How I became a Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Facilitator

In the spring/summer of 2017, I was at a place in my life where I was completely willing to start new and turn my life direction over to Spirit. I began to get messages from my Spirit Guides. I had been experimenting with using a pendulum and messages were coming through about my life direction. I was in the throws of my full blown spiritual awakening. The messages were coming through to follow my passion. What my passion was, I didn't know. All I knew is that I had a strong desire to help others. In the following weeks and months, many synchronicities happened that led me to where I am now. In this article, I will share them with you. 

Both my sister and I were getting messages from our Guides to start a business.  We tossed around several ideas about what our business might be. We had always wanted to open a retail shop. So we decided to start with a website. While discussing the type of merchandise we might sell, we were going through a vibrational transformation and awakening with the help of our Guides and crystals. These experiences were expansive and undeniable. My pendulum began to tell me that we would be selling spiritual items. We weren't sure how we felt about this at first but trusted the Guidance of our Spirit Guides. The transformation grew and I began to feel compelled to share our new found love and excitement for crystals. Crystals had literally changed my life and I needed to share this with the world. 

We began the arduous passion project of creating the Kindred Being website. Kindred Being went live on December 12th of 2017 but there were months of behind the scenes efforts before that date. In September of 2017 , I was working on the website while listening to a newly discovered program on youtube called New Thinking Allowed. The episode title was "From Medicine to Metaphysics, Part One: A Doctor's Journey with Charles V. Tramont". As I listened to the program, I began to get very wide eyed. The episode was about a doctor who had moved into Hypnotherapy and the amazing experiences and communications that came through. I was very excited at the program and even thought, I wish I could do work like that! At this time in my journey, I was at the very beginning stages of transmuting fear to love. I still had much negative self talk. So along with the thought "I wish I could do work like that", were all of the accompanying reasons why I couldn't do this work. I accepted that because of the insurmountable obstacles in front of me, I would not be able to become a hypnotherapist. I put the thought behind me and continued my work on the site. 

In March of 2018 our Kindred Being website was up and running. Our facebook group Kindred Beings had been going for a couple of months. Through the facebook group, I met many spiritually minded supportive individuals on a similar path. One of such individuals introduced me to Dolores Cannon. Dolores Cannon is a woman who made it her life's work to apply the classic past life regression model towards helping her Clients to heal. She received much detailed information from high vibrational beings from other dimensions. Dolores Cannon then disseminated this information to the public for our own benefit and awakening. The more I researched about Dolores Cannon, the more inspired I became. 

Through my research of Dolores Cannon, I found the wonderful work of Alba Weinman. Alba Weinman was doing regressions for Clients, and video taping them so that all of us could experience these inspired moments. I became obsessed with watching Alba Weinman videos and quickly picked up much of the process of healing. I shared this information with my sister Lilah and together we were voracious watchers (more like listeners as we worked on other projects) of Alba Weinman videos. The information we received from her sessions were life changing. It began to allow us to put some pieces together and to answer many questions that we had. Over the next weeks my sister and I were excited and shared videos and information with each other daily. Alba became a part of our lives. 

In April of 2018 my sister came to me with an announcement. She announced that she wanted to become a hypnosis practitioner. She reminded me that she had expressed interest in Hypnotherapy in the past and now she understood that this was the time to pursue it. I supported her decision and was very excited for her. We began to discuss what the added service would mean for Kindred Being and decided that it would enhance our transformative offerings to our customers. Kindred Being was expanding!

Late April of 2018, I was very busy with the Kindred Being website and very focused. I was not able to consider bigger picture ideas because my focus was on the immediate demands of Kindred Being. This was okay, because our Spirit Guides were still working to guide us as the following illustrates.  My sister Lilah mentioned that she had watched a video of a woman offering a free Beta class for hypnosis. She said that we needed to sign up for it and to sign up for the directory of this woman. To tell you the truth, I was preoccupied and didn't know what this had to do with me. I thought it was great that my sister found a class that she wanted to take and didn't understand about the rest. My sister Lilah kept mentioning this class and registering, over the next couple of days. She finally said, the class is closing tomorrow, GO SIGN UP! A bit bothered by the distraction, I finally took myself away from the many projects I was working on to see what my sister had been talking about. I signed up as my sister requested but I still didn't know what the class was exactly or who the teacher was or what we'd be learning. I went back to my projects. 

The next day, my sister said that I signed up just under the wire and we could do the class together in the evenings. This was Candace Craw Goldman's Beyond Quantum Healing Class and we had just signed up for her Beta class, and finished course for FREE! How AMAZING! Over the next weeks and months we participated in the most amazing courses with Candace Craw Goldman. We learned of Candace's work with Dolores Cannon. We learned of Candace's own work. We fell in love with her as a teacher. Being a part of the Beta class allowed us to get to know Candace and experience her vibrancy. She is amazing at patiently addressing all aspects and questions that newbies might have. I soon realized that Beyond Quantum Healing was very much like Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique but with all of the adjustments already made to suit my preferences and personality. This class gave us freedom to bring in other healing modalities as well, like our beloved Crystals! This was the perfect class and modality for me. 

Mid way through the course, we received our first induction script. We received the script on a Sunday. Candace had gone on a hiatus and we had been patiently awaiting the script. We were so excited to put all that we had learned into practice! How fortunate we were to now have two facilitators, for we immediately put the script to work! Lilah induced me, and I went on an amazing journey into my past lives and current purpose. This journey was mind blowing for us! The next two nights, Lilah was the Client in our sessions. These were life altering sessions (read them in our sessions transcript blog)! We had a new uncontained excitement for this work and we were so excited to share this beautiful experience with everyone. 

With being a part of the Beta class as well as the finished course, we were able to complete the course work several times and be a part of giving feedback. In July of 2018 we finished the courses and received our Beyond Quantum Healing Certificates. Most of July was spent readying ourselves for debuting our services in August of 2018. This leads me to today. What a journey! A year ago, I would have had no idea that my path would bring me here. In fact, I never officially decided to be a hypnosis practitioner (lol). Or, I suppose I did make the decision in September of the previous year after watching the episode of New Thinking Allowed! This journey is what happens when you let go and allow your Spirit Guides and Higher Self to do the steering. This journey happened to me in such a wonderful way. I am in awe at how the universe works and with great gratitude, I pay it forward to my Clients. I couldn't be more excited, intrigued, and engaged with the work that we do as Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Facilitators. Everyday that I get to practice this work, is an utter joy. Not only that, I believe that my sister Lilah and I are uniquely suited to this work for many of our individual inherent talents. I believe that our energy and personal talents and interests assist in facilitating the optimal journey for our Clients.  I give thanks every day and in every moment that we are able to put Dolores Cannon's service to others model to work for Kindred Being and our Clients. 

I hope you enjoyed the story of How I became a Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Facilitator. There is more to our amazing story to come. Stay tuned because I have a feeling that we're just getting started.