Love Yourself Yoga

We were invited to Love Yourself Yoga by instructor/owner Jordan. Meditation being our main interest, our sights have turned toward making healthy choices for our bodies. Enhancing our experiences in this existence includes taking care of the bodies we inhabit. The natural choice for us is yoga. It had been years and years since either of us (Lilah and Jaime)had practiced yoga and we had some fears of not performing well with experienced yogis. We were assured by Jordan that we would be comfortable in this class. 

With this in mind, we made our way to Love Yourself Yoga in Upland, California. Upon entering the studio, we were greeted by Jordan and her class regulars. Jordan warmly introduced us to the class and helped us to settle in. The class began by giving attention to the alter in the front of the room. Jordan had encouraged us to place our Labradorite, Smoky Quartz, and clear Quartz crystals with the candle and statue at the alter. The lights were lowered and we began in meditation. Jordan's calming and clear voice guided us through this powerful meditation. We were then led through both comfortable and challenging poses. Seamlessly transitioning from pose to pose, Jordan adapted them to each persons abilities as needed. Relaxing into each pose was a pleasure. The class closed with a rest and cool down period leaving the class relaxed and centered. 

After experiencing Jordan's class, we began to realize that Love Yourself Yoga isn't just any yoga class. Jordan creates an environment of family. It's no mystery why her regulars return week after week. Jordan attracts like energy to herself developing a powerful feeling of love, kindness and acceptance within the walls of her studio. It was a pleasure to meet her regulars and spend our Saturday morning with such a beautiful group. Love Yourself Yoga reinforces acceptance of self with loving guidance throughout the duration of class and lives up to the name! Next time you are in Upland, California, visit Jordan for a Love Yourself experience!