Pendulum Basics


The use of a pendulum sparked my personal Kindred Journey. The pendulum enabled me to identify and cultivate relationships with my Spirit Guides. It is a trusted tool for communicating with higher frequency beings. Until you have developed clairaudience, or clairvoyance, the use of a pendulum may be the main tool used to receive clear messages and answers.

Choosing A Pendulum

There are many varied types of pendulums available. There exists too many to mention in this article. The most important aspect of choosing a pendulum is selecting the pendulum that speaks to you. When you find a pendulum that speaks to you, you will know it. If you find your eyes returning to the same pendulum again and again, then that is the pendulum for you. Whether your pendulum is metal or crystal is up to you as well. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Many persons choose metal pendulums for the conductivity of the metal. Some choose crystal pendulums for the specific attributes of the crystal. We can get into those depths at a later date but you will never go wrong if you pick the pendulum that calls to you. 

Before Receiving Messages

Many persons involve themselves in rituals to ready themselves for pendulum communication. Communications are only limited by our own minds. In the past, rituals may have been necessary but we are now in a new age where all answers are available and awaiting us. Your Guides know you and will be willing to communicate with you when YOU are ready. If participating in a ritual such as lighting a candle, or saying a prayer readies your mind for communication, then it is the right choice for you. Spirit Guides do not require it. Personally, when I have time, I ready myself for a communication by releasing fear from my body, and activating my chakras. When in a hurry, I have often jumped right into communication with no precursor.

To Use A Pendulum

When using a pendulum hold the chain of the pendulum several inches above where it meets the pendulum bobble using your thumb and index finger. Use whichever hand is comfortable for you. Hold your wrist slack and support your elbow. Center the point of the pendulum either in the center of your palm, if using your palm, or in the center of the pendulum chart if using a chart. There are other methods for using a pendulum but for the purpose of this article we will focus on this method. Then begin to ask your questions. Often during pendulum communications, I will feel the muscles of my hands, wrist, and sometimes my arm moving involuntarily to produce answers. These muscle movements are my Guides using my own body to produce messages. 

Using Your Palm

I love this method because you can use it anywhere! This is a method I prefer when in a hurry or looking for a quick yes or no answer. Hold one palm flat up towards the sky. Starting from the center of your palm, establish which direction is a yes for you and your guides. Do this by simply saying either in your mind or out loud, "show me yes". The pendulum will then swing in a direction towards one of your fingers. Take note of toward which finger the pendulum swings. After you have noted toward which finger a "yes" swing is, ask your guides to center the pendulum to start again by saying either in your mind or aloud "center please". Your pendulum should then center on your palm again and cease moving. Repeat this process for finding the direction for a "No" swing.

If your pendulum doesn't swing enough to make out a direction, simply ask your guides to "show you a bigger swing so that the answers are clear". This may take practice and time for your Guides to understand the type of communication you are seeking. It takes work to train both yourself and your Guides in using this as a communication tool. If the swing directions of your "yes" and "no" are close together and not easily defined, you may set towards which finger is a "yes" and which is a "no". Simply tell your guides towards which finger you would like to be a "yes" and towards which you would like to be a "no", and then ask your Guides to "show you a yes" and then "show you a no". This may need to be practiced until you and your Guides are in sync. For instance my Guides and I use the direction from the center of my left palm towards my index finger as a "yes" and from the center of my palm to my thumb as a "no" answer. 

Once you have firmly established your "Yes" and "No", you can begin asking questions. It's amazing how many questions can be answered by a simple yes or no. I have found that if the pendulum does not move from the center of my palm, I reword the question to be more specific. Sometimes I will do this several times until my question and the answers are clear. Your Guides will not understand your question fully if you do not. Be clear in your mind of the  specifics of the question before asking for an answer. 

Using A Chart

Use a pendulum chart to get more detailed answers than "yes" and "no". Using a pendulum chart is a great way to get direct messages from your guides. You can receive words or sentences, or even paragraphs of written information this way. My personal first step in communication was to identify my Guides, their "names" and their roles for me in this incarnation. Through this method I have identified my Guides for health, business/finances, relationships, spiritual enlightenment, and my messenger Guide to name just a few. 

You can purchase a pendulum chart for use or you can make your own. I have made many pendulum charts and have established a method that works best for my Guides and I. I use the english alphabet A-Z to receive my answers. I start by drawing a half circle on a unlined piece of paper. I then find the bottom center of the circle along the flat side. The arch of the circle is facing away from you. Then the half circle is divided into twenty nine sections all meeting at the designated bottom center of the circle. The alphabet is written in the top of the individual sections from left to right. In the remaining three sections, I write an underscore "_" for a "space" option, a number sign "#" for numbers, and an arrow pointing to the left for a "back" section. This is the best system for me but you may find your own system that works better for you and your Guides.

Hold the pendulum in the center position and ask one question at a time. As the pendulum swings towards a letter, write it down. If you are unsure which letter the pendulum is swinging towards, select the letters that the pendulum may be swinging towards. Then ask in turn if this was the letter your guides were selecting for your answer. Personally, I choose two to three letters near each other that could be the correct letter, I then use my palm for "yes" and "no's" to quickly ascertain which letter is the correct choice. My Guides and I are trained to use the underscore "_" or "space" section in between words or to signify the end of a thought or sentence. One space is the end of a word and two spaces are the end of a thought or sentence. Even while using this method, there are times when a letter is selected mistakenly. When this happens, my Guides use the "back" section or the left facing arrow. When they select the "back" section once, I know to go back and start over with the last letter I have written down. If the "back" section is selected two times consecutively, I then go back and restart the entire word. This process can be tedious but with practice it gets much easier. 

Draw another smaller chart of numbers one through nine with a "_" or "space", a "back", and an "A-Z" section. There should be twelve sections total on this chart. You can draw this on a separate piece of paper or on the back of the larger "A-Z" chart. I choose to draw this on the back side of my larger chart that way I can take one piece of paper with me for use anywhere. If there are numbers involved in the message from my Guides, they will select the "#" section of the "A-Z" chart. I then switch to the number chart to select the appropriate numbers. When my guides are finished using numbers, they select the "A-Z" section and we move back to the larger chart. 

My Spirit Guides Speak Gibberish

This may happen quite often while first incorporating pendulum communications.  You may begin by receiving message that include never ending x's, q's, z's and the like spelling out nonsensical words that no google search can define meaning for. Think of this as a "practice" for your Guides. This means that "rules of communication" may need to be set with your Guides. In the beginning, I needed to often reiterate the vital "rule" of communicating in todays english, a language that I understand.  Another important "rule" I needed to establish was to use the "_" or "space" section in between words. This allowed me to receive clear answers in a way that I could best understand. When establishing "rules" of communication with your Guides, it is important to speak to your Guides respectfully but also to be completely clear as to your needs during your communications. This will greatly aid the process and allow you to receive clear answers and messages. 

What To Ask First

If I have no particular question for my Guides, I often ask an open question. I suggest asking this question often or if you have not communicated in some time. First I ask using my palm if there is an important message for me. If the answer is "yes", I ask if this message can be received via the "A-Z" chart. If the answer is "yes" again, I move to the chart. This is a great way to receive important messages that your Guides have for you now. It may be a good practice to start all communications in this way so as to understand important messages first. Also, if you do not ask this first, you may not be able to receive answers to the questions that you want to ask. Your Guides might set aside your questions until this important message is received and understood. 

Follow up Questions.

After receiving an answer, I often ask which Guide I am receiving this message from. This allows me to put the answer or message into proper context. For instance, if I get a message to "clear out old", it would have a very different meaning coming from my health Guide as opposed to my business/finance Guide.  If a message is unclear, it may be necessary to ask further follow up questions. Continue to ask for clarification on a word or message until it makes sense to you. If you are still unable to pull meaning from a message, don't be afraid to put it aside for the moment and come back to the question at a later time or date. 

About Spirit Guides

Your Spirit Guides are well versed in all matters pertaining to you. Your Guides have either been chosen for you or by you. You have many Spirit Guides. Some may be new and some may have been with you since the very beginning. You may have Guides that come in and out during this lifetime to assist you during certain times. Your Guides may have known you before this incarnation and throughout other lifetimes. They are aware of what will fulfill you and soothe your desires. They want you to make the most of this incarnation and to live up to your full potential and find your true life path. Your Guides will do everything they can to help you to attain these goals.

About Spirit Guide Messages

Spirit Guides can not for tell the future. This statement is not completely true and must be explained.  This concept took some time for me to understand fully. I will attempt to explain. Spirit Guides exist on a different plane than we do. Time does not exist for them in the way it does for us. They indeed can see the future of our lifetime, but they see many futures. Meaning that for each decision that we make, exercising our free will, the possibilities for the future change. There is an infinite number of possible futures for us. Every decision that we make, brings us closer to A future. Your Spirit Guides can calculate which future is the most likely, and they can do their best to Guide you towards a future of fulfillment, but ultimately, the choice is yours. You can change the direction of your life at any time. Because of this, you may get answers that do not make sense to you and may never make sense. This could be because you are getting an answer for your possible future that may never be experienced. When receiving Spirit Guide messages, this is a vital aspect to understand. You may sometimes get discouraged if this concept is not understood fully.

You Are On Your Way

By simply visiting the Kindred Being website and taking the time to read this blog, you are sending a message to your Guides of readiness. You are letting your Guides know that you are open and ready to get to know them and receive their messages. You can receive messages from your Guides in many different ways. We will discuss these other ways in future articles. The concept that the messages you are receiving are indeed from beings on a different plane, can be a very exciting one! Rest assured that you have taken the first step and the journey before you is limitless. 

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*Kindred Being offers suggestions for energy and chakra work. Our advice is not to be substituted for immediate or regular medical attention. 
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