, we may hold a skill that others lack. However, we are not at war and we should stop thinking we need to be martyrs. Besides, in may cases, this is a tactic that only delays the inevitable.

Having the reversed Empress and reversed five of swords appear, puts a spotlight on the current situation. Things have come to a head. We may feel ill equipped to convey our feelings without a blow up. We may be angry, annoyed, or fed up. Try boiling the feelings down to what is really underneath. Are we feeling taken for granted, unheard, overwhelmed? Knowing the underlying truth of the situation will help us to set aside any accusations we may be used to flinging when we get this wound up. Once we know the root issue, it’s time to  take responsibility for our part. Had we been more vocal when the issue first occurred it would not have compounded into what it is today. Keep in mind not everything has to be a confrontation. If we start talking about things as they come up, we may just open up a discussion where we find it easier to share our opinion.

If we still feel like there is something we need to get off our chest. Bring it up casually and don't forget to own our part in it. Harmony is our true goal. Creating a safe space where everyone can share their needs or opinions and feel heard. Speak from the heart and you can feel good no matter the outcome.

Remember those that truly care for us will still be standing beside us in the end. And if they walk or drift away, we can mentally thank them for the lessons they brought to our lives and wish them well on their own continued spiritual journey.