Shiva Lingam


Shiva Lingam has been considered a sacred stone for thousands of years. These stones are collected on one sacred day every year from the Narmada river, a holy river in Madhya Pradesh, India. These stones are shaped into elongated ovals and can be red, beige, and gray in color. These stones are sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists alike. 

The Shiva Lingam symbolizes both the masculine and feminine energies. It is useful in activating both the root and sacral Chakras. This stone also raises and controls kundalini energy. It can assist is facilitating spiritual growth through Tantra. An excellent stone for sexual healing, it gives assistance to heal past sexual abuses. The Shiva Lingam can also help to sever sexual ties from past relationships. 

This stone imparts psychological insight and encourages the release of outgrown concepts. It stimulates the electrical flow in the bodies systems and subtle meridians. 

*Kindred Being offers suggestions for energy and chakra work. Our advice is not to be substituted for immediate or regular medical attention.
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