Light Language

Light Language has been and is being "downloaded" to awakened individuals across our planet. Light Language is a multidimensional language being received from high vibrational beings. The language includes sound codes and sound code activations. This activates codes embedded in our DNA. These beings are imparting us with this language to assist Gaia's inhabitants in raising the vibration of the individual as well as on a mass scale. This Light Language is to be shared. 

The Light Language has no structure or form. It cannot be translated word for word. The intent behind the light language can be understood. Light Language moves energy and vibration. When listening to Light Language, a restful state is recommended. This is the state of allowing. This state will allow one to feel the energy being moved throughout the body. 

The Light Language found on this page is channeled through the body of Kindred Being founder Jaime Rodriguez. Jaime's own Light Language was activated after hearing it spoken during a BQH session. Listening to the voice within, she is compelled to speak it and share it. 


Bringing In Source Light

This Light Language was recorded with the intent to awaken the listener to the existence of Source light, to open the listener's crown chakra, and move the Source light down through the crown to fill the body. Each Chakra is activated and balanced on this journey. A bubble of Source light is then formed around the listener as a vehicle surrounding the body to raise the vibration. This bubble also serves as protection from low vibrations.

Listen to this recording often to feel it's full benefits. Twice a day for two weeks is optimal. This will teach the body to perform these actions for itself. 

This track is just under 6 minutes in length. 


Say hello to Odie. He is the four legged one you will hear saying hello to you in the track. 



Letting Go

The goal of this Light Language was to let go of the density of all emotional traumas and thoughts. This is a constant battle we wage within our bodies when we choose to raise our vibration. We may find low vibrational thoughts inhabiting our bodies without permission. This track is to release this heaviness and to introduce us to the higher vibrations. The feeling of high vibration is bliss. When feeling this bliss, we will be willing to do the work to live in this frequency. This track assists us to this goal.

The deeper more guttural sounds and intonations were digging out that heaviness that resides in all of the hidden spaces within our body. We were finding those low vibrations and bringing them to the light to be transmuted into love. We are letting go of the feeling of the heaviness, accepting the cause, and forgiving ourselves for carrying it. The higher lighter sounds were bringing in the transmuting abilities of love. 

Listen to this track whenever you need extra assistance to let go of heavy vibrations. 

This track is just under 5 minutes in length.


As this light language is channeled, there are accompanying hand gestures. Apologies if the sound of the hand hitting the microphone in the middle of the track is jarring. 



Releasing Old Habits

The intention of this Light Language track is to assist the listener in releasing old habits that no longer serve. The energy is moved to the places in the brain and in the body where the urges for these habits reside. This energy brings these urges to the light to release and transmute them. The last quarter of the track is then filling the space with beneficial practices that will help to support the listener on their journey. 

Listen to this track whenever you are ready to let go of old habits.

This track is just over 7 minutes in length.


Creating Alignment With Abundance


The Intention for this Light Language is to create a vibrational Alignment with Abundance. To be in Alignment with Abundance, we must release with gratitude, energetically as well as physically, that which no longer serves us. We must be of the vibration of gratitude for that which we have and is currently provided for us. We will want to love that which we seek to add to our lives without fear. All fear of attracting that which we seek must be released. This Light Language is releasing our own created blocks to attracting abundance and aligning our vibration with that of receiving. 

Listen to this Light Language when you are ready to accept abundance into you life.

This track is just under 10 minutes in length.


* As with all healing energetic or otherwise, there must be an absence of resistance. To receive the full benefits, one must trust the process. Kindred Being offers energetic healing to be used in cooperation with regular medical attention.