Subtle Energies


Subtle energies are the "invisible" forces all around us. Every thing in our universe has it's own energy. Most cannot see or feel these energies. Those who are sensitive to these energies or who have developed the skill, can detect and use these energies.

Every thing animate or inanimate has it's own aura. When one is near, yet not touching another person, that closeness is felt. This is the aura or energy field of the etheric body that is being felt. When the skill to see Auras around a person is cultivated, then the auras around objects will also be visible as well as the flow of energy.

When one is sensitive to the feeling of energies, it will follow that there will be a detection of differing energies. When one is able to see and feel these subtle energies, they can then be utilized for healing, cleansing, and raising ones vibration. There are tools that can be utilized to amplify and enhance these energies for Light Work. One of the most magical and transformative of these tools, are crystals. Crystals provide strong energy that can be felt undeniably when one is open to the experience. Each crystal has varying attributes and can help to activate and increase abilities and sensitivity.

We are interacting with these subtle energies in every moment wether we detect them or not. It is very likely that one may be doing energy work long before they are aware of what it is.  If we learn to become attuned to these subtle energies, they can greatly enhance our experiences here in this incarnation and aid in our progression in our life paths. 

Please stay tuned to future sharings from Jaime regarding subtle energies!