What It Means To Be A Kindred Being


Towards the beginning of this journey, my spirit guides were very active in connecting me with the subtle energies in the universe. With meditation, my guides worked to open and balance my chakras to allow the flow of energy throughout my corporeal body. When the work focused on my heart chakra, understanding began to flow. I was able to see all of the pieces of my life for precisely what they were while omitting any human fear, pain, or anger. I saw how the pieces fit together and the clear choices I had made.

As my heart chakra continued to open, I was also able to see the complete connectedness of all humans, animals, plants, and all matter in our universe. The human journey became clear. Through this observation, the word KINDRED came to me. This is a special word meaning "similar", or "ones relations". I now know that we are all kindred. It is my path to teach that we are kindred, and with this new journey I am being led to embark on, I am seeking to join others who also know the Kindred nature of our souls and Beings.



Stay tuned for future sharings from Jaime!